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  1. harsharan000's post in Three Qualities was marked as the answer   
    Yes it does.
    All good and bad actions fall under the trai-gunn ( 3 gunns) you mentioned i.e. Rajo, Sato and Tamo. For this reason, anything done under these three gunns keeps us in this world and brings us back to this world through reincarnation. The only way to get out of this cycle is if we do what is beyond these 3 gunns. Only Naam Abhyaas and Gurbani Paath are beyond these three gunns.

    As for examples of each gunn, here is what I can think of:

    Tamo – Under this gunn, a person does all the bad things like atrocities, cruelties, murders, rapes etc.

    Rajo – Under this Gunn, a person has aspirations for worldly gains. A person working to become a CFO of a company or manager of a firm is driven by Rajo Gunn. Such people are not bad people but they have aspirations for worldly gains. They are house-holders who want to attain materialistic things. They don’t commit atrocities, cruelties, murders etc. as a person under Tamo gunn does. It is possible for a person living under Rajo Gunn to transform into one living under Tamo Gunn. Some times to attain their material goals, the Rajo people start doing unethical and immoral acts and gradually this leads them to become Tamo people.

    Sato – Under this gunn, people do good deeds and don’t have too many materialistic aspirations. They do charity work, feed the poor, help the needy, perform religious rituals like pilgrimages and other such good deeds. Most of the acts of the world religions fall under this gunn. Gurmat Matt or Dharam is the only one that offers its followers something above the Sato Gunn.
    But the behaviour and objective of a Gursikh, by His kirpa, is far beyond all these entanglements. Because the Gursikh, with the practice or abhyass of Nam Simran, is guided and protected by the Shabad Guru.
    In this way, we as gursikhs must feel privileged as wadbhagee jeevas and thank Him for His beant bakshish, beant Daya meher, that while the whole world is under the three gunns, we make a border line with aid of Gurmat, so that we do not feel its effects, because we have taken sharan of Wahiguru Akal Purukh as the only reality and everlasting Truth.
    Nobody is born perfect, but with the aid of Gurmat, no matter if one is worst sinner, then too, one can become a polished diamond or a garland of flowers at His Lotus Feet.
    His power is infinitely beyond any karmas, any sanskaras, any sato, rajo or tamo gunas.
    Sikhee is far above any philosophies. While one is already condemmed by being imbued with rajo or tamo gunas, but then, even if one is full with sato gun, this will take one as far only as per the heights of heavenly paradises, Swarg or Baikunth planes .
    While with Gurmat, we board the plane of Naam, and reach our destiny Sach Khand, which is unaccesible otherwise, no matter what one may do.
    Such is His Beant wadeeayee, by blessing us with His gyan, through Gurmat.
    Sat Sree Akal.
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