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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqt_kdaJjFA

    watch clip at 6.10. i think the criminal has a grudge against sikh shopkeepers. its unclear if he says "sikh" shop or "sweet" shop. i think he says sikh shop. sky news only showed this complete clip once on air.... after that they edited out the "sikh/sweet" shop from there continous played c;lips on sky news tv and on their website. i think thats because it could be seen as a race issue so they edited it out. ive asked a few people who believe that the criminal did say sikh shop.

    Please get better speakers... He definitely 100% said SWEET SHOP...

  2. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

    I have tried to find Sampooran Nitnem online, but I can't find it,

    and if/when I do, it has mistakes in it.

    I'm currently on my school holidays, and I don't have much to do,

    well anyways, I was thinking does anyone want to help typing up

    Nitnem in Gurmukhi, and we can make it available to the sangat?

    I'll do the typing up.

    All I need help with is...

    Can someone take photographs of the angs of the Nitnem baniya,

    from a Gutka Sahib, published by Damdami Taksaal Jatha Bhindran?

    We'll break it up, take the photographs of 20 angs a day etc.

    And attach the photos into a .zip folder and email them to me.

    If anyone wishes to help, please post below.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

  3. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    As you all know that Sonia Deol made an appalling documentary regarding

    the 1984 Attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib, and the Sikh Genocide.

    She has been seen on Sangat TV as a presenter.

    This is extremely appalling! Let's get her off!

    Sonia Deol is just trying to cash in on Sangat TV fame. She wants to gain some fame and probably

    want to progress her career through Sangat TV. Where was she untill now… How come she suddenly got interested?

    I think Sangat TV will lose some credibility because of her presence as the whole Sikh community knows what she did in that BBC documentary.

    Petition: We, the members of the Sangat, we demand Sangat Television not to allow Sonia Deol on Television,

    or any job on the channel regardless if it is paid or on volunteer basis.

    Sangat Television: Let's see if this is really the Sangat's Television channel.



    Click to Sign petition, and get your Voice heard!

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh


  4. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

    Benti to all, regardless if you're Amritdhari, Only-Kesdhari, or a Mona Sikh,

    Please do a Chaupai Sahib for the protection of all the innocents, caught up in the riots.

    If you can't read Gurmukhi, you can always listen to it. Keep repeating it, keep reciting it!











    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

  5. Seems like some degenerate vile christian / athiest chavy black men in cities of uk will only learn the hard way, i heard they killed 3 asian muslim men who were trying to defend their community. We need to be out in numbers and back our brothers up. It's great to see our communities coming together to defending whats good

    Yes, 3 Muslim men got ran over by blacks and died. :(

  6. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

    Last night, 20-30 Singhs were protecting our Gurughar.

    A parade of black men came towards GNG Smethwick from Capehill/Asda/Job centre.

    They taunted the Singhs, and drove past towards the mandir. (The mandir has got smashed).

    2 Car load of Black men tried to attack the Gurdwara, the Singhs defended gallantly, and

    smashed the black men. 4 Black men got battered by the Singhs, the other car load ran off.

    The Singhs called an ambulance for the injured black men.

    With kirpa of Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the gurdwara is not harmed.

    No Singhs were injured/damaged.



    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

  7. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

    All of us have been disturbed by the horrific scenes of the riots across England.

    Sangat Television have had the best coverage of the riots.

    Even Sky News (Sky Channel 501), have used the pictures of Sangat TV's exclusive pictures.


    (Picture courtesy of 'Paneer Monster')

    This is postive nonetheless, as non-Sikhs get a nice, peaceful insight on Sikhs.

    Their team has excellent dedication, be LIVE Italy events, LIVE Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale etc.

    It's our duty, as members of the Sangat, to support our Sikh Media.

    We can help them financially, we can also help them with moral support, or even support them through

    social networking sites, you can like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter etc.

    Let's support Sangat Television.

    Like their official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sangat-Television-Official/212996455391171

    Follow their official Twitter: http://twitter.com/sangattv

    Subscribe to their official YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/sangattelevision

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh

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