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  1. if only the present is relevant than why do we listen to sakhia from over 400 years ago please think before you type there is a lot to be learned from the past

    but thanks for the information as it is always best to be informed with knowledge than not to seek it out

    My point is that the past is the past. Yes you can learn from it, but you only have the present to do anything about it. You only have the present to decide whether you want to accept Guru Ji's hukkam and take khande di pahul. Your future liberation from this life is in your present hands, take it or leave it, it's your choice.

  2. Sorry i think you have misunderstood the question, i didnt ask for qualification on what sachkand is, our role in merging back into Waheguru, nor on the infinitness of Waheguru these things are the very basic tenets of sikhi.

    Having read the Vaar that you suggested im guessing that "Binu Gur Darasanu Daykhanaa Bhramataa Dhiray Tdaurhi Naheen Paaay, Binu Guru Poorai Aaay Jaaay" is what you are referring to.

    Again for the record i asked pre guru's time how does this fit into our belief in others reaching sachkand?, i think one of the previous posters mentioned guru ji being in human form pre his existence to us as Guru Nanak Dev Ji is this correct?

    Bhai Gurdas Ji's Pauri 49 Vaar 1 explains how Waheguru Gurmantar was made. This pauri explains that in each of the 4 Yugs Guru Ji was present in an avatar form and gave the name of Waheguru that was appropriate at that time. In this the present time our Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Jyot is in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is from Guru Granth Sahib Ji that we will receive the Gurmantar. What happened in previous yugs is irrelevant. That time has passed. Only the Present is relevant. So please stop referring to the past and refer to Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Hukkam.

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  3. And before the gurus how about all those lifes/souls? where they just given another chance based on their deeds, how can you accept guru granth sahib ji as guru if guru was not provided in this way pre 1300AD?

    Sachkand has only been populated since 1300AD and the billions of souls before that are just reincarnated? Seems a bit illogical?

    Thanks for the Pauris!

    Sachkhand is not a place like a planet or country. It cannot be populated. If you know anything about sikhi then you should know that Waheguru is everything and everything is Waheguru. We are given this life to break free from reincarnation and merge back into Waheguru. Gurbani tells us this. Please read and understand Gurbani which can explain better than I can. Please read if you have not done so the pauris I have mentioned. It should be very clear and self explanatory.

  4. It is wrong to show dis-respect to others we have no right. This is Ego and has no place in Sikhi. There is only one supreme Waheguru. If we start to state that my faith is better than another's then it is showing Ego even if it is true. Our focus should remain on Waheguru alone. This is Guru Ji's message. Guru Ji never shows dis-respect to anyone. Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to the Mosque and showed the worshipers the how to worship correctly. Guru Hargobind Ji built a Mosque. Bhikhan Shah Ji saw Allah's light in Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru Ji does not discriminate. Guru Ji points out contradictions and hypocrisies and puts everyone on the right path. Guru is the supreme truth. Waheguru, Allah, Ram, Gobind, Raheem, Khuda, Rab etc... are all names of the same light. We as Sikhs are given the Gurmantar of Waheguru and it is the name Waheguru that Guru Ji has told us to meditate upon.

    I have no idea if the Prophet married someone who was 9 years old, I wasn't there, BUT we do know that the very same Namaz that the Prophet did would have been the same that Baba Farid Ji did and Baba Farid Ji tasted Allah's Amrit. The Prophet may have done some good things or some bad things as did all the other avatars before Guru Nanak Dev Ji (see Bachitar Natak for reference).

    The point is that people will always say bad things. I have the greatest of respect for someone who is true to their faith and Waheguru such as the Hindu and Muslim bhagats mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji they are all greater than me. There are very few if any that are true Muslims or True Hindus or true Christians or even true Sikhs because people are stuck in petty everyday worldly arguments and miss the glory of Waheguru.

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  5. If you or someone could kindly point in the correct direction of which vaar and pauris inform us of this, then i can read and learn further.

    My humble apologies if anyone felt i was judging and jumping on the wrong bandwagon :respect:

    There are 4 pauris where Bhai Gurdas Ji mentions Charnamrit. Pauri 3 Vaar 1, Pauri 23 Vaar 1, Pauri 7 Vaar 11 and Pauri 22 Vaar 40.

    The point is that one cannot and absolutely CANNOT achieve mukti without Guru Ji. Gurbani keeps reiterating this and Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaar keeps mentioning this. One may live their life by: being good, doing seva, not cutting their hair, avoiding getting entangled in the 5 evils BUT one will NOT acieve mukti without Guru Ji. what may happen by doing good deeds is that one may get another chance in the same life or in another live to take Kande di pahul and accept Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru. Pauri 22 Vaar 40 explains this fact.

  6. Congratulations on deciding to learn more about Sikhi.

    One cannot achieve mukti without Guru Ji. Therefore one must accept Guru Ji as their Guru. Guru Ji gives us the Amrit, Gurmantar and the Rehat by which we live by.

    When one takes Amrit they are accepting Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru. The Panj Pyare collectively as Guru Ji's form, provide the Rehat, Gurmantar and how to say Gurmantar. Without going through this process, one cannot achieve liberation.

    So my friend, I urge you to do more research on Sikhi, read more Gurbani, Understand Gurbani and Guru Ji will bless you with amrit and you can begin to fulfill your life journey.

  7. Veer , can you specify which Vaar? I'm interested.

    Vaar 1 pauris 4 & 20. Also Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj in Sri Bachittar Natak mentions Muhammed by the name of Mahadeen, stating that Waheguru created him and made him emperor of Arabia, but he spread Allah's name through force and forced people to become circumcised which does not comply with Sikh philosophy. This is why Waheguru Ji had to send Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji to spread the truth.

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  8. Gurbani tells us to follow the truth which is the naam. Gurbani is for all faiths. Yes to be a true Muslim one must follow the Koran which means (for a muslim) to submit your mind body and soul to Allah. When one takes Amrit from panj pyare one has to do the same (submit to Guru Ji with mind body and soul).

    I have seen Muslims boasting by saying the greatness of Prophet Mohammad is that he is mentioned in every holy book of all religions, to prove this they misquote and mistranslate world scriptures. When claiming this for the Sikh scriptures, the above quoted Shabad is the one they quote. But 'religion of the Prophet' 'faith of Mohammad is not even mentioned in the original Gurbani, so I don't know where the translator got this from.

    Gurbani tells us to follow the truth which is the naam. Gurbani is for all faiths. Yes to be a true Muslim one must follow the Koran which means (for a muslim) to submit your mind body and soul to Allah. When one takes Amrit from panj pyare one has to do the same (submit to Guru Ji with mind body and soul).

    The name Mohammad is only specifically mentioned in Gurdas Ji's vaar

  9. Gurbani is the supreme truth and preaches the supreme truth. On page 141 Guru Ji talks about Namaz, on page 1083 Guru Ji tells to keep the Koran in your heart. There are many teekas all with different translations. We have to read them ourselves and make our own conclusions. But all the teekas come down to one thing essentially that is that Guru Ji tells us to meditate on the true naam whichever faith one belongs to. On page 1419 there is a line: Those beards are true, which brush the feet of the True Guru. Guru Ji is actually talking about the mind thinking of Guru Ji's feet not actual beard because not everyone's beard is long enough to touch Guru Ji's feet when we matha tek. See professor Sahib Singh's teeka.

  10. You must remember your sole purpose on this earth is to achieve mukti from 84 lakh joon. If you acheive mukti in this lifetime, only then your life is successful. With Guru Ji's blessing hopefully 5 pyare will visit you and you will have khande di pahul and receive the Gurmantar to start your journey to achieve mukti.

    I am praying for you...

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  11. I've heard people say only a gursikh can do katha otherwise these "lost" sikhs will do kintu printu "confuse" people.

    Have a read of what a guru pyareo said on the fb feed of this post:

    Sonya Nayun Im a innocent Sikh..I don't drink smoke or eat meat. I pray whenever I can I work for my money. I do roles at the gurudwara but for my fashion I cut my hair...does that mean I'm not Sikh?

    Sonya Nayun Sikh is Sikh mona or not. Sikh with a turban who drink alchol and smoke drugs and eat meat why should they have more rights?

    I would like to ask, When you cut your hair, do you think of Guru Ji?

    Everyone who wants to gain knowledge has the right to ask about Sikhi.

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