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  1. 1. Our Sukhsam sirar ( 2nd astral layer of body) is it jarr(void/cannot give energy on its own to itself) or chaitan (supported by atma) ? - Sant ji said, sukhsam sirar is also jarr along with panj tats/five elements, karan sirar(3rd layer of body) as well as maya. For example: All bulbs are dead without electric current, take all the layers of our body, maya as bulbs, an electric current being atma. Without atma, its all dead(jar). Sukhsam sirar is just subtle form of five elements we are made of- sky, air, fire, water, earth. And 3rd layer-Karan Sirar is even more subtle form of sukhasam sirar(2nd layer). 2. Shabad Guru talks about anand/paramanad/vismaad avastha, are they under anandmay kosh(sheat) or above than anandmay kosh? - Sant ji said, they are not part of anandmaykos, there are three types of anand- peraie, mod, parmod. a) Peeraie Anand - Peeraie anand would be for eg- Mother who just heard a news from a freind that she has seen her son, by listening to that - anand/happiness she gets thats peeraie anand. b) Mod Anand: When mother gets united with her son, that anand she gets by hugging her is mod anand. c) Parmod anand: When mother feeds her children, that anand she gets by that, thats called parmod anand. Sant ji said, all these three types of anand is also applied to spirituality for eg: - When we hear(sunan) har ki katha (katha of vahiguroo) we get peeraie anand. - When we apply(mannan) spiritual discourses to our lives we get mod anand. - When we act upon/contemplate(nidasan) on spiritual discourses that anand avastha is parmod avastha. Now above all three types of anand, state is called vismaad avastha, which cannot be explained or described, people call it by different names wonderful, sauban, vah vah. All the mantars means the same may sound differntly: some orders of christianity say it wonderful, some orders in jaudism its jewoh, for muslims its suban, for hindu its ascharj, our sikhs have- vahiguroo. There are two types of names of Vahiguroo- Kirtam naam - derived from attributes of God Akirtam Naam: Its one meaning that shared by all. All five koshas directly belongs to three layers of body- anmaykosh relates to physical body(made of 5 elements), pranmaykosh, manmaykos, vigyankosh belongs to subtle body(sukhsam sirar(made of 17 elements) and finally anandmay kosh belongs to karan sirar (made of illusion). All koshas exist in agyan avastha, in gyan avastha there is only one and one atma which is above all- 5 elements/5 senses/5 karam indraes/5 prans/5 koshas/man/chit/budh. 3. When we do dhyaan of atma, we get atam anand, does that also comes under anandmay kos? - Sant ji said, When we do shabad abhyaas, our mind gets directly attached to atma. Anandmay kosh which is through sukhopati avastha that is also supported by atma, however one is direct and ever lasting and other is indirect and depends on the change. for eg- In anandmay kosh which is through sukhopati avastha, son gets anand seeing her mother, hugging her mother, being fed by his mother but when mother dies, where is the anand? There is no change in atam anand, its one ras(without change) as compare to anand in sukhopati avastha which we see anand coming from materialstic things, human being which are not permanent. 4. Whats the best technique to take birthi(dhyaan) above from all the senses and koshas(sheats) into realm of atma? is it sitting in one place doing shabad abhyas along with nirgun upasana for hrs or with help of bibek buddhi start doing vichar on atma that atma is everywhere, all around us, in each of us while eating, sleeping, walking, talking? - Sant ji said, when birthi(dhyaan/concentration) is vulnerable to thoughts coming in and out as as result mind wandering in all directions then its recommended to sit in asan and do abhyaas along with nirgun upasana. When birthi (dhyaan) becomes solid/merges in atma then there is no need to sit in meditaiton, one can do vahiguroo dhyaan, nirgun upasana while by sitting, walking, talking, working. However, you see sant mahatamas who are in bhramgyan stage sitting down in samadhi, there is no need for them to sit and do dhyaan of vahiguroo they can fully do it while eating, sleeping, walking, talking. The reason they still sit in samadhi despite of their attainment of highest state so that their students doesnt go astray by copying their style. 5. When jaigaso dies who have all his/her life did prema bhakti, shabad abhyaas. However still couldnt quite get to jevan mukht avasta. At the moment of death, he/she passes away reciting shabad or simran. What will be his/her status after death? would he/she get vedah mukht avastha which is total merge with vahiguroo, not coming back to this world ? - Sant ji said, without jevan mukht, vedah mukht is not possible. Without bhramgyan, vedah mukht(total merge with vahiguroo) its not possible. If jaiagaso dies without reaching its desintation, jaiagaso will take birth in gurmukh family and continue its journey from the point, jaigaso left off. Sant ji said, even yogbrist (person who was in spirituality once but went astray) get a chance from vahiguroo to resume where he/she left off. ** Below questions are one of premis on sikhsangat.com 6. In Kalyug, can Sachkhand be attained without Khande Batte Da Amrit ? - Sant ji said, whoever did naam di kaamie from any bhek will attain sackhand. There are many ways to meet Vahiguroo, whosoever did naam kaamie after receiving spiritual discourses from saints will get to sachkhand. However, there is only condition, sant/mahapursh should be pooran gyanvan/bhramgyani. He/she could be from any matt, jatt/patt. 7. Did the devi/devtae (Krishan Bhagwan etc) attain Sachkhand, if so how, because in Bachitar Natak Guru Ji states they all got lost in maya and that why Guru Ji had to come? - Sant ji said, krishan maharaj is also avtar of vahiguroo, he is always in sachkhand. Wherever he steps, that place becomes sachkhand. 8. Are the bhatts/bhagats who have their writings in Guru granth Sahib Ji, actually the Devi/Devtae reborn and attained SachKhand through Guru Ji? - Sant ji said, guru maharaj took gurbani from bhagats who were mukht(liberated). They were mukht before sri guru nanak dev ji came in physical form. Vahiguroo is only one, vahiguroo is the one takes avtar from ages to ages. Some people call him narsingh, raam, krishan, sri guru nanak dev ji etc there all one. To see any distination or have any partiality is work of agyani pursh(ignorant ones) not aim or work of gyanvan bhramgyanis. **Below question to sant ji asked by one of premis on sikhawarneess.com 9. When vaikhiya of shabad surat dhun chela was done, you advised that surat in this shabad context came from sorotar akhar(word) when we recite japji sahib there is tuk- Manaie Surat hovaie mann buddh. In that tuk, guru maharaj is talkin about surati or soratar? - Sant ji said, whatever we hear thats surat gyan, in which medium you are hearing, eg- ears thats sarotar. When we hear, whatever we heard goes inside that becomes birthi. If you listen to bad lyrics, bad songs, materialstic stuff, birthi will also becomes materialstic, when we hear katha of vahiguroo, birthi will also become shud, will be attracted towards vahiguroo bhajan/bandagi.
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