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  1. When the full moon appears, what happens! And if the moon on my sky appears tonight, What happens!
  2. The entire wealth of creation be a sacrifice at Your door, Without Complete Surrender there is no getting.
  3. Know yourself and leave others to themselves. One who knows himself knows God.
  4. Lovers live deathlessly, Without a question accept this truth.
  5. I have burned myself in the flame of love so badly That even one who hears of it gets burned.
  6. Your heart is nothing but the home of God; What can I say? This is the word of God himself.
  7. Before my God I have no pride of Self, I am only bewildered, By all the countless descriptions of His majesty. Let your thoughts, O Goya, be entangled in the locks of the Beloved, For the heart is restless with the yearnings for a glimpse.
  8. Come! the rose and the nightingale both wait for you, For a moment, come into my life's garden, God be with you!
  9. I did not know that since the dawn of creation the Human form had been made, By the Designer, as a dwelling place for his own Being.
  10. I do not say, go to the Temple or the Mosque, O mystic! Whichever way you go , there is the Beloved, O mystic!
  11. The Beloved and the heart have become one, For the heart is always at that door.
  12. Drink ever and ever and be washed all inside, O mystic! All men of piety are raising a howl, go into silence, O mystic!
  13. The heart of the lover itself becomes the beloved. He who lives with life comes to life himself.
  14. Nothing but the praise of the True One comes to my tongue. Your heart, O Goya, has achieved the ultimate of life.
  15. Entire wealth of creation be a sacrifice at you door, Without Complete Surrender there is no getting.
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