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  1. Camp Dates: December 25th to 30th, 2006

    Age: 8 & up

    Camp Fee: $100.00

    Program and Activities: The campers will learn Gurmukhi, Naam Simran, Nitnem, Gurbani Santhya, Keertan, Gurmat, Sikh Philosophy, Sikh history and practical way of Sikh living. Classes for learning Harmonium, Tabla and various other muscial insturments will also be provided. To sharpen the mind and body, yoga, gatka, sports, campfire and many other fun activities will take place.

    Baba Iqbal Singh Ji and Dr. Khem Singh Ji of Baru Sahib along with a jatha of music, gurbani and gurmukhi teachers from Baru Sahib will be present at the camp.

    Bhai Sukha Singh Ji and Bhai Roop Singh Ji will also be present at the camp!!

    For more information and forms: http://www.kalgidharsociety.org/camp/ATLAN.../atlanta-06.asp


  2. ok my turn! :D ive been addicted to........

    1) The Simpsons ( the tv show)

    2) Canadian Ice caps!!! ( get get enough! Unfortunatly i had to live all the way DOWN SOUTH in the states where there isnt any no.gifno.gifno.gif ..anyone living in canada,,dont hesitate to bring me one :TH: )

    3) kirtan...cant get enough of it either.

    4) lemonade, cake , and of course the wonderful HERSHEY CHOCOLATE hehe

    5) samagams..i go crazyyyy when i miss one :@ @


    theres a lot more but these are my main ones...

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