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  1. cricket is far more expensive to play then football in india.  Yet the culture focuses on cricket.  India has a professional league that pays cricket players millions.  Cricket requires more infrastructure then football

    Again it is culture an for middle and upper class the culture raises soft boys and girls an not athletes.  That's why the gentlemen's game of cricket is so popular and something that everyone can play like football is not

  2. It is culture.  Most of india does not take athletics very serious. 

    Haryana is beginning to rise in wrestling and boxing while Punjab takes the gold medal for drug addicts and ego

    Investing in sports would be amazing in Punjab rather then blowing money on weddings and keeping up with the johals.  Why not invest in local sports for there children to keep them away from drugs.  Haryana villages with extreme poverty are finding resources to provide sports like boxing and wrestling to youth. 

    Haryana offer incentives for high ranking police jobs if you show athletic success an many are jumping on the opportunity

    Also in the west I wish more sikh parents would put there children into sports at a young age so they can develop the skills.  Also fix the diet feed your children fresh vegetables or steamed vegetables.  If the parents don't eat meat focus on a healthy vegan diet for children that vegan athletes use.


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  3. Or our todays sikhs to weak in sikhi to be able to handle there own country

    In punjab today sikhs elect corrupt poliicians an accept corrupt practises.

    How would khalistan change that

    I wish people focused on strengthening the sikh faith by educating the younger generation about sikhi an raising a generation of smart saint soldiers before we can focus n khalistan

    Its like people want to skip steps.2 to.9 an jump.straight to step 10

    If punjab is strong in sikh faith then corruption would collapse

    If people are weak in sikhi an given a khalistan it would collapse

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  4. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbia/surrey-cancer-patient-sues-realtors-don-and-surinder-dhanoa-for-alleged-500k-loss-1.3522264

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    British Columbia


    Surrey cancer patient sues realtors Don and Surinder Dhanoa for alleged $500K loss

    Realtors deny they 'defrauded' Manjit Kaur Gill

    CBC Investigates

    Natalie Clancy · Investigative Reporter | CBC News Vancouver · CBC News2 Hours Ago

    Don and Surinder Dhanoa, realtors with DM Group in Surrey, say allegtations are "false" (www.dmgrealtors.com)



    ​A Surrey cancer patient, Manjit Kaur Gill, claims realtors, Don and Surinder Dhanoa, took advantage of her deteriorating health to "cheat" her into an investment scheme that she says cost her half a million dollars, according to a notice of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court.

    "Every night I go to bed and I feel like I'm cheated .... and I can't sleep" said Gill.

    The 61 year-old widow claims the husband and wife team have been family friends for 35 years, and that she trusted them.

    She claims she had profited from two real estate deals with the Dhanoas in the past.

    The couple denies all the allegations but Gill's lawsuit says that in September 2013, just a month after she learned her kidney cancer had spread to her brain, they misrepresented an investment opportunity.

    "I feel cheated" says Manjit Kaur Gill, alleging she lost half a million dollars in a real estate deal with family friends. (cbc)

    She claims the Dhanoas asked her to invest $500,000 in a deal to purchase a $17-million commercial property on King George Highway in Surrey.

    Gill claims Don Dhanoa pressured her to provide a bank draft made out to a numbered company, and he would provide a promissory note upon her return from a trip to visit relatives.

    Plans to shadow flip for profit

    The lawsuit claims Gill was promised a $1 million return on her investment in six months.

    The plan was that the Dhanoas would find a third party purchaser to re-assign the contract to, in a transaction known as shadow flipping.

    This kind of transaction has recently put realtors under intense scrutiny after the province announced new regulations on the reselling of contracts,

    In Gill's case, the property was never flipped because she believes the deal never went through.

    She claims when she asked the Dhanoas for details on the purchase, they refused to give her the exact address, citing a non-disclosure agreement with the vendor and buyer.

    Months went by while she underwent radiation treatment, and she waited for a promissory note or written contract.

    Eventually after two years, she claims she asked Don Dhanoa for repayment of what she believed was a short-term loan.

    Alleged 'conspiracy' to 'defraud'

    The allegations have not been tested in court, but Gill's lawsuit alleges that the Dhanoas breached their verbal contract and breached their fiduciary duty to Gill, or alternatively, "knowingly and deliberately conspired together with the intent to injure the Plaintiffs's by defrauding them..."

    The Dhanoas have a much different version of what happened with Gill's money.

    In their response filed in the case, the Dhanoas deny all of the allegations against them, and request the suit be dismissed with costs.

    "It's false, this has nothing to do with real estate" said Don Dhanoa when reached by phone.

    Investment was in India not Surrey: defendants

    The Dhanoas allege that Gill "was fully aware of her dealings with the corporate Defendant. All dealings were transparent and straightforward."

    The couple says the investment did not involve property in Surrey. It was a business overseas.

    "She clearly knew about her investment in India and did not disclose that to her son or daughter." says the response to claim.

    Don Dhanoa and his wife Surinder are among Surrey's "top-producing real estate professionals" according to their website www.dmgrealtors.com. (Facebook)

    In an email to CBC news, Don Dhanoa wrote, "Several companies invested in projects in India several years ago, it was nothing to do with the fact that I'm a realtor..."

    And he says they are also struggling with health issues.

    "They are trying to take advantage of us at a vulnerable time where I am in the process of getting a kidney transplant and my wife is the donor," wrote Dhanoa.

    Both parties say they met to try to resolve the matter before the lawsuit was filed.

    'I have done nothing wrong,' says Dhanoa

    "They warned me that they would try and smear my reputation, I did not give in, as I have done nothing wrong" wrote Dhanoa.

    "In an attempt to blackmail me, they told me that they were going to sue my wife, my son and my daughter even though they have nothing to do with the corporate transaction."

    Martin Finch, lawyer for Manjit Gill says the lawsuit seeks to recover Gill's alleged losses. (cbc)

    His two children are also named in the suit along with a numbered company, 689939 B.C. Ltd..

    In court documents Dhanoa, his wife and son claim they were "never agents" of the company that Gill paid.

    But annual reports obtained by CBC from B.C.'s corporate registry list both that son and his sister as the only named officers of the company, which was dissolved five months after Gill's claims her money was deposited.

    "Seeking to enforce your legal rights is not tantamount to blackmail, and it isn't blackmail" said lawyer Martin Finch who represents Gill, who is also preparing for more surgery after her cancer spread to her remaining kidney.

    Dhanoa's daughter has not yet filed a response to the suit

  5. From the breadbasket of India, Punjab has become a basket-case economy. Endowed with ample water and good soil, Punjabs happy, progressive people had a dream that is now a distant memory. Punjabs decline started with its trifurcation. In its bid to establish a separate identity, the poli-tical establishment obsessed over a religious-political agenda and steered the state towards the dark days of terrorism. Haryana, once considered the backwater of joint Punjab, focused on an economic agenda. Today, its far ahead of Punjab in terms of per capita income.

    The Centres policies aimed at increasing food production to ensure an adequate supply of grain, coupled with export restrictions, have taken a toll. The expected progression of Punjab from agricultural economy to industrial powerhouse to service-sector leader never took place. Food processing, essential for agricultural prosperity, never bloomed for instance, Punjab exports wheat but imports wheat flour. Till such time as off-farm jobs arent created, discontent is going to rise. Over the last decade, Punjab has had a more-than-fair share in the Union cabinet. But this hasnt contributed to the states progress.

    Its not right to blame the Green Revolution for the whole mess theres more to it than that. Starved of state government funds, the Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) has witnessed decreasing faculty strength and new research has completely ceased in the last decade. The state government imposes high taxes on the purchase of foodgrain by the Food Corporation of India. If just 5 per cent of this were provided to the PAU, it would help its revival. But political expediency takes precedence over vision and foresight to disincentivise the monoculture of wheat and rice.

    Punjab is suffocating from its estimated 6,00,000-plus tractors. Tractor-ownership is viable only if they are operated for over 900 hours per year. In contrast, average farm-use in Punjab is possibly half this figure. As a result, once a farmer buys a tractor, he works for the bank for life to repay the loan and interest. Alternatively, three-year interest-free loans to service-hiring entities so that they can buy better farm machinery would allow farmers to access mechanisation without taking on any financial burden. This could raise crop yields by 20 per cent.

    Over exploitation of groundwater because of the free power provided to farmers has resulted in the water table falling to dangerously low levels. The cost of drawing water from greater depths is causing more indebtedness among farmers. Augmenting the inadequate free power with diesel engines works out to be more expensive. If the leadership showed political will, farmers would happily pay Re 1 per unit for good quality and consistent supply.

    Urea is sold at one-fourth the price of table salt today. But the excessive use of cheap urea destroys the soil and leads to more plant vegetative growth. An explosion of insect and pest populations is then inevitable. Indiscriminate, unregulated sale of pesticides and spurious products is leading to an ecological disaster. To prevent this, a 10-per cent annual reduction in pesticide-use is important.

    Increasing urea price and simultaneously subsidising DAP could be a quick interim measure towards more balanced fertiliser usage. But the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and powerful agro-industrial conglomerates has resulted in Punjab witnessing a new trend of young farmers committing suicide.

    At the time of the infamous farm loan waiver, Punjab used to contribute nearly half of the grains to the Central pool, but received less than 2 per cent of waiver funds. Not because farmers were not defaulting on debt but because of the way banks were window dressing accounts. Political interference in cooperative banks and societies has destroyed the movement. Strangely, Punjab farmers are now burdened with the cost of fencing their lands to save their crops from innumerable stray and unproductive domesticated cattle that have been let loose across villages.

    The simmering discontent over seed and pesticide scams, the decimation of the cotton crop, and low crop prices had farmers blockading rail and road traffic. Frustration with the manipulation of religious institutions, flip-flops over pardons, and the desecration of the Holy Guru Granth Sahib inflamed passions and matters of faith took precedence over matters of livelihood. This is how politics alternates and repeats itself in Punja

  6. So OP, you think getting your own house & moving out is 'being a an' do you even know about our culture? {good bits} we are not Caucasians who leave their parents to rot and just concern ourselves with our wife & children, this is NOT manly or our roots. Something that's been happening for years now.

    I understand our culture

    Go re read what i said

    Mama boy someone who is unable to take care of themselves an need mommy to take care of them

  7. I have noticed that less sikhs males are being raised as men an more are being raised as mama boys

    Alot of sikh guys have bin raised as men

    But at the same time there our sikh mama boys who need mommy to wash there cloth cook there meals an clean after them an wont move away from home cause they cant get the financing for a new house

    There is a difference between a man who takes care of his loved once an a mama boy who needs his parents to take care of him

    Compared to seventy years ago sikh men are bein raised to be very soft

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  8. An ego in gurdwara politics

    Guru nanak showed how ego can cause destruction yet we see it in our gurdwaras

    But there our some gurdwaras with no elected party that run amazingly an attract youth an non sikhs to the gurdwara an are run by the community with no elections or job titles

    Justt everyone volunteering there time for seva at the gurdwara

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  9. Desi diet is one of the worst in the world why india pakistan bangledesh sri lanka stink at sports

    Sikhs have the best genes with one of the worst diets

    But proper diet an training an few sikhs have shown what they can do

    Bc canada the province has 3 percent sikh population with majority of population being european in bc an just bc sikhs alone have dominated wrestling an other physically demanding sports at the national level not just winning provincial titles but national titles an the bc sikh community makes up less then one percent of canada population

    I am talking about the province of bc

    An bc is only province were sikhs are put into sports at young age with proper training at the same rate as white kids

    Yet the sikh kids dominate in these physically demanding sports

    Winning national karate weight lifting wrestling titles with many young sikh ice hockey coming up

    Arjun bhullar top heavyweight free style wrestler in canada from bc

    shaun dhillon top karate fighter an national champion from bc

    Kultar gill former national kickboxong champ bc

    An list goes on what would happen if sikhs startes learning an applying proper healthy diets an training across the world

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