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  1. Dear SikhRoot Thank you for your reply. Please let me point out that you are not 'correcting me on a few point's.' You are merely airing your view. Which, from my previous post you may realize, I thoroughly encourage. Mr Dhillon and his staff may well be paid employee's of the of the GNC Sedgley Street however I'm sure that this is not the driving factor in their vocation, more a sense of duty. Also that this has not always been the case and the Sikh school system was actually set up by volunteers of which Mr Dhillon was one when he taught me. As for your aversion to children not being involved in debate I will refer you to the question that all children ask 'WHY?' If we are not to ask question of life how are we to understand it? Which brings me to your statement 'there is no question of Baba Deep Singh Ji continuing to fight headless on the battlefield.' The historical accounts of this are open to interpretation, therefore as a free thinking human being I shall, as you have, come to my own conclusion. Also as a strict vegetarian I completely agree with you on all counts and would like to add that it is far more eco friendly. I'm glad you have pointed out the good work that Mr Dhillon and his staff carry out and long may it continue. The knowledge and experience of good teachers, no matter what sort of school they are from, has influenced the greatest of human endevour. I am certain that Mr Dhillon and the staff at GNC Sedgley Street shall continue in this noble tradition. Finally I would like to support you in condeming any threats made against your person. These people should to take a good look at themselves and ask why they do not post in public. I would also ask them to do the right thing and send a full apology. Kind Regards FiveRivers .
  2. Dear SikhRoots Please refer to my earlier post. Kind Regards FiveRivers
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh As a former pupil of Mr Dhillon I feel it necessary to come to his support. Mr Dhillon has been an integral part of educating our youth, guiding them on the Sikh path of equality, justice and self knowledge for decades. Indeed if wasn't for him and a few others giving up their spare time, our community would have fallen by the wayside and our children ignorant to their own culture. Neither is he a religious zealot or uses dogma to 'force' students to think as he does, for that in his eyes, would be brainwashing and not true belief. I applauded him for encouraging such debate as should Sikhs eat meat and did Baba Deep Singh continue fighting after being decapitated or was the story written from a metaphorical sense referring to his unflinching spiritual belief? For they keep Sikhism alive, a religion of the future and not of the past. As for the other accusations levelled against him regarding him being as 'Anti Sikh' I consider these to be totally laughable and pure poppycock stopping nothing short of calling him a Nazi. Never did I hear Mr Dhillon refer to politics in any of our lessons or to sway us in any conceivable way. So Wolves Singh, before you try to destroy the reputation of one of the most decent and upstanding members of our community, I would ask you to think a little harder before putting finger to keyboard, in fact, as you can see your post has added fuel to the fire of the meat eating debate rather than garner the mob rule support you were after. Kind Regards FiveRivers
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