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  1. Hey guys, The answer to this is probably the obvious one but I guess I just need validation, for myself more than anything. I'm Muslim, I met this Sikh guy in University, he pursued me and we started dating. I didn't see his religion, creed, background or anything, I just saw his heart and I eventually fell in love with him. He told me he loved me too and mentioned marriage and kids several times too. I was over at his house often. His parents knew about us and they seemed okay with it. After about a year of dating I felt that we should make things a bit more official and I asked him when we would get married. He kept delaying it. First it was wait until I graduate, then wait until I get a job. I waited. After he got a job I was like okay now lets get married but he kept avoiding giving me an answer. He did talk about marriage, but whenever I pinned him down for a clear answer he never gave it. By now I was feeling uneasy and stressed. My parents wanted me to get an arranged marriage and it was becoming more and more stressful hiding everything from everyone. The only time I would reveal everything to my parents is if he agreed to marriage. I then decided to give him an ultimatum. We had broken up over the marriage issue several times before, but now I told him it was for real. I asked him to decide and he chose to break up. I was devastated. I asked him why, he said his parents would never agree. I was so confused as his parents knew about us all along and they seemed to be good people. I was at his house all the time and I spent nights there too. I knew his sisters and hung out with his family too. I loved him like a husband. I took care of him, cooked for him and took care of all his needs. I was even willing to convert to Sikhism for him. It turns out that his parents were okay with him and me dating but they would never let him marry me. They knew we were sleeping together and his dad told him to have fun, but make sure he doesn't get me pregnant. I have a lot of Sikh friends and I love them to pieces. They are all such good people that's why I am so shocked at what this guy and his family did to me. What does your religion say about something like this? Is there any punishment for someone who does something like this to someone? Is it okay to do something like this to someone who is not Sikh?
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