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  1. That's maha paap! You need to go pesh immediately! Having someone's jhoot will reduce your abiaas. To be safe you should only associate with gursikhs and avoid company of non- amritdaris as God sees them as inferior or less blessed than amritdaris. I also try to avoid being within the same shadow of non amridaris as well! NB. I am joking plz don't take what I said above as serious. Relax your fine I assure you that God is not angry with you. LOL
  2. rom is not hair it means pores. Also women with excessive hair on their face or without are both 'LUCKY'. However it's not natural if a woman gets lots of hair on her face because it is associated with a hormonal problem. They should see a GP for medication as it can also mean they could have fertility issues as well...
  3. Where did you get that sakhi from about sant atar singh ji's mum. The only source I found that sakhi was from bhai rama singh ji's book. I've heard another version to that story, which that she never had to take amrit. Stories will be confusing and I say if you want to clear your doubts. I think the best ways are: 1) Doing naam simran yourself and reaching sackand 2) speaking directly to mahapuraks yourself
  4. I also agree with bhai mehtab singh ji as ultimately you must make up your own mind. However I have done a lot of research into this and what I will say is that Sant Isher Singh ji, Sant Nand singh ji, sant jagjit singh ji harokowale, a lot of taksaali elder singhs who have done sangat with taksaali mahapurakhs believe that you don't need to be a sikh to get to sachkand. However reading bhai randhir singh ji's literature I've noticed that he only believes that amridari sikhs can reach sackhand. Therefore over the years I have noticed that majority of AKJ hold his views. Therefore you will not
  5. Rather than answering your question let me ask you further questions. Possibly by asking you these questions you can come up with your own answer? 1) If only sikhs can achieve sachkand then what about the other 6 billion people in the world that are not sikh? 2) Do you think that there life is a waste because they never choice sikhi hence will never get true happiness (sachkand)? 3) Also I want to ask you personally mirror ji, what are your expectations about sachkand? What do you think sackand is? Why do you want to go there? 4) Also didn't Sant Jarnail Singh khalsa bhinderawale say th
  6. I haven't got the sources on me but I looked into some puratan sources that do indicate that taksaal was started by Baba Deep Singh Ji. So it is much more likely to have the correct santhia of gurbani than any other jathabandis. Not to say other jatha are wrong but to be safe and if you want to follow correct santhia taksaal is the way to go. I also have sources from other mahapurakhs NOT TAKSAAL ones lol that also indicate taksaal was started by Baba Deep Singh Ji. So if you want to follow gurmat as close as possible then learning from taksaal is your best option. Think about it some jathab
  7. Guru Sahib said: "O Mardana! The world is engrossed in material things. It is not aware of the g r e a t n e s s o f t h e N a m e . " M a r d a n a r e p l i e d : " O sovereign, but you advise and enlighten the people so much, and yet they do not understand and realize the importance of the Name?" Guru Sahib observed: " I t i s not in the i r de s t iny to obtain the Name . Without great good fortune, one does not find a Guru (Holy Preceptor) and without the Guru's grace, one does not attain the gift of God's Name. Bereft of good fortune are people wandering about.
  8. Does anybody have a link to their personal diary? I really want to read it!!! Here is a tribute video dedicated to sant ji. wahiguroooooooooooooooooooo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlnDPuL22xE Another great one! wahigurooooooooooooooo [mod note: polite request, please keep threads in the correct section.]
  9. Balee ji became amritdhari and was renamed Janak singh. He would do his seva diligently and recite gurbani and do simran. Unlike others, he didn't talk needlessly about gurmat, electing to keep in guruji's bhaana instead. One day he overheard Baba Jawala singh say "one's mind can't be controlled or stabilized without focusing on the guru". (Meaning one should focus on their guru when meditating). From that day on, Janak singh started focusing on Baba Jawala singh as his gurdev. Once as he was doing this, he fell to the ground, and Baba Jawala singh came running out of his kutya and brought Ja
  10. I think and also I could be wrong but satguru ji is talking about him and vahiguru having no difference in terms of nirgun form. Technically nirgun samadhi can not be defined in words as it is sachkand, it is not perceivable or conceivable. Many try to describe it but fall short as there is no form, shabad and it has no duality. From listening to sant Jagjit singh's katha he also clarifies what you asked that one will not go to hell if they call him vahiguru by not seeing his sargun body but seeing his nirgun saroop. (but the problem is to see maharaj's nirgun saroop you must be without ego y
  11. Only five singh Ji I highly suggest that you talk to Sant Jagjit Singh Ji yourself. You will get your questions answered so well that your doubts will get removed also you will benefit from meeting such a high calibre gursikh. If you can make the effort please try to see them. Otherwise try to pm N30 S1ngh if he can ask them or try to find someone else who can ask them for you. But I remember another gursikh who told me not long ago that when he had darshan of sant Isher Singh rara sahib wale he also said that krishan bhagwan was a avtar form of vahiguru himself as well. So I think it would b
  12. N30SIngh Ji thank you for these. I just wanted to point out that the link you provided http://www.sikhawareness.com/index.php/topic/13066-discussion-with-sant-jagjit-singh-ji-harkhowale-at-trip-to-toronto-2010/ has some inactive links on it. I can't seem to open the links on your first post on that thread References- Questions and Answers thread from Last few years from year- 2007-2009 - http://www.sikhaware...?showtopic=9824 - http://www.sikhaware...showtopic=10560
  13. 1. Our Sukhsam sirar ( 2nd astral layer of body) is it jarr(void/cannot give energy on its own to itself) or chaitan (supported by atma) ? - Sant ji said, sukhsam sirar is also jarr along with panj tats/five elements, karan sirar(3rd layer of body) as well as maya. For example: All bulbs are dead without electric current, take all the layers of our body, maya as bulbs, an electric current being atma. Without atma, its all dead(jar). Sukhsam sirar is just subtle form of five elements we are made of- sky, air, fire, water, earth. And 3rd layer-Karan Sirar is even more subtle form of sukhasam s
  14. Kabir discarded weaving and carding thread and became an ocean of merit. He became absorbed in the love of the lotus feet of God, whom he never forgets or puts out of his mind. Just as a fish cannot live without water, similarly, God's Name became an integral part of his life, his very 'life force' - 'A weaver of low family, he became an ocean of excellences.' That was not all, even those who kept his company or attended his congregations were transformed. One day, Kabir had gone out of home. A sufferer - some Raja (king or ruler), whose entire body was afflicted with leprosy and was giving
  15. The Four Stages of Meditation 1. First, you must set yourself to meditate. It’s a good idea is to do some pranayama (breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing) and yoga exercises first to get your body stretched out, relaxed and energized so that your body doesn’t distract you during your meditation, plus, the energy that is stimulated by the yoga will help you meditate much better. All the energy in the central nervous system moves through the spinal cord, so you have to sit with a straight spine – all the vertebrae lined up without tension, but straight. Shoulders relaxed. Tha
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