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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. By 2050 it is estimated that 4.7 billion people will have myopia, meaning almost half the world will need glasses, but for some reason not many people know about myopia or how it is a reversible condition. If you have glasses like me, you probably have myopia. This is when your ciliary muscles can't relax properly due to strain from bad vision habits like excess homework and studying and too much internet. Many optometrists will tell you some weird reason like its "genetic" or a "common teenage eye disorder". (Did our ancestors have this issue?) I've had this explanation given to me and I followed their advice on just wearing glasses all the time. THIS IS A LIE, and an unhealthy one for you, used by the glasses industry to keep funneling ever increasing perscription glasses to you. Your eye adapts to stimulus like every part of your body, and fortunately myopia is can be reversed in a matter of years . I myself have lowered my diopters from -1.5 and -1.75 to -1.25 in each approximately. Of course I still have a long way to go, so how do you do it? First I'd reccomend reading up on https://endmyopia.org/. They are a great site that give free resources on this subject and they have a facebook group for all your queries. Second, assess your vision habits. How much distance vision do you use? How much close up? Start measuring your vision too, its easy. Just grab some size 12 text and a tape measure and measure how far back you can move your head until the text starts to become blurred. Measure it daily and see how it varies. If you take the measurement in meteres and take the reciprocal of it you get your diopters. (They make it seem so complicated right?) Next, build better habits. Follow a 20 20 20 rule. Spend more time outside, learn to use your distance vision and most importantly, DO NOT USE YOUR GLASSES WHEN YOU DONT NEED THEM TO SEE. It makes your eyes worse, as the ciliary spasm continues with a changed focal plane. Now for things like active focus and lowering your perscription first read up on the site until you know what you are doing. Message me if you'd like to know more. Please share this with the rest of sangat. Forgive me if I have made any mistakes. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
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