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  1. آپ لوگ اردو کیسے جانتے ہیں؟
  2. If you're saying Muslims are more religious than Sikhs, then I disagree. Sikhs are far more religious. They follow their dress codes (esp. turban) in any nation, even if there is only one Sikh in the entire community. Muslims would never do anything overtly religious if they were in that same position, in my opinion. A Sikh friend told me that reincarnation doesn't mean you are given more tries as in a video game. You still follow your faith and take it seriously; there are consequences, etc. You can correct me if I am wrong, as I am not a scholar of either faith. So, I don't think Sikh
  3. I really appreciate what you said about the Masjid. I said it was an isolated incident because Muslims and Sikhs visit the same shrines but these facts are never highlighted unlike this incident. As the post before me states, the situation is settled in favor of the Sikhs but this will also be ignored, completely. I had read a report that same day in which an army official got involved to defuse any troubles. Why wasn't it mentioned here? Also, the faith that Sikhs have in Pakistan's judiciary by asking the Chief Justice for help, considering him "just" won't be appreciated either. I won
  4. I would like to begin by sharing this video: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Qy0S6iqLwXw I really appreciate you guys welcoming me here. There is a common misconception among Sikhs that Pakistanis either want to 1) convert them or 2) want them to secede from India (i.e. separate it). 1) Faith: With regards to faith or proselytizing, this is all I care about: Anything related to this stuff, I am willing to comment on as it is a commonality between our faiths and not one "superseding" the other. There is a band of a few 100 individuals that are committed to create chaos within the st
  5. As a Pakistani, I would like to clarify that this incident was an isolated one. This group is primarily an intra-faith missionary group. They have been taking over mosques from other Muslim sects so this was not done because Pakistani Muslims hate Sikhs. They are mainstream to a certain extent but they do not hold power and it is not state policy to suppress the Sikhs, as it is in India. It is a common misconception among Sikhs that Muslims want to proselytize Sikhs and convert them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Our founders had regarded Sikhs as neither Hindu or Muslim. They a
  6. I am a Pakistani and I would like to share with you why I joined this site. Recently, I was made aware by Sikh activists about the state of Sikhs in India. I had always thought that Sikhs and Muslims (esp. from Pakistan) are supposed to hate each other for what happened during partition and with your Saints/Gurus. But, I did not know that the Sikhs had a lot of reverence for my country because of the Anand Karaj act, Nankana Sahib, our culture, language and religion. I knew that Guru Nanak had visited Mecca but I never knew that Sikhs considered Waris Shah, Bulleh Shah, Baba Fareed and othe
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