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  1. Life on planet Khanda is wonderful.

    There are plenty of beautiful places to visit. There is plenty of beautiful music to be heard. And plenty of songs to be sung. There is no death, people live forever. And the best thing is that people don't have to work - well, actually let me take that back - they have to work but only for five weeks of their lives.

    Let me explain...

    When a person is born, that person is raised by the family until the person is mature enough to work. At that point, the person is sent to work for only five weeks.

    Well, work is not your 9 to 5 kind of deal; rather, the person is left on a beach which has many shells, huge dunes of sand and many, many hidden diamonds amongst the shells and the sand. All the person has to do is collect as many diamonds as possible. The hard part is that many of the shells glitter just like diamonds. But with a little knowledge, they can be told apart quite easily.

    Needless to say, the person's life after the five weeks depends entirely on the amount of diamonds that person has collected during the "work" period. With the diamonds, the person can buy all kinds of good things and live very, very happily ever after. The wise people don't even sleep during those five weeks. They just collect all the diamonds they can get.

    But then there are some whose performance, shall we say, is not up to par. Some of these people become lazy and don't go to the beach for many days. Then there are others who don't go for an entire week. And some don't show up at all! There are others also, who go once in while, but just fill their pockets with shells and sands.


    pyareoooo gursikho,

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    This story is our story. Yes, yours and mine. When our soul is mature - ie conscious enough, we are sent as humans to dharam khand. Our main work here is to collect naam diamonds. Yes, there are many glittering shells:

    · fancy cars,

    · expensive dresses,

    · flaky stories like this one,

    · hot debates about what naam really is,

    · witty discussions about existence itself.

    And many dunes of sand:

    · lust,

    · anger,

    · greed,

    · attachment,

    · ego.

    But with a little gurbaNi reflection, we can easily tell a diamond apart from a shell. But despite knowing all this, what do we do? We goof off! We don't just goof off; we goof off big time!!! Each moment without naam is like an hour without work on planet Khanda. Each amrit vela that we spend without naam and in sleep is like a week without work on plant Khanda.

    The most amazing thing is that we will read this story, some of us will get moved by it. But come tommorrow amrit vela, we will hit that snooze button and drift off once again into dream land.

    My pyari, pyari sakhio, lets *** WAKE *** up.

    Not when we are 60 or 70 but NOW.

    Start naam simran tonight. Don't wait for tommorrow - it might or might not come. Pyare, let's not waste our precious moments on shells, lets get rich!!!!!!!!!

    waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru .....


    Haume is a gift as everything is in this world.Waheguru provided us with everything we need in this world, but then there are times when we go over board with things,

    e.g haume- putting it in context with an everyday singh, he follows gurus rehit but then when he sees someone not able to do the same things he can he becomes full of ego, thinking he is better than that person and then putting this person down while forgetting waheguru.

    So you see that too much of anything is a bad thing. Ego was put among this earth so that we could have the confidence do carry our actions out. Imagine if we had no ego, we would be hiding in corners afraid to live... so you see Haume is a gift as well as a curse... we must know how to control it... to have enough of it...

    And as for controlling it -do seva ,especially things like cleaning people's shoes, don't talk too much and never forget waheguru...

    Hope i answered ur questions

    bhul chuk maaf



    I don't mean to express religious hatred but everyones heard of the kaur to khan campain and one of the point of the islamic religion that concerns me is that they are allowed to lie if it is to another religion, so then even in court when puttin their hand one their "Holy Koran" they are allowed to lie...what does that say about them... don't you think that yh u can be their friend but they can be very false to you

    And neways its always been sed that you should stick with your own type of sangat... people that are gonna encourage you to most importantly jap naam.

    bhul chuck maaf

  4. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    Can someone kindly provide me with a link to Veer Manpreet Singh Jees' Keertan from Leicester Reansbhaeee Jan/Feb 2005/2006? One of the Shabads is:

    kb dyKau pRBu Awpnw Awqm kY rMig ]

    kab dhaekho prabh aapanaa aatham kai ra(n)g ||

    When shall I behold my God, and delight my soul?

    jwgn qy supnw Blw bsIAY pRB sMig ]1] rhwau ]

    jaagan thae supanaa bhalaa baseeai prabh sa(n)g ||1|| rehaao ||

    Even better than being awake, is the dream in which I dwell with God. ||1||Pause||


    This was previously on AKJ.org.uk, but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Does anyone have it downloaded?

    Thank you.

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh!

    I dont think you can find Veer Manpreet Singh on akj.org i think your thinkin of bhai manpreet ingh (kanpurwale)

    As for where to find it ...theres loadsa tracks on sikhroots

  5. Yhh course dilruba gives wicked sounds, but in my opnion every1s got thier own "sound" , some people prefer other instruments like taus cos of the echo etc, so the one that touches ur heart the most should be the one that you aim to learn really, cos thats the one thats gonna help you make more of a connection with waheguruuu. Dont just go for an easy option though, go for something your going to look forward to everyday :lol: even if its gonna take a lifetime to learn

  6. Dhan Dhan Gurmat Sangeet!!! :lol:

    Yh sarangis sound is wicked, but dilruba and israj easier 2 play, cos of the tennents and dat.

    Yh u can get saajes from india raj musicals, got mine for about 80 quid, so next time u no sum1 goin 2 india, go to raj musicals, supposed 2 do good quality stuff dwn der

  7. ooo yhh course.. RAAG ALL DAY WAY, along side chichis and their bros and sisters..

    we gots Ustaad Jujar Singh (Wolvesvale) and Bhai Anoop Singh ((ithink)bhamvale)





    Bhenji, I dont think you really realise what Ustaad means. Seriously, if went and called Jujhar Singh, an Ustaad, he would tell you he is not. That cannot be nimrita either, because the truth is the truth. If he was an Ustaad, he would say, everything is in gurujis kirpa.

    Im not picking on him or you in any kind of way, im just trying to say that the word Ustaad is highly revered. He will tell you the same himself.

    Well at the end of the day hes taught me- with kirpa, so doesnt that make him a teacher? So could u define what Ustaad actually means??


    Any1 got any good audios to:

    ang 394

    Page 394

    aasaa ghur 7 mehulaa 5

    Aasaa, Seventh House, Fifth Mehl:

    har kaa naam ridhai nith dhiaaee

    Meditate continually on the Name of the Lord within your heart.

    sungee saathee sugul thuraaee

    Thus you shall save all your companions and associates. ||1||

    gur maerai sung sudhaa hai naalae

    My Guru is always with me, near at hand.

    simar simar this sudhaa sumuaalae

    Meditating, meditating in remembrance on Him, I cherish Him forever. ||1||Pause||

    thaeraa keeaa meethaa laagai

    Your actions seem so sweet to me.

    har naam pudhaaruth naanuk maagai

    Nanak begs for the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||2||42||93||

    Prefer a raag version, but nothing to ra ra, or bad recording, and er cant seem to find the acapella jatha's version...



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