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  1. Guest

    Sex before marriage

    Really Sorry for engine this topic up! I am 17 years old. I took amrit at the age of 12 because I felt very connected with the guru at the time and i knew and I still know that the main objective in this life is to become jot Vich jot with waheguru, and the first step to doing so is Amrit for a Sikh, that's why I took it at an early age because I felt like I didn't want to waste my time as we don't know we are gonna die, anyway..it was going well till I was about 14/15, at 14/15 puberty hit and I felt more prone to 5 evils, I got involved with the wrong crowd, and The effect of this was I stopped doing my nitnem and Simran and alot of things...I pretty much gave up being an Amrit dhari for a while and then this girl came into the picture... loads of guys liked this girl and the fact that she wanted me over them was crazy for me at the time because I'd never experienced that before, at first I thought I was getting way ahead of myself because at te end of the day I was still an Amrit dhari and a sikh of the guru and as I hadn't done anything to break it apart from stopped doing my nitnem for a while I didn't want to risk doing something that bad, but then I got encouraged by my friends to go for it and well I did it and I gave into lust after that I got depressed becoz I knew what I did was wrong, but I felt shameful so I resisted going to the gurdwara and stuff and took of my kirpan n stuff of because I didnt feel worthy to wear em and I didn't know how to face guru ji, I spent about half a year being shameful and depressed and then I started to fix up after that and start praying and everyday since then I ask guru ji for forgiveness even till nw, I got rid of my old friends and made new ones, good ones and I focus on school more, since that girl didnt go to my school I never had to face her again and from there I just started trying to become religious again, everyday I wake up at 6 and do my 5 bani's and I ask mahraj for forgiveness for being so foolish. I know I'll never do something like that again but I don't know what do now, do I beed to take Amrit again? My patens don't know anything about this, how do I tell them I need to take Amrit again? What would I say to the punj piare? I'm so confused ... Has any1 ever been thru something like this? I can't tell me parents because I just can't, they won't be able to take it.. I'm truly sorry for bring up this topic but I need help I dont know how to feel or what to do!? Wjkk wjkf
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