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  1. Jaspal Singh, an 18 year old Sikh Boy, was an Engineering Student and was killed by Punjab Police, while he was peacefully protesting against hanging of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana. In a related video on what is going on in Punjab, one can clearly see bunch of Punjab Policemen brutally beating and firing gun shots at unarmed Sikh youth who are running away to save their lives. And what is more appalling is that these Police Officers are themselves turbaned, and so at the least they look Sikh. So that leads me to the question - Why was an 18 year old Sikh Engineering Student shot dead by State Police, while he was clearly unarmed and was peacefully protesting? In an oppressive regime, there are broadly 2 ways in which a minority can survive. For the ease of understanding, let us classify the people belonging to the minority faith into Type 1 and Type 2 people. Type 1 people wake up every morning, and then make an effort to prove their allegiance to the Majority led State Establishment in every possible way. A simple example would be to sit in the middle of your friends, and crack jokes at your community, and show them that even though I am a Sikh and look different, but I am a harmless, spineless creature and hence, you don’t need to fear me. In return, these people are rewarded by the State, sometimes even offered leadership positions in the Government. Case in point is Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has proved that he is the weakest Prime Minister that India has ever had. I can go on and on about Manmohan, but that would be digressing from the point. Type 1 people come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, these people in their urgent and desperate need to appease the majority would commit the most heinous atrocities on people belonging to their own faith. The name of Prakash Singh Badal, the Punjab Chief Minister immediately comes to my mind. Other names include the so-called Butcher of Punjab, the super cop – KPS Gill and ex-Chief Minister of Punjab Beant Singh. It is not surprising that whenever Badal is in position, even peacefully protesting Sikhs are attacked and murdered ruthlessly in broad day light. This phenomenon is not new. Two Sikh boys were killed on March 29, 2012; however in the past also, 13 peacefully protesting Sikhs were shot dead in 1978, during Badal’s regime. How Badal protected the murderer of 1978 Sikh victims would be a topic of another discussion. One of the video very clearly shows the Punjab Police chasing and attacking peacefully gathered Sikh youth. They are firing as if they are at war, at war with the Civilian Sikhs, who are all hiding and running away for their lives. On their return, these so called police officers are hugged and cheered by the Shiv Sainiks, who are shouting slogans and chanting “Har Har Mahadev”; and hence these Type 1 Sikhs feel comforted by the precious approval of Shiv Sena that they have attained by attacking and firing gun shots at unarmed protestors. For me, the face of Type 2 Sikhs is people like Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana, as well as the people who are protesting to show solidarity with him. Such people would rather die than accept an oppressive regime, where the mass-murderers of Sikhs are protected and rewarded, while innocent Sikh civilians are killed in a State Sponsored Genocide. For me, the face of the Type 2 Sikhs is a young boy shown in one of the videos. This boy is clearly unarmed, but he is not even running away or hiding for protection, when the policemen attack him. He is just standing their quietly and taking pride in being beaten brutally by the Police Officers because he does not expect anything else but gross injustice from the Indian Justice System. These Type 2 Sikhs are not irrational or stupid; instead they just want to live with their head held high. They demand justice. They want to see the perpetrators of 1984 genocide convicted and punished. They want to see the people who killed thousands of innocents in Punjab during 1990’s through fake encounters and illegal abductions being punished; and until that happen there cannot be any sustainable peace.
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