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  1. harsharan000

    What Does My Dream Mean ?

    Now this is what hallucination is all about in reality .... 不不不不不不
  2. harsharan000

    Is wearing the 5Ks superstitious?

    the only ritual here is the nonsense of some, time after time
  3. harsharan000

    Words Of Wisdom

    Are you all happy ?? Yes ... I have something to tell you... Suppose you went to one shop ...You have to buy a beautiful dress .. The shopkeeper showed you the first dress ..You rejected it .. Do you become miserable?? No .. You are aware that there are thousands of other clothes being displayed.. Right ?? If one person went against you or left you , never mind !! There are millions of people on this planet ..wake up ... If you take one mug of water from an ocean , it hardly affects it !! So are you . You are the untouched innocent being ... You are all dearly loved and connected with everyone ... Walk with unshakable faith and confidence.. ..
  4. harsharan000

    Words Of Wisdom

    Being helpful to the needy.mp4
  5. harsharan000


    Dear son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, first of all thanks for such a beautiful topic. Sikhee is most important, for if practiced faithfully, it is a path which brings an incredible and an amazing transformation in us human bengs , that also, not with any amount of our petty efforts, but by His apaar kirpa alone. The one of, from a dirty worm, one can turn out to blend and become one with the Most Highest, Wahiguru Akal Purukh. Can anybody ever even imagine such a marvelous thing in the wildest of dreams? Yet it is verily true. Sat Sree Akal.
  6. harsharan000

    What Does My Dream Mean ?

    Guest Jee, Gurbani is the language through which Akal Purukh talks to us beings. So though we may not see Him, due to the layers upon layers of filth on our minds, but the fact is, He is right there, wherever His mahima is sung, it was the apaar bakishsh of Guru Jee on you, that even for a small while He gave you His darshan. But that does not mean, if we do not see Him, He is not there. We need purity, to be able to look at that powerhouse of all virtues and absolute immaculate purity. Though this your post has been about 10 years, which is quite a long time, we do not know about your present condition, but in case you are not yet on the path of sikhee, do considere coming back, if you already are, then, best wishes anyhow. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
  7. harsharan000

    Health Is Wealth

    Life saver.mp4
  8. harsharan000

    Words Of Wisdom

    Education versus meditation.mp4
  9. harsharan000

    Words Of Wisdom

    Life and death life and death.mp4
  10. About married couples about married couples.mp4