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  1. I see my post flew straight over your head. I'm sure such great responses will help you in a real life dialogue. /sarcasm I don't understand what pictures of a guy who was killed by a common Afghan soldier and a King who had a short lived Empire have anything to do with my post but okay...
  2. Hence why I mentioned the 'exact same' crime, murder being the example I gave. Are you 100% certain there is room in Sikhi for capital punishment? I've heard numerous Sikhs 'gloat' in a way, how they don't believe in capital punishment, trying to take the moral high ground.
  3. So in theory these Panj Pyare can give a different punishment for the exact same crime? Murder vs murder, not murder vs manslaughter before someone mentions that. Also where do these Panj Pyare derive their punishments from?
  4. I believe you lack reading comprehension otherwise you wouldn't have wasted your time typing that up. My argument stands without fault. Your ideology shares reincarnation, a bathing ritual, karma, vegetarianism, cremation and many many other things with Hinduism so it's far beyond cultural and/or geographical similarities, I mean your Guru's even had Hindu deities on their weapons and on their flags. That's on top of the already mentioned numerous name of Allah, Muslim poetry in your Holiest of books etc... The more I learn about Sikhi the more fascinating it is to see all these connections to a completely 'new' religion which denies any connection to any other faith. So to whichever Sikh reads this they shouldn't from this day forth parrot the same old line the original poster did to whom I replied.
  5. So do you know the punishments prescribed by your faith for the crimes I've mentioned or aren't there any for those specific things?
  6. All of my posts are being downvoted by multiple Sikh trolls. Going on a witch hunt to punish homosexuals is not allowed in Islam. The punishment for them is the same as for a heterosexual couple engaged in sexual acts in 'public'. If you had a Sikh Raj where would the rules/laws come from? - Murder? - Rape? - Theft?
  7. Your first paragraph is 100% in line with Islam on the issue. Can you show me any of your sources on the matter though? Does Sikhi even have punishments for anything though? I feel that's a moot point if not.
  8. I'd also like to know whether Sikhi is unequivocally against homosexuality or is it just seen as a cultural taboo?
  9. This is another example of why you don't open your mouth in public and get caught on camera saying such silly things, safer for Sikhs to show their stupidity anonymously online than to be schooled in public I guess. Whether Islam be 90% or even 99.99% similar to Judaism is irrelevant since the latter claims to be from the same lineage of Abraham hence the similarities whether it being circumcision, slaughter of animals, the way they pray, having the same Prophets and so on. Sikhi DOES NOT claim to have a shared lineage with Hinduism or Islam yet it is pretty much 87% Hinduism, 3% Islam and 10% of additional things. Sikhi in fact affirms Hindu deities, Guru's usage of Hindu Gods/Goddesses on their swords and flags etc... believe in both reincarnation and hell apparently oh and call God Allah, Raheem, Kareem and so on... What can I expect though when one of the most famous Sikh Parcharik's in the World, most certainly the most famous one in the UK at the time claimed Muslims slaughter animals in the way they do because it maximises pain (Jagraj Singh)...
  10. I agree, how dare anyone portray Muslims as victims. Good thing we have Modi's Bollywood churning out pro-Hinduvta movies to counterbalance the BBC's Sharia Islamic Caliphate ISIS agenda derp dep. On one hand you have Western Government's invading, destroying, pillaging, ruining the economy of and killing innocent Muslims by the droves. If not that then at the very least they support the apartheid State of Israel and shut down any pro-Palestinian activism such as France banning pro-Palestinian marches (where none of the pro freedom of speech advocates cared to mention, Tommy, Shapiro etc...), banning BDS and so on. Hollywood showing for decades Muslims as terrorists only. Imprisoning Muslims in places like Guantanamo Bay for years without any reason or trial. Just a few other things where Muslims also aren't victims but took part in such things in exchange for money or because they enjoy hardship I guess. - Hinduvtas raping thousands of Muslim women in Kashmir, blinding school children with pellets, abducting Kashmiri men who never return, killing young Kashmiri activist teenagers, oh and a full block lock down for a year now for millions of Kashmiri Muslims, removal of article 370. Not victims of course. - Gujrat riots where chai wala Modi was overseeing it with joy and banned from entering the US for his complicity. - Delhi riots where Hinduvta youth and policemen were attacking Muslim businesses and Mosques, killing Muslims. Not victims of course. - Over 800,000 Muslims forced to flee Myanmar through State sanctioned violence via the army, police and locals with reports of rape, throwing children on fires, outright slaughter. Not victims of course. - Over 1,000,000 Muslims locked in concentration camps in China, their wives forced to marry Han Chinese men, their children forced in to brainwashing schools that promote the State as God, forced to denounce their religion and any ethnic 'baggage' they carry from not being Han Chinese. Not victims of course. - The Middle East in general being a battleground for proxy wars where innocent Muslims end up losing their lives. Not victims of course. - Palestine. Not victims of course. - For at least 2 decades Western media has negatively portrayed Muslims and free speech is only applicable to anyone who demonises Muslims and 'critiques' Islam, for other groups such as Jews you barely say anything and you're finished 'Wiley'. Not victims of course. - Prevent in the UK and it's equivalent in America (forgot the name), Muslim children as young as 3 being reported to the police for possible 'extremist' thoughts or for wearing a Palestinian badge on a shirt. Not victims of course. - War on Terror, that completely made Muslims have a nice friendly image for their white neighbour. - BBC showing some more subtle love to Muslims. But you guys are under some strange impression Muslims are a protected people (right wing narrative whom ironically protect Jews at all costs) who the Government's want you to open your hearts to. Sorry but the evidence is stacked sky high against your conspiracy theories. You hate Muslims so much from all things you've been indoctrinated with from birth about us that any single thing which does not show a Muslim as the enemy/bad guy is considered an 'agenda'. Either Sikhi doesn't have a standard for justice and/or righteousness or you guys are sick twisted individuals, choose one. I'll leave you with this gem on the wall of Harvard Law School. And finally just some great tabloid headlines showing love to the Muslim community.
  11. Oh the old moving Mecca in his foot's direction trick, nice one lad. My personal favourite parts of SIkh history are the battles of 1 Sikh vs 10 gajillion Mughal armed with Nukes. Well since the best scholars couldn't convince Nanak do tell me lad what were Nanak's counter arguments? Is his Parchaar lost in time because I've yet to seeing anything of the sort, wonder if he told them about the 5 K's, oh wait he couldn't because it required 9 Gurus down the line to come up with that one.
  12. So no females in Panj Pyare and ALL 10 Gurus were male, couldn't 1 of the 10 Gurus be a female, come on. No divorce means a female can be stuck in an abusive relationship being beaten physically and mentally and your religion does not allow her a way out, not realistic at all and again lack of depth shown by whoever came up with not allowing it, misogynistic much. Don't think liberals or even conservatives would be happy about that. That's the crazy part roughly 200-250 years of 10 Gurus and the religion isn't deep what so ever, doesn't even have an argument to present the World for it's truthfulness. I mean it took your last physical Guru to even come up with the turban and uncut hair. You know yourself what took 10 Gurus to do could have easily have been done by 1, Nanak the founder doing parchaar, coming up with the 5 K's and everything else, not much to it. I'm starting to think Waheguru is an Indian supremacist, all 10 Gurus Indian, all 10 Gurus born in the Indian sub-continent, hmmm Tell me who is the leading Sikh Parcharik in the World, I want to see if I can find answers? Because clearly none of you here are capable of providing the goods.
  13. Glass house much, show me the logic in Sikhi? People use logic and rational to bring people to Islam but look who's talking, a guy who belongs to a faith he would never otherwise look twice at if he were not born in to it and has ZERO way of presenting it as the truth outside of 'feelings bro'.
  14. Who made the Prophet a prophet? Don't cop out by saying he made prophecies and that's why otherwise anyone can claim to be one but your religion states that he was a Prophet of God. So did Waheguru deliberately elect a deficient man to be a Prophet, if so why or did Waheguru not know the future? Half of your forum is asking me questions and you expect me to respond to everything, I have better things to do. This is a Sikh forum you should be answering my questions on Sikhi and teaching me your ways instead of asking me things mostly.
  15. As per usual my questions go unanswered or attempts are made to divert the questions with your own questions, I fully understand why Sikhs don't do interfaith dialogue, you'd be made fools by anyone half competent.
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