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  1. Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Je Ki Fateh Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale Annual Barsi will beheld as every year at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, this year will mark 40 years since Sant ji went to Sachkand. Programme Aramb Sri Akhand Path 25th June 09 5pm Bhog Sri Akhand Path 27th June 09 5pm Followed by mahan smagam Kirtan Katha Dhadi Amrit Sanchar 27th june 09 @ 10am Poster and more details to follow soon
  2. I think the point here is that Gurdwara money has not been used for this mela, i live in SMethwick and hate this mela, so do alot of sangat that live here, but so what if he is organising the mela, if he wants to spend his time doing that, that’s his choice bhaji. many of the committee members of Gurdwara around the country spend hundred maybe thousands of pounds ever week on parties they throw for family members and friends were they have shrab and meat. i agree that a person who is part of a Gurdwara committee should have a reasonability to the sangat, should avoid doing anti gurmat thing, but i think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill as you can see not many people care about this topic apart from me and you singh, come no singh let start a different topic.
  3. That’s true he was in the committee two weeks ago but you have circle the wrong Singh as the president. The Singh to the left Avtar Singh Gill was the President of GNG Smethwick Two weeks ago not the one who is circled. iam not saying this is a good thing because majority of the thing maybe all of the things this male promoted were anti Gurmat. Guy who open the male Sukhwinder Singh who you have circled as Vice President is also the president of the Smethwick Festival organising Committee. And as he is now not in the committee of the Gurghar I don’t see the problem in that. SIngh you need to get all the facts before you post please
  4. Gurfateh the two singhs that you have pointed out aren’t in the committee at Smethwick anymore, and the mela wasn’t organised by the Gurdwara nor was any money given to it from my knowledge.
  5. Gurfateh if you wish to do chaupai sahib seva please contact 07985246484 we need your help to fill rawla
  6. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Je Ke Fateh Sad Sangat Have organised a 12 hour Sri Chaupai Sahib Jaap to support the one million Sri Chaupai Sahib Project for the Chardi Kala of the Panth and for the Tragedy of Bow Gurdwara Sahib. @ GuruNanak Gurdwara Smethwick 128-130High Street Smethwick, Birmingham, WestMidlands B663AP On Saturday 9th May 2009 From 6am -6pm followed by Mahan Kirtan Katha darbar 6pm -late
  7. important info Coach From Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick will be leaving at 3pm sharp NOT 4pm please be on time [b
  8. Wow only a week left can’t wait Transport has been organised from Smethwick, Southall and Leeds Smethwick Coach will leave Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick at 4pm sharp on 24th Dec to book a place call no. on posters Southall Coach will leave park avenue Gurdwara Southall at 2pm sharp 24th Dec Leeds please contact chapel town Gurdwara for more details
  9. click on link for last years Kirtan from barsi Baba ji's Barsi 2007
  10. Dhan Dhan Sant Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale their barsi was amazing this years so much sangat I think the best for a couple of years, hopefully organisers can make it even bigger next years photo below shows Sant Kartar Singh ji and Baba ji on the right it is very rare to see Baba ji Looking straight at the camera I know as I tried taking photos of them, it shows how humble they were.
  11. Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Video pic below taken at jor mela mehta 2004 baba ji with Singh Sahib Bhai Jaswant Singh ji who came to barsi last year
  12. Transport is being organised from Leeds, London and Smethwick please confirm by phoning numbers on posters to book your place Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Bhindranwale
  13. Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji Bhindranwale it feels like only yesterday we were doing their sangat they were so amazing just by sitting with them changed my life Dhan Guru! Dhan Guru de Taksaaaal!
  14. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, As you all may be aware this year marks the 300th anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Marking this time, and in celebration of this occasion there will be: Weekend Gurmat camp at Guru Nanak Gurdwara (Smethwick) from Saturday 11th October – Sunday 12th October. From 10am to 6pm There are lots of fun activities plan over the 2days, workshops, discussion, talks, games, arts and much more Please try to attend and learn more about our beloved GURU. We also need sevadars group leader to help make this camp a success so if you can spare some time this weekend please contact us. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact: Giani Sukha Singh @ 07956 938737 or info@sna.org.uk www.sna.org.uk Harvey Singh @ 07967668312 Bhervinder Singh @ 07985 246484
  15. I think the ekta factor has got to there head, they are trying to cater for all, not having the mangal charan upto gurpasaad or sampooran mool mantar upto nanak hosi bhi sach, lol, they probably got stuck half way at jap.... or are telling us to japp... LOL.. i dunno, buv could you please post the poster, i would like to see it also. The Gurdvara council smagam seems like a joke, But i suppose i dont know what they have planned so cant comment much, but from whats been revealed so farr dsnt look very impressive, i mean come on its TWO Councils involved REPRESENTING ALL OF BIRMINGHAM AND SANDWELL. LOL.. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh You are using Gurbani words and "LOL" There is nothing else left to comment on your comments. Isn't that single line is complete ? Who says it is mangla charan or mool mantar? Criticism is just an art. Becoming a sikh is what takes years of learning and Guru Maharaj Di Kirpa. Desipte promoting Mangla Charan or Moolmantar issue Why you people are not promoting sikhism. Onkar is the old word which is used in also other religions but Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaaj put "one" in front of it. And he started and named us "sikh" which means always ready to learn. There is a way to correct mistakes or to give suggestions. Guru is perfect in all ways, not we. So I applogise for my all mistakes in designing poster. I will take care of this in future. so be calm, promote sikhism and if you can't then please even dont criticise. But I am unable to understand where it is written that, it is a mool manter or mangla charan on poster. Its a single complete gurbani line. Maninder Singh Theredcode@yahoo.com Gurfateh baba ji iam sorry you feel this way ok understand your point and this is a different forum topic, but why is there a need to put gurbani on the poster anyway, since the posters have been at smethwick guru ghar i have pick up a couple of posters which were laying around on the floor, by putting gurbani on a poster and having it printed carries a big responsibility, we should be prompting Sikh and how to look after gurbani as this is a ang of our guru which some people may place on the floor or put in the bin as they don’t understand the importance. I would suggest you avoide putting gurbani on a poster in the future. We are celebrating 300 years of our beloved guru ji, and it hurts to see maharaj’s angs lying around on the floor or in a bin Pul chuk marf
  16. Gurfateh i have just seen the poster for these events it has mool manter on it up to Jap!! What stand are the Sandwell and Birmingham Gurdwara council taken on this matter what are they trying to promote?
  17. Gurfateh The Camps are not being organised by the two Gurdwara Council they are being organised by the youth. Apart from the Nagar Kirtan and rehinsabai I don’t see how it will be a smagam as sangat have been told about 1 hour programmes at different venues, how are the 2 council justify it as a smagam, sorry to sound a bit negative. If they had come together and had a big smagam at one Gurdwara in Sandwell and one in Birmingham wouldn’t that be better, and more sangat could attend. I think as my mate K_Z saying its all about the pump all the Gurdwara committees want their pump, and want their name on the posters.
  18. i been told by committee members that there is also a Amrit sanchaar at Smethwick Gurughar on the 20th Oct i dont see the point of having 2 Amrit sanchaars in a week at the same place!
  19. gurfateh i have contacted the gurdwara they know nothing about the DVD
  20. Giani Hardeep Singh ji hazur sahib wale were giving saropa out, Bhai Gursharan Singh DDT also did kirtan
  21. Gurfateh we are looking for sevadars for the barsi if any one could do japji sahib ralls please pm me
  22. Gurfateh If any one is looking to take amrit please call the number on poster or pm me. if we are Guru Gobind Singh jis children we need to aspire to be like them the fisrt step is Amrit
  23. Sant Kartar Singh Ji in the same light as Christ Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale the 13th Jathedhar of Guru Ji’s Taksal was a puran Brahmgyani. When they were returning home the car Sant Ji was travelling in was involved in an accident. When Mahapursh was found he was very badly hurt. But this saint of Akaal Purakh didn’t cry out in pain or worry about his own body the only thing he was concerned about was his kakkars. That was the only thing Mahapursh kept asking about. Due to his injuries Sant Ji was taken to the Christian Medical College in Ludhiana. This hospital is run by Christians and most of the doctors who work there are from outside Punjab. Anyways when Mahapursh was brought into the hospital George, one of the workers I spoke to said everyone could tell that a saint had come. Mahapursh was on everyone’s mind and all the staff would talk amongst themselves about Sant Ji. With Mahapursh there were about 30-40 singhs, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was one of those Singhs. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to do a lot of seva for Mahapursh and George remembers Sant Ji, Mahapursh and the rest of the Singhs with great love. Many patients who were in the hospital were Sikhs and when they found out that Sant Kartar Singh Ji was in the hospital they went to go and see him. Being blessed with the darshan of Mahapursh was enough to cure some of these patients as in Mahapursh’s room Gurbani was being recited 24 hours a day. One of the senior surgeons in the hospital was in charge of Sant Ji’s care. When he examined Mahapursh he could feel an intense energy, which was very difficult to put into words. This surgeon began to think of Jesus Christ and began to see Sant Kartar Singh Ji in the same light as Christ. The surgeon told Mahapursh that he was very badly hurt and that they would have to perform a very big operation which would involve shaving his kesh to save his life. Mahapursh looked at the surgeon and said, “Cut my head off but never even think about cutting this Kesh which Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj has blessed me with.” The surgeon was not surprised by Sant Ji response as he knew that Mahapursh was a man of God who didn’t fear death but feared disappointed his father Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. The surgeon then promised to do whatever he could to keep Sant Ji comfortable. To which Mahapursh replied, “In this room the bani of Akaal Purakh is resounding. This is all I need.” To be continued. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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