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  1. Dear brother...it's all a test...remain head strong and do not doubt your guru. Physical pain is not real unless you let it touch you. Remain spiritually attached to waheguru and you will never go wrong. I've had health problems which I can't go into much detail about but one thing I know from my experience is that there are problems that the most qualified and experienced drs of the world cannot treat, but my guru treated mine. Miracles do happen with baani... Mera vaid guru govinda.....I'm living proof of it Recite chaupai sahib 24/7-have it playing in you room through your sleep and repeat aukhi gharri na dekhan dei...and any baani...only waheguru is the saviour so remember him.... May everyone who reads your post do ardaas for u Gurkirpa-remain in chardi kala and no pain will touch you dear brother
  2. There was a programme on Sangat tv about this not long ago and I'm sure contact details of panthic sevadaars were given if anyone wanted to report such activities... Maybe get in touch With the channel to get contact details? They will atleast be able to give you a lead...good luck with it
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