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  1. Samiraa Miller currently studies Law at Leicester University
  2. Here is the high-resolution of the image: Yes there are two hindu images at the top on each side of Virgin Mary with Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the left below and a Guru Gobind Singh Ji on the right On the left it seems some "divine light" is carrying a khanda that transforms into a Virgin Mary on the individual. Confirmed by MrSikhNet himself that it is VIRGIN MARY. Here is the discussion on it on his website: http://www.mrsikhnet...late-ed-obrien/
  3. Here is the same picture of Virgin Mary: Secondly,Matheen-- I have already Contacted him via Facebook message... How about you stop assuming? Also, how about you google "virgin mary" yourself before typing a paragraph and answering your own question if it's a Singhni. Have you contacted him yourself? If not, what have you done in your paragraph than criticize me when you could have wrote something to him as well? Edit: Since you are also a moderator it is quite interesting being a moderator on a Sikh forum but you cannot distinguish a Singhni from a common Virgin Mary picture.
  4. Those of you who follow "Mr SikhNet" aka Gurumustuk Singh can find the image recently (13 hrs ago) posted on his facebook (Gurumustuk Singh) under an album he recently started called Ishnaan Seva (Still on his wall if you browse down) Ishnaan Seva By Gurumustuk Singh ยท 4 of 33 The image in question is image 4 of 33. The picture appears to be taken while they are doing seva in the gurdwara and from the other pictures it is clearly inside the gurdwara, to the right you can make out some pictures which are pictures of the Guru's and on the far end right you can see a picture of a shaheed. O
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