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  1. Thanks jacfsing2. However, my quest is to understand what determines the length of our life. Is it the number of breaths or is it the amount of time. Some say, lead a healthy lifestyle and u will simply live longer but say one gets into an accident even after leading a very healty lifestyle and dies. What is the main purpose of death? We must die regardless but what determines when? I hope it's clear enough. I'm having trouble getting it in words. To me the only hypothesis that works in every situation is that the number of pre determined breaths one comes with but is this supported by guru Gr
  2. I've noticed that there are many discuss and posts on the matter but On many occasions it was a single human being, and they shall answer for their Karam's in their own time but I would like to know is that why does no one ever talks about the disrespect we do as a community in the gurdwara's. We say that our guru is living and the guru is talking to us when gurbani is being recited yet 99% of people will simply talk to each other or are lost within themselves, ignoring gurbani and therefore being disrespectful. Just imagine being ignored while you are telling someone something which is very i
  3. I've heard that death is pre-destined. And I've also heard that one can increase one's years of life by yoga which many did according to our history. They simply slowed down their breathing and thus lead a longer life. Is this true? Does this mean that life is actually dependent upon number of breaths and if so time does not play a big part since it's up to you to decide how long you want to take to breathe each breath. Are there any quotes in Guru Granth Sahib ji on the matter? Thank you
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