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    ~~~~{{{WHEN ALL OTHER MEANS FAIL, IT IS RIGHTEOUS TO RAISE THE SWORD}}}~~~~<br />_________________________<br /><br />~~SHEEP ALWAYS OUTNUMBER LIONS, BUT ONE LION CAN TAKE CARE OF THOUSAND SHEEP - BABA JARNAIL SINGH JI BHINDRAWALE~~<br />_________________________<br /><br />> To Each His Own<br />> I cannot change the way I am,<br />> I never really try,<br />> God made me different and unique,<br />> I never ask him why.<br />><br />> If I appear peculiar,<br />> There's nothing I can do,<br />> You must accept me as I am,<br />> As I've accepted you.<br />><br />> God made a casting of each life,<br />> Then threw the old away,<br />> Each child is different from the rest,<br />> Unlike as night from day.<br />><br />> So often we will criticize,<br />> The things that others do,<br />> But, do you know, they do not think,<br />> The same as me and you.<br />><br />> So God in all his wisdom,<br />> Who knows us all by name,<br />> He didn't want us to be bored,<br />> That's why we're not the same<br />________________________<br /><br />YOU ARE A SLAVE WITHIN URSELF BORN INTO THE BONDAGE::::BORN IN A PRISON THAT YOU CANNOT SMELL OR TASTE OR TOUCH::::A PRISON OF UR MIND....<br />________________________<br /><br />WAHEGURU JI<br />HE GIVES SUPPORT TO THE UNSUPPORTED. THE NAME OF THE LORD IS THE WEALTH OF THE POOR. THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE IS THE MASTER OF THE MASTER LESS. THE BEAUTIFUL - HAIRED LORD IS THE POWER OF THE WEAK<br />_________________________<br /><br />wjkk wjkf<br />Let my faith lead me to battle, I fear no death,<br />And If I fear death, then I got no life left;<br /><br />Coz Im a born warrior, and my Guru is by my side,<br />Inside, my Guru is the only command I abide;<br /><br />With the belief in my eyes, and the sword in my hand,<br />Cant nobody understand, how we protect our land;<br /><br />We were born to give, born to sacrifice, born to share,<br />We were born to protect, born to lead, born to care;<br /><br />The sacrificers, who have given up their souls,<br />For our future, who stood up against the cowardly moles;<br /><br />The fathers, sons, daughters, and mothers,<br />The brave soldiers, who didnt think twice as our brothers;<br /><br />Went into battle, to settle the score,<br />And I'll never forget what they died for;<br /><br />Coz I'm a Sikh, and I apreciate what that means,<br />And I'll never forget those unforgetable scenes....<br />wjkk wjkf

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Best wishes!

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