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  1. What a lot of excuses to the responses, i think you need to reconsider your approach again, and my mother and father didn't call me sikh paji, as a sikh you should reassess that you do not bring parents into this. My parents at least told me not to disrespect others. I a not a committee member and only a member of the Gurdwara where bitter people have decidied to spread nonsense and unwilling to discuss the issue in question where the Satkaar Sewadars where invited. I will however ask the commitee to put up a formal response, with proper names !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  2. The problem with people who write on these forums do not have the time to go to the Gurdwara and sacrifice time from thier families and do Seva at the Gurdwara. As Jarnail Singh posted earlier you do not look at the good things that these commitee do just the one you think is bad. As for public demonstrations, then I think those who are planning them should follow them through and it will only make them and Satkaar Sewadars look bad in front of the community. The point is simple. It is not a commitee decision it is that sanmgat and members of the gurdwara who will make the ultimate decision.
  3. Malkeet Singh Ji, apparently the Akal Takht had a meeting which lasted three days to clarify eating meat amongst sikhs where all the senior scholars were asked to give a verdict, after the three days they could not decide whether meat is prohibited in sikhism or not. Inderjit Singh Khalsa, Hazoori Ragi Jatha were part of the meeting and advised of this and we have written to the Akal Takht asking them for clarification and till today there has been no response. Secondly you mention 25 million members, its ashame that the majority of them even some of those who are Amrit Dhari get thier childr
  4. Mental Singh Ji, glad i struck a nerve like you did with Pyara Singh Bhogal and you were proud of it, Satkaar Sewadaars do not havce a fixed address or telephone number so why are they representing the UK Sangat, how many members are there of the UK Sangat that they represent ? There are over 4000 members at the gurdwara in Birmingham alone, so if all the 15 instituions get together there will be approx 20000 members how many of these are represented against Satkaar Sewadars. We need to talk to recognised bodies nbot an email address and a mobile phone number.
  5. I really think that Mental Singh is bitter and from an opposition party at the gurdwara the way he is speaking. So sad talking about beadbi when £88k of the sangats money is missing from the car park income, and the people who became directors, Tarsem Singh Ajimal (bound over by the police for smashing windows and a suspect for the brutal attack on another sikh leader), Ajit Singh Ubhi (who does nothing bur swear and his son's Boota a dentist and Muktiar a solicitor were cautioned for threatening the guy who had his leg broken by the opposition party for speaking the truth about missing money
  6. I am totally gobsmacked at the comments made above about the supposed Muslim person who got married to a Sikh Girl. Firstly I think you need to check your records to see if his name was Khan and whether this was said in the Ardsass. I am aware and I saw a copy of the booking at the gurdwara and the wedding card which said the boys name was just Raaj. If the family manipulated the situation so that they could justify the fact thier daughter got married at the Gurdwara to satisfy themselves then that is no fault of the commitee. Checks have been put in place know and I am aware that one of my c
  7. The only hypocrites are those who post negativity about thier sikh brothers Ramgarhia on this forum and in general. This matter is going beyond a joke in that Ramgarhias are being targetted. Like it or not all the other so called castes are hypocrites, Tie a turban for the day of thier wedding, get married in front of the Guru Granth Sahib then 30 minutes later shave thier heade for a sharaab and meat party. Even all the women drink, have short hair, and i suppose they are all Ramgarhias. <Mod Cut, no insulting other members> and face it that Ramgarhia Sikh Temple is a prestigeous G
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