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  1. The London Mela has pulled out our stall on the last minute cos someone has contacted them and told them Sikh Patrol is campaigning on forced conversions and SHOWED them what is written on Sikh Patrol page. To show them what was on this page, it had to be a member of this page and I have removed who I think it was.
  2. Nah bro Sikhs against EDL aint saying that. What they saying is this is a problem in our community and we will sort it. We dont need others to try and use us as pawns to get media attention and more parliament rights. Dont forget EDL pledged alliance to BNP when formed. They are against Muslims now but once dealt with them, where u think they gonna move on next? France has moved from Burka to turban now This is our problem and only we should deal with it not run to others. Our Sikhs never did that in the time of the Gurus
  3. The youth is the ones who are targetted and think no one cares, Sikh Patrol cares, we care about for our Gurus, we care about our brothers and sisters and we care about our Sikhi. I aint no sant or baba, but I will make Sikhs aware of whats going on and how their brain is being controlled and washed to believe and follow maya
  4. I dont want Sikh Patrol to be a group. It is a movement where every Sikh should be involved. I have already said I will work with all organisations I clearly see the problem is in our commmunity and aim to make aware all the issues that are related to this topic from psychological conditioning to young Sikhs knowing very little about Sikhi So many issues but we can only overcome these with unity togethor, without this we can keep seeing others attacking us and all people will do is complain behind a keyboard I want real soldiers with the Sikh fire, with support and unity we can confront these issues and we can all get back to our ways of learning Sikhi
  5. Will be arranging a meeting with SAS after the mela, its all in the process
  6. Sikh Patrol have a stall at the London Mela in Gunnersbury Park in Ealing, London on Sun 19th Aug and need Sikhs for Seva We raise awareness and protect Sikhs against forced conversions On the day, we are handing out leaflets, raising awareness on the topic, speaking to the publc, selling childrens book on Sikhi and letting people know what the Sikh Patrol movement is Please contact me on the facebook page, link below http://www.facebook.com/groups/Sikhpatrol/
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