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  1. Kirtan in Gravesend, Manchester, Bradford , Leicester and Wolverhampton. Apologies for not updating the site for a very long time. Please visit: http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Best regards, info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  2. Many thanks to Jaggi from Coventry for organising and sending the information plus poster. Thanks again Jaggi jee.
  3. Big Kirtan Event in Coventry + Some others updated please visit http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Thanks info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  4. http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Please let everybody who can attend these locations Thanks info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  5. Dear all , Please check the website : http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ for more details Many Thanks to Jaggi from Coventry for the info. Thanks info@kirtandarbar.org.uk http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/
  6. Dear all, Please check the more updates on the site. http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Thanks info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  7. Dear All , http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ just been updated with few events please have a look and inform everybody. Coventry is having few good events in coming days. Thanks Info@kirtandarbar.org.uk http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/
  8. Monday 24 Nov 2008 - Sunday 30 Nov 2008 :::: Kirtan by Bhai Kuldeep Singh Ji Jawadi Kala Wale on Sat 29 Nov 2008 ::: Kirtan Darbar from 19:00 till 0:00. at Ramgarhia Gurdwara in Coventry for more details please visit: http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk Many thanks to Juggi again. info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  9. Nanaksar Gurdwara in Coventry Kirtan Darbar Wed 12 Nov 2008 Parkash Otsav of Guru Nanak Dev Ji For further information please click on http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Many thanks to Jagjit Singh Jaggi for the information and organisation of this event. Best Regards info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  10. Just updated the site with new programs please have a look please visit : http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk Best Regards info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  11. Bhai Sarbjit Singh Ji of Golden Temple, Amritsar in Coventry for Full week From 29 Sept 2008 to 5 Oct 2008. Further Information: http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk Best Regards info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  12. Dear all, Please inform everybody you can about this program. Sat 6th Sept 2008 ~ Kirtan Darbar in Coventry to support ~ Guru Nanak Blind Ashram in Phagwara Further information is on the site@ http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Many thanks to Juggy for the information. Best regards info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
  13. For Further info Check: http://www.kirtandarbar.org.uk/ Please inform everybody who may be intrested. Thanks info@kirtandarbar.org.uk
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