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    naabh kamal mehi baedhee rach lae breham giaan ouchaaraa ||
  1. gulshan's older brother has releaseda two sets of tapes doing katha of sri zaffarnama sahib!
  2. Its easy to give the pamp about ekta - when it comes to breaking jathebandi barriers we fall short...
  3. kehi kehi kathhanaa maaeiaa loojhai || One may talk and preach and give sermons but still yearn after Maya.
  4. it is true.. http://www.4to40.com/recordbook/index.asp?...category=indian http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/record...d_donation.aspx
  5. jannani jane to bhagat jan kai data kai soor nahee ta jannanee baanjh rahe kahe gavae noor its from tulsi daas not guru granth sahib ji
  6. In the guiness book of records - Ram Raheem is noted for arranging the largest blood donation camp of all time... If we Sikhs were long cited the Akaal Takht could have organised a mass blood donation to celebrate the 300 <banned word filter activated> But these local pushes forward are still to be commended and make a BIG difference satnaam sri waheguru
  7. humkire - has got the right idea
  8. Singh Sahib - from various references - it says Baba Banda Singh never allowed mosques or mandirs to be knocked down or innocent muslims or brahamins killed - there were also muslims and brahmins amongst his armies - think very carefully before making a statement such as yours...
  9. sunnybondsingh84 are you saying that Banda Singh Bahadur mercilessly killed muslims?
  10. guramukh kott oudhhaaradhaa bhaaee dhae naavai eaek kanee ||2|| The Gurmukh saves millions of people, O Siblings of Destiny, blessing them with even a particle of the Name. ||2|| I'm writing no arguments this way or that - just looking at gurbaani... Bgqu vfw rwjw jnku hY gurmuiK mwieAw ivic audwsI] bhagath vaddaa raajaa janak hai guramukh maaeiaa vich oudhaasee|| King Janak was a great saint who amidst Maya remained indifferent to it. dyv lok no cilAw gx gMDrb sBw suKvwsI] dhaev lok no chaliaa gan ga(n)dhharab sabhaa sukhavaasee|| Along with gans and gandharvs (celestial musicians) he went to the abode of the Gods. jmpuirgieAw pukwr suix ivllwvin jIAn rk invwsI] jamapurigaeiaa pukaar sun vilalaavan jeean rak nivaasee|| From there, he, hearing the cries of inhabitants of hell, went to them. Drm rwie no AwiKEnu sBnw dI kir bMd KlwsI] dhharam raae no aakhioun sabhanaa dhee kar ba(n)dh khalaasee|| He asked the God of death, Dharamrai, to relieve all their suffering. kry bynqI Drmrwie hau syvku Twkuru AibnwsI] karae baenathee dhharamaraae ho saevak t(h)aakur abinaasee|| Hearing this, the God of death told him he was a mere servant of the eternal Lord (and without His orders he could not liberate them). gihxy DirEnu ieku nwau pwpw nwil krY inrjwsI] gehinae dhharioun eik naao paapaa naal karai nirajaasee|| Janak offered a part of his Devotion and remembrance of the name of the Lord. All the sins of hell were found not equal even to the counterweight of balance pwsMig pwpu n pujnI gurmuiK nwau Aqul n qulwsI] paasa(n)g paap n pujanee guramukh naao athul n thulaasee|| In fact no balance can weigh the fruits of recitation and remembrance of the Lords name by the Gurmukh nrkhu Cuty jIAw jMq ktI glhMu islk jm PwsI] narakahu shhuttae jeeaa ja(n)th kattee galeha(n) silak jam faasee|| All the creatures got liberated from hell and the noose of death was cut. mukiq jugiq nwvY dI dwsI ]5] mukath jugath naavai dhee dhaasee ||5|| Liberation and the technique of attaining it are the servants of the name of the Lord.(5)
  11. (ANG NUMBER 496 - SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI) jis simarath sabh kilavikh naasehi pitharee hoe oudhhaaro || Remembering Him, all sins are erased, and ones generations (here generations refers to those who have already died - the word pittareee means this) are saved.
  12. harvey1 - its very easy to laugh this off with a lol - but undoubtedly niddar has damaged the sangat of the uk so badly - its unforgivable...
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