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  1. Here is an article on Indra - http://www.swordoftruth.com/swordoftruth/a.../wdiahtstb.html Indira was an extraordinarily sexy girl. In fact she had been always on the 'prowl' for sex and was never under parental control. Mother Kamala Nehru was in fact a nonentity in the Nehru household constantly insulted and driven into a corner by the two sisters-in-law, Naan or Vijaylakshmi and the second daughter Krishna (who eventually became Krishna Hutheesingh). The father, Jawahar was never in the picture. He was too busy with his own political activities and pursuit of women of all kinds, be it an Edwina Mountbatten or a Hindu nun named Shraddha-mata. Unbeknown to everyone outside, Jawahar never consummated his wedding with this 'not so accomplished girl' from the vale of Kashmir. One might ask how come then that she gave birth to Indira Priyadarshini, whom Kamala loved very very much? Well, the truth of the matter is that the only person who had a few decent words for Kamala was Manzur Ali, the son of Mubarak Ali. The Alis were very close to the Nehrus and Manzur Ali, an accomplished man educated in Britain, was sorry for Kamala. And it came to pass that eventually, Manzur Ali (a Shia' man like his father Mubarak Ali), fathered Indira. Incidentally, it might be mentioned here that Mubarak Ali and NOT Motilal, had sired Jawahar. And hence, Manzur Ali and Jawahar Nehru were siblings. It is Indira's oversexed nature that had prevented her from completing her studies in London as well as in Bolpur, near Calcutta. In both plac es, she was too busy with her sexual proclivities and could not properly complete her education. In Oxford, she was told to leave the college for non-performance. At Shantiniketan she was found with a European professor in a compromising position in his bedroom (in flagrante delicto) and Gurudev himself wrote to Jawahar to fly down from Delhi and take his daughter back to his place. At the time, so goes the story, the Gurudev had told Jawahar that his humble university (Vishwabharati) could not handle his daughter, as her demands were too high for Bolpur. That was the end of Indira's formal education. But that would not be a true evaluation of Indira's capabilities. She was extremely intelligent but not so industrious. She lived in Geneva where her sick mother, suffering from tuberculosis, was undergoing a long treatment in a hospital. In that short period, Indira mastered quite a bit of conversational French (they speak French in Geneva). Later, much later, as the Prime Minister of India, she was once invited by France's General de Gaulle at the Elysee Palace; there Indira had impressed the President of France enormously, as had been privately acknowledged by the President of France himself. Apparently, de Gaulle had predicted great things for Indira in the future as India's leader. It may be mentioned here that there was a time when the relation between the father and the daughter was very strained. It took place when Indira had made up her mind to 'nikaah' Nawab Khan's good-for-nothing son, Firoz. They got 'nikaahed' in a mosque in London and it was to make things smoother, the wily Gandhi, suggested the name change, from Khan to Gandhi, supposedly a Parsi name. Otherwise, things could have gone haywire. The entire Nehru family, specially Kamala Nehru had always been totally against Indira's marriage with Firoz, a stupid man. It was then that Indira told her father that she would like to leave India and settle down abroad with Firoz. At that Jawahar lost his temper and said loudly that she should know that Indira was NOT Jawahar's son. That by such threats Indira was not going to frighten her father. Now, how do we know that? This father-daughter converstaion took place in Jawahar's office in New Delhi. Next to Jawahar's office was another office occupied by a Muslim gentleman named Mobarak Mazdur, also a barrister. In later years Mobarak Mazdur migrated to Calcutta and settled in the Park Circus area, where I had gone specifically to meet him and discuss ths subject of father-daughter quarrel of the time. It was only then that it transpired that Indira was NOT Jawahar's daughter and the name of Manzur Ali cropped up later. Mr. Mobarak Mazdur was fully conversant with the entire father-daughter conversation but he did not divulge it at the time. When I met Mobarak Mazdur (it was a few years before his death), I found Mr. Mazdur extremely annoyed with Jawahar and he poured fourth his contempt for the so called Kashmiri Brahmin which exceeded my wildest expectations. It is true that Nawab Khan had married a Parsi woman but her family name was NOT Gandhi. Also, she had changed her faith to Islam at the time of her 'nikaah' with Nawab Khan, as is often the custom with India's Mohammedans. It was circulated to the people (mostly for the consumption of the Hindus) in India that by virtue of the fact that Nawab Khan's wife was a Parsi, Firoz too could be considered a Parsi and Parsis are in fact quasi Hindus and Nehru arranged a Vedic wedding between Indira and Firoz. The fact of Nawab Khan's Parsi wife's change of religion was brushed aside and Firoz was painted as a non-Mohammedan. All this, just to make the 'nikaah' a little more acceptable to the larger mostly Hindu public. After his death, Firoz had been cremated like the Hindus and not buried in the Islamic fashion. It is a pity that by doing so we lost all options for a DNA test. Obviously, the argument is false. If it were not, then, the son of S harmila Tagore, the Mohammedan wife to be of Pataudi, who is called by the name of Saif (or sword) Ali should have been a Hindu Brahmin. Sharmila Tagore too had been 'nikaahed' by the Mohammedan Pataudi AFTER having converted her to Islam, her new name being Ayesha Sultana. How about the two children of the genuine Parsi woman of a renowned Mumbai family, Honey Irani, sister of Daisy Irani. Javed Akhtar 'nikaahed' her but we still don't know her Mohammedan name after conversion to Islam. Both her children, a boy and a girl were given Arabic names following Islamic custom, Forhan for the boy and Joya for the girl. Not only that; when Javed Akhtar who had been playing with the notorious Shabana gal under the pretext of producing the 'Tumhari Amrita' one-woman drama and finally decided to 'talaq' Honey Irani, the most unholy operation was done quietly, quietly because none of the secular media even mentioned about the criminal act. Honey Irani, the mother in her twilight years was denied the company of her two children while the rascal Javed married Shabana openly under the protection of the diabolical Muslim Personal law. In accordance with the laws of the Sharia, Javed kept custody of both their children thus leaving the unhappy mother Honey Irani, all alone, in her old age. Javed, in the mean time, 'nikaahed' Shabana. Such is the situation of our Dharma-Rajya today and no doubt the culprits are having their final judgment in the most horrible ways: self-provoked fatal accident (in the case of Sanjiv aka Sanjay), slaughter (in the case of Indira Priayadarshini or Maimuna Begum as she was reported to have been named after her 'nikaah' with Firoz Khan aka Gandhi), pulverization (in the case of Rajiv at that election meet in South India, by a Catholic lady), the old Gandhi had already met his death in the hands of Nathuram; and of course in the case of Jawahar himself who died an unexpected death. He died of a self-inflicted malady called syphilis. I believe this is what happens when the leaders play with the honest sentiments of the people of the country and cheat the nation. It is quite clear now, after the fact, that it was the Islamic ancestry of Jawahar and Indira that was primarily responsible for Jawahar's refusal to the Indian army to get back the lost areas of Kashmir to the tribals when the troubles first started in 1947, and Indira's handing over the 93,000 Paki troops to Pakistan after the Bangladesh war in 1971. Indira never brought up the subject of genocide of unarmed Hindu men, women and children in Islamic Bangladesh in 1971). Let us now go back to the original story. In the artcle titled SHE, M.O. Mathai (the then private secretary of Jawahar, hailing from South India, of Catholic faith) writes that Indira had two sons before she became pregnant again. He also tells us in his article that this third baby was aborted and the relevant details are provided in the article SHE by Mathai himself. Those among our readers who would have the time and energy to do some private investigation can find out that the first son of Indira, Rajiv, was fathered by Firoz. After the birth of Rajiv, when Firoz tried to poison Indira by pouring powdered glass in her milk (all details are provided in the article SHE), the conjugal relations between Indira and Firoz terminated. The question arises, who then sired Sanjeev or Sanjay? It was Mohammad Yunus, a long time resident in the Nehru household. One needs to procure a copy of Yunus' book titled: PERSONS, PASSIONS AND POLITICS (Vikas Publishing House, Ghaziabad). It is in Mohammad Yunus' place that Sanjay had been circumcised within a week of the baby's birth under the pretext that the baby suffered from 'phimosis', a common but wrong excuse. Rajiv had been circumcised in Firoz's place, also in Islamic fashion. Indira was party to that function, the same Indira who would tell M.O. Mathai that she would hate to have a Hindu as her husband. There is something else that needs air ing. Indira had hired Mohammad Yunus in the Foreign Office. A great deal of Yunus' escapades is mentioned in Yunus' book. Yunus' son's name was Adil Shahryar. He was arrested by the US anti-corruption department on charges of importing illegal substance and put in US prison for felony and was given a sentence of 35 years. All these years, Yunus had been biding his time and as soon as Rajiv became the prime minister (perhaps the dumbest prime minister India has ever had!), Mohammed Yunus showed his true colors. He told Rajiv that he did not know how, but Rajiv had to get the release of Adil Shahriyar. Otherwise, Yunus threatened to publicly release the Netaji papers of which Yunus had been made the custodian by Nehru himself while still alive (which Yunus still is and the Indian public has still not a clue about the Netaji papers!) Eventually, Rajiv did get the release of Adil Shahryar by going right up to Ronald Reagan under the pretext of conducting the FESTIVAL OF INDIA campaign. It is not easy to visualize Rajiv to be such a smart man. No doubt that there is a coterie of highly influential, intelligent but anti-national or treasonous men and women, I suspect leftists and Mohammedans, operating inside India to advise men like Rajiv, that need to be exposed to the nation! Now comes the final question: why did Indira abort her third son? This son, if he had been allowed to be born and to grow up like the other two, no doubt he would have looked quite different from his elder half brothers, Rajiv and Sanjay. Why? For the simple reason that both the other fathers, Firoz and Yunus were of different, in other words, of North Indian descent while M.O. Mathai was from South India. Naturally, if this third baby had come to this world, he would have looked quite different from his other two brothers, although in every likelihood he would have been much smarter than Rajiv and Sanjiv or Sanjay. Indira could not face the possibility of the public embarrassment that could have taken place a nd as a rotten mother, opted for abortion of the baby. No doubt, a part of her punishment when Satwant Singh and Beant Singh shot her down, stemmed from this acton of Indira's! And hence, the smart Indira put a stop to the situation from developing. Although in his article SHE, Mathai does not spell it out, his heart surely had broken when he discovered the truth but did not mention it to the readers. Obviously, Mathai left the readers to discover the real reason for the sacrifice of his son in the hands of this virago, who would order wholesale slaughter of innocent men, women and children on a Gurpurab Day, at the holy temple of the HARI MANDIR SAHIB at Amritsar. However sad we might be, let us console ourselves that the revenge of our God has been quite adequte. Not only did He claim His pound of flesh by a similar punishment of the mother but also of the son. The curse of the Nehru dynasty brought upon us due to our shortsightedness and mindless hero-worship when the 'hero' had already been replaced by our enemies with all outward false and unholy parapharnelia to pass them off as Kashmiri Brahmins; Brahmins who would learn Persian and Urdu and not Sanskrit and an Indian homegrown language; who would be invited by Saudi Arabia to visit Mecca during the Haj ceremony! How blind can we be?
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