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  1. Vjkk vjkf!

    I disagree..if it was a mental problem then how can she know she needs to deny ever saying all the things she did to panthic leaders and the 5 Singhs, yet actually she's been going round country to country saying it to the Sangat that she is gifted and dasam duaar open etc..to say its a mental issue would be an excuse bhai sahib.

    However if it was proven that she is loopy in the head, she would be sectioned under the mental health act before on medication.,she's caused people to get divorced and all sorts snd I'm yet to know of another mentally ill person who has managed to do that to others

  2. These people aren't even loyal to their own blood! They bad mouth their own family members then suck up when they got no one else by their side.they turned up with a blood relation who they had nothing good to say about few months back and now that very guy came to stick up for them. Likewise their biggest chela came to assist them as he really probably does believe he is baba deep singh as that's what he's been told by the female. Actually, only two supporters came both of whom she told they were baba deep singh jis soul so that means they came with 'one in two' warrior soul?! Lol!What the hell!that should be enough for the Sangat to see what kind of pakhandis this little cult are.


    I have just been to Darbaar sahib and spent over a week there staying at the NRI Nivaas. Theres no need for bribery or pulling strings as the sevadaars there seem fine. The rooms are very well kept and just outside Darbaar Sahib entrance and I was a Bibi alone and had no problems. You can come and go as you please..spend all day till early hours of morning doing seva at darbaar sahib if you want, and you can still walk into your room as and when. Amazing experience. hope u have a great time :)


    In response to the above, a meeting was arranged to discuss the activities of this couple, however, no conclusions were drawn and the attendees were told that there will be another meeting. Fact of the matter is, the couple are just lying more and more to cover their anti-gurmat parchaar that they have been doing and they are just landing themselves in a deeper ditch than where they started. There have already been enough meetings on this matter and all the couple have done is lie again and again. And now they have lied to panj gursikhs at the meeting too, so what exactly will another meeting achieve if they arent even scared of panj singhs...they will just continue their game of lying!

    A lot of sangat attended and thanks to all , but I cant see the point of meeting after meeting if these people are just going to continue lying. Their lies were heard for nearly 4 hours and no one else got to speak so its not a very JUST way of sorting the pesticides of the panth out really is it?

  5. a spilt personality disorder/mental health problem would not allow for someone to be so clever. One such affected individual would not know to cleverly manipulate and lie when the panthic leaders are questionning her, but to come out with her bakwaas in her comfort zone. A mentally ill person would not cause such a havock in the panth as she is fully aware that she is doing wrong and knows when to try and find her way out of trouble by lying. People with split persoanlity disorder are a different person when affected,,,shes no different when shes lying to panthic leaders or when shes speaking to individuals as a person. its EGO...and greed! there is no other explanation.shes forgotten that dharamraja is noting everything...thinks shes above the world and even talks to her husband like he cant think for himself and he lets her! But he will wake up soon....guru ji wil do him justice too. poor guy cant even think for himself being with her for 6 years..and has just lost himself in her deluded company!

  6. Very well put. The fact is, you should call a panchyat in if she built a fence which intruded a couple of inches into another sikh's garden. Unless this panchayat are also world renowned authorities on the issue of mental illness its a bit like sending a milkman to do a bricklayers job.

    The couple in question are quite clearly in need of professional psychiatric help. You can't beat the mental illness out of a person by sending a panchyat 'round to give them a stern lecture.

    Sorry bhai sahib..it's no mental illness when one day u claim to be mata bhag Kaur and when questioned u deny and say u never said it when it's been said to about 20 different people. That's just a cop out and it cannot be out down to mental illness as this woman is far from mental..she's a manipulative, and lying personality..trying to be jathedaar of her own cult. It's not going to happen as when she faces panj..she can't hide!

  7. thanks.

    personaly i would have them executed! say wat u want about pakistans blasphemy laws, but in the future khalistan (hopefuly), if anyone does any type of beadbi or does blasphemous act, they should be executed and hung upside down at jalandhar/phagwara bazaar, and have chilli powder shoved inside of them... chilli powder i say, so it wil taste nice for the dogs who wil eat their dead executed bodies. we have to think of the welfare of the dogs aswel u kno :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: . ppl like badals/kp gill/sajjan kumar/tytler/amitabh bachchan/gen brar need to watch out in the future

    Panthic dushts will have to pay for their deeds and the panj piaare are the only ones who can give the right punishments.the panth can't sit back and watch this..there are many problems in the panth in the time of kalyug n nor can we prioritise which ones to deal Witt first.we all have a duty to make sure all issues are being dealt with simultaneously be it beadbi, guru ghar issues or people like this thinking they are mata bhag Kaur..if u sit back and let it happen..what will we do If ten psycho women like this one from the midlands stand up tomorrow and all start saying we are mata bhag Kaur ji..u deal Witt one pakhandi appropriately n tomorrow,another will think twice before doing such beadbi..u leave them to it.well itll only get worse.thats not the fauj that guru gobind singh Ji made,but one that speaks the truth and fights for justice!

  8. sorry to sound dumb, but wat will these 5 singhs be doin 2 these 2 mugs? im not aware of this

    5 Singhs (panj Piaare) are the ones to decide on what should be done about the mistakes made by this couple. Punishments have to be in place to stop this couple and other people from attacking sikhi again as this midlands couple have. Panj piaare will decide if the couples' practise have been anti-gurmat and what punishment to give for claiming to be mata bhag kaur, mian meer baba deep singh ji and all the other shaheeds names that they have used in the wrong way. Guru ji has been watching their show and now guruji in the saroop of the panj piaare will announce what will happen to these people. May the truth come out and may the panth learn to stay away from such pakhandis!

  9. NamoSarab ji...the only people who have got the time to make 10 usernames and access 10 different pcs,at 10 different locations are the couple in question as the rest of us actually have a life and have duties at work etc. They're the ones with nothing better to do but run from door to door collecting money and now..trying to make up with all the people they had cut off from as they're realising they are losing!hahaha

    They are defaming themselves so they can't blame anyone else for what's coming....u reap what u sow so now they can enjoy the fruits of their actions!

    Victims had never spoken up before so it might just be that joining this forum has been their voice.plus as u said..u only joined this forum after this thread started as it seems many others have so it not a question of credibility..just the fact that the victims now have a platform and can speak up

    I hope others will join and bring more facts to the surface...the panth needs to hear it and the panth needs to see these fakes punished to atlesst stop others from taking the same path of distracting Sikhs and doing beadbi of our history

    By the way..he realises but in denial as are her other few followers as whilst they are stil

    Around her..her lies are very convincing.. Until they realise they need to break from her..they will remain in this brainwashed state!

  10. Vjkk vjkf

    Just to mention..chandi di vaar praises the power of the creator by describing the power of individuals on the battlefield..if his creation can have so much strength n power, imagine vaheguru (the creators) abilities! And as mentionned by others..ardaas...it's read after any baani so ardaas can only help before entering the battlefield

    Vjkk vjkf

  11. Vjkk Vjkf!

    These people are just mayadharis chasing money in any way they can be it scam, con, borrow n deny..all in the name and saroop of Sikhi!

    So much to that the couple I know..the 'apparent mata bhago' had a dream that she'd win the lottery so was chasing lottery tickets to win her millions yet gambling isn't part of sikhi. When her so called powers failed n she hadn't won the lottery (big big lol) she said she ran around the estate and found out that someone else had won it! Get a job and work like everyone else! Life's not a doddle so these people need to get that thru their heads. U call urself a chardi kala Gursikh who's dasam duar is open yet all u do Is chase money n pleasure..

    Fact is its all lies n fake and now she's probably running around like a headless chicken trying to falsely prove her innocence..fact is if u tell people you are mata bhag Kaur ji..u can't deny it four years down the line as ur being questioned.

    How many doors can u knock on to save urself when u have turned ur back on ur guru by so many lies? They do say the giddhar has to run from door to door when in danger and that's probably exactly what's happening right now to this fake lady....Which all the more shows the world how guilty u are.

    One who has nothing to hide wudnt be running knocking on people's doors for help as guruji is by their side!

    Its just a shame such people have so much ego that they keep running rather than accept their mistakes..well no one can run forever..

    Fact is,such people end up with nothing n no one by their side when everyone sees the truth.

  12. akalkaur84 vs mai bhago - the final duel !! PLACE YOUR BETS

    who will win i know Mai Bhago used to carry a weapon that was 50kg. Akal Kaur you ay gotta a chance.

    Well none of us stand a chance With mata bhaag Kaur ji who was a dutiful bodyguard to Sri guru Gobind singh ji, but these fake claimants...well PAL 07...her own wont even stand by her for long! Mata Bhaag Kaur ji is a shaheed..and shaheed souls don't come back telling the world who they are!

  13. Let's not get distracted!the point is these people are doing wrong in the name and baana of sikhi and it's coming to an end.

    Mental torture can lead to what these people have been thru so we can't say they are weak but innocent Gursikhs that trusted others Gursikhs who had other agenda than Sikhi and the truth in mind!

    Fact is,from those videos the culprits had to pay for their ill doings and so will this couple as guru ji resides on the side of truth,not lies and manipulation.

    We are all learning and no one is born perfect or the perfect Gursikh but when u go through something like this,it's probably only pushed toss affected to read more baani and become stronger as now those affected are coming forward to stop this.the weak ones are those...who thought they were going to get away with their antigurnat way of life and playing with Gursikhs' lives..they forgot that the true believers have guru Ji with them n those who call themselves mai Bhago n baba deep singh ji...well who's going to stand by them in the battle for justice?

  14. Vjkk Vjkf!

    Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale is a true saint soldier! They fought for righteousness. Their nitnem and kamaiee was beyond what u n I can imagine. Propaganda can twist fighting for the right cause into terrorism but as a Sikh...we need to find out what they did for the good of others before agreeing With others' views.

    Sant jis speeches say it all which are available online.they woke a sleeping community to stand up for the right cause and to follow what guru Gobind Singh Ji commanded for his Gursikh to be - a saint soldier.

    Vjkk Vjkf!

  15. VJKK VJKF!

    i am disgraced at such actions as how can one call them self Baba Deep Singh who had a nitnem beyond what any of us today can imagine. Such a mahaan shaheeds aatma back on earth...someone will have a lot to answer for! And calling yourself mata Bhaag Kaur ji....what gives anyone this right?!NOTHING!

    If a heavenly soul did get sent to earth, they wouldnt be revealing themselves to the world as the couple mentionned..as these souls remain gupt and do what vaheguru sends them down to do....no true such soul brags they are such...this is just a sign of haumai and ego and serious lack of respect for our sikh history!

    Guru ji will bring the truth out. I will email details on the email address given...thankyou for starting this thread.

  16. Fateh jio

    From the little that I know and have experienced..when a true sant or mahapurash does bachan to read certain baani for a certain time or certain number of times...if done as per bachan will only make u realise that u only want to read more rather than less once you have done as per bachan

    We are commanded to jAp naam

    With every breath and this would just be the start- then one begins to build avastha and get closer to waheguru as it is 'dhur ki baani'.

    If you listen to katha by many kath vaachaks or brahmgiannis,you will hear them say do a jaap for forty days, or 125000 moolmantr or 25 japji sAhib a day to start on the ladder...but my point here is..it's a ladder....for a gursikh...ww need to continue increasing our commitment to baani and never to feel we are doing enough as one can never do ustat of akaal conpletetky as there is no end..

    When one listens to sant bachan and does a jaap or even if it's of your own accord, guru Ji will show you something..some people get ridhi sidhis and then fall into s trap of using their powers but a true sikh will rise above this with only one aim which is to be blessed with brahmgiaan and then become one with waheguru

    Fateh jio

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