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  1. (THIS IS NOT A HATE THREAD) Nihang: They are good. They fight for the panth and for dasmesh pita. Living an awesomely mastana jeevan like a Nihang Singh because you've sold your life to Guru Sahib is absolutely amazing. The problem? They are still in that 1800 mindset. They strive to do the longest jaikara possible off heart, but not make space for bani. Their good with their weapons but we never know they could be empty on the inside. They can have 150 talvars, and the most massive dumalla possible but it's about the inside! AKJ: Gurbani keertan is the most supreme force in this world. The problem is when you become more obsessed with which keertanees are doing the keertan, rather than the Gurbani that is being recited. I notice people leave after a certain akhand kirtanee group are finished. We are doing kirtan as sangat for the Guru and akaal purakh, not the kirtani group. (ADMINS, I don't see this hurtful in any way. In fact, most of AKJ are brilliant and we all love them. Their equality with dastar over opposite sex defines Sikhi a lot) Taksali: Keeping sucham like the Taksali is a great thing. To keep ultimate cleanliness because you're constantly serving humanity, and you're keeping your mind that your body is the house of your soul which is a part of Parmatma, and that you want everything to be absolutely perfect for the King of Kings Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj is a phenomenally wonderful concept. The problem becomes when you're stopping yourself from doing seva because it may make you unclean. The problem becomes when you're more obsessed about getting clean enough to go into darbar, rather than seeing your Guru. Missionary: Being constantly aware of external attacks on Sikhi and having enough faith in your Guru that you're willing to question everything in the world like the Missionary is extremely admirable. The problem is when you lose the faith in your Guru, and place the faith in your own mind. Now the reason I made this is to show certain Sikhs of whatever jatha they in see where they are wrong. I am not saying all of AKJ don't do kirtan for our Guru, I am not saying all of Nihang dals do bani for our Guru and I am not saying the same about Taksali's. (Admins, I don't see anything protesting against another jathebandis' rehit maryada)
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