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  1. WjkK WjkF Sangat ji, I wanted to know what happens to the soul when someone dies, does it stay to wonder through relative does it with draham raj? Answer with references to gurbani pls, as I have log conversations with some Singhs with lots of opinions.
  2. WjkK WjkF Sangat jee i need i am in need of your help. I few days ago i had an operation. Today i went to change my bandages and i noticed that my hair had been shaved below were they operated. I was advised and i did ask that they not shave, they said ok. I feel that i lost my dignity? i feel that i should take amrit again, would that be right. Please help bhaul chauk na marf, i am forever in the gurus service. WjkK Wjkf
  3. please email me. Need to educate the little sisters to watch the 'wolfs in sheeps clothing'
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