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  1. Daer SIngh, Thanks for thoughtful consideration and opinion. I have uploaded certain videos in Youtube . Name of my channel is Gur(technique) Ki Bani(words). The link is given below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Fut_pdeTDhZlIAn5sDnfA Basically the concept of GURU i.e Shabad is more important .As per my understanding , the words (shabad) means the method of communication. without words nothing can be explained. You must have listen about third law of motion i.e every action has equal and opposite reaction. One of example is given for this law . A ball will bounce back in equal to the force it falls on the earth. Now suppose , one is not aware about this law, even the ball of that person will also bounce. Even the ball would had been bounced without the NEWTON invention. Than why the newton is scientist ? Because he realized the universal law and expressed it in words. Now this law is being studied in physics without the photo of Newton. Life of Newton is not being read/taught in school of physics. Only the words are taught in the school, not history of body who has expressed the words. Similar lines, universal laws of spirituality realized by GURUs and BHAGATS are expressed in the GURU GRANTH Sahib ji. The history or photo(body, surgun) has not been explained the GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI. One should also note that no body from us can respect to Shri GURU NANAk DEV Ji equal to respect given by Shri GURU ANGAD DAV JI, At that time, there were not the shortage of Artists . But GURU ANGAD DEV JI had not drafted any photo of Shri Guru Nanak DEv ji . But today sikhs are more intelligent than Shri GURU ANGAD DEV JI who believe in the body/shape of Shri GURU NANAK DEV JI. Now come to word GUR, one who knows techniques of driving car, which he learns in the learning process, cannot drive the car with the photo/body of teacher. from whom he learn the techniques. The teacher tells the techniques for driving the car to learner . But no learner can drive the car after putting photo of teacher on the staring of the car. Learner actually learn the techniques of driving car. which teacher expressed in WORDS to learner. Learner store these words in the brain and concentrate on those words/directions and apply at the time of driving. In simple ways learner(sikh) store the the words(GURU) and using that words is called technique(GUR) during life span for its spiritual growth so that one can merge into GOD. I have tried to explain the concept which i have learned by GRACE of GOD from the people like you .
  2. No sir I have added my self the slides in this video. I have no relation with any Bagga, I want your comments on the meaning explained in slides Do you agree with me or not ? If not please explain. The words GUR and GURU in Gurbani have some different meaning, As per my view it is simple that GUR word is used for techniques. I am maninder singh
  3. Please listen the attached video of Shabad GUR Bin . In which it Guru ji used the words GUru and GUR Are u agree with meaning in the slides of videos ? GUR_bin.mp4
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