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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh, Well done to the organisers for such a chardi kala program. I was watching the program live on saintsoldiers and I thought it was one of the best programs this year. The dasam baani path by the two Singhs in bana was awesome – we need more fearless saint soldiers youths to do parchar about sri dasam granth sahib and to singh the beautiful baani contained within sri dasam granth sahib ji... the speech was awesome too! When will the audio be available to download???
  2. wjkk wjkf ... saadh sangat jio just let u know tht the steek will open with Adobe Reader 9 .. It wont wrk on old versions ..
  3. hanji .. i found out abt it.. someone esle told me too.. but now we cant change.. cuz we have our email website name with " s " .. soo keep it like this but thx for the point
  4. Wjkk Wjkf... Saadh Sangat Jio... www.GurmatLiteratures.com is Now online... phul chuk maff karni..
  5. Wjkk Wjkf... Saadh Sangat Jio... www.GurmatLiteratures.com is Now online... phul chuk maff karni..
  6. wjkk wjkf ji..

    u need Adobe Reader 9 to open to steek..

    old versions of adobe reader cant open ji... try with adobe reader 9 if it wont wrk just msg me back i'l send u the file from my pc..

  7. wjkk wjkf.. Sewdars r working on next literautres.. if u want the lastest news about Gurmat literatures.. just email us on : GurmatLiteratures@live.com and will add u on the contact list and will send u msg when the next literature wil be ready phul chuk maaf karni
  8. wjkk wjkf.. veer ji

  9. wjkk wjkf,,, if u do santheya of gurbani then check this.. it wil help u... where to use Bishrams and yokian STEP BY STEP : 1. GO TO WWW.SRIGRANTH.ORG 2. ON LEFT SIDE CLICK ON " READ PAGE BY PAGE " 3. NOW YOU SEE FIRST ANG OF SGGSJ. 4. LOOK AT THE TOP OF PAGE , YOU SEE THE OPTIONS. 5. CHANGE THE OPTIONS TO.... Gurmukhi : Bhai Baljinder Singh Hindi : None Roman : None English : None Punjabi : None Teeka : None ... so when u change the options... u will see ( , ; ) in gurbani. these r bishrams and yokian.. it wil help u.. where to stop while u read gurbani ... ( , ) this is yo
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