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  1. You really are quite stupid. It's not donated land it's bought by the charity. Go look it up on the land registry. Loans were taken to buy it and every religious school prior to the government changes were required to contribute 10% which amounts to 4 million when looking at the overall cost of the building project over two schools. As for parkash, yes it is a fund raising event similar to what other religious schools do, if you don't want to go then don't but don't talk rubbish without facts. The financial notice was given as the loans were taken out on land which belonged to the dfe by default and this was a breach of the agreement between the dfe and trust. They didn't pick it up until now when all this stuff about faith schools got messy. This is common knowledge, the parents and wider community support the school and charity so carry on with your ridiculous campaign. It's never made an iota of a difference to the project before and I doubt it ever will. Just came back from the kirtan, fantastic atmosphere and great for families. Most people, excluding our keyboard warrior friends will continue to attend every year.
  2. Yes typical to slander around this time. The school has done a lot for kids and my kids go there. The parkash is packed from what I see on TV? Will be going tomorrow with all my friends and family. Sad that sikhs have nothing better to do than bring people down who do good. Despite all the stories at least good is being done, more than what we do hiding behind our keyboards.
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