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  1. Benti in the charan of Admin. Could this post be pinned. Many thanks. Vairag Shatak Raja Bharthari lived in Ujjain Nagar around two and a half thousand years ago. He was born in a high kul {lineage} who was a vidhwan pandit {scholar}. He was fair and just towards all his subjects and as such was much loved by all the parja {citizens}. His father’s name has been recorded in Rajavali as Raja Gandarbh Sann but mother’s name has been omitted and it is written that he was in fact born to a dasi {servant girl}. The raja had been married three or four times already but when he heard the kirti {praises} of a mahan sundar rajkumari {very beautiful princess}, he married her too. The name of this rani was Pingla. Her magical beauty and gunn {attributes} captivated the raja in such a way that he became her gulam {slave}. Just as the commands of Noor Jahan had a hold over Badshah Shah Jahan , this was the same scenario with raja Bharthari. Pingla feared none since the king Bharthari was under her “spell”. She wandered around sutantar {independently}, without fear, and as such fell in love with the astbal droga {stable master}. The rani had a devarr {husband’s younger brother}, who considered his elder brother raja Bharthari as a father figure and the rani as a mother. He obeyed their every order with utmost loyalty. The maharajah had given him the post of Pardan Mantri {Prime Minister}, the duties of which he carried out with great splendour. His name was Veer Vikramaditya, he is the same Mahapursh {great soul} who later came to be known as the famous Maharajah Bikramjit. The samat calendar is still used in his memory even today. Vikramditya was the first to have suspicions regarding the vibchar {adultery} of rani Pingla. After much deliberation he finally informed his brother raja of the misdeeds of rani Pingla. The raja was so besotted with Pingla that he took offence and as such reprimanded his own brother for saying such a thing. The raja went as far as to say that it is because you are my younger brother that I shall remain quiet otherwise I would have had you hanged. The raja considered his rani to be the supreme satti savitri {a lady who was the epitome of high moral character}. When Pingla found out about this confrontation she began to show even more love towards the raja. After some days she made a request to the raja, “your younger brother Vikramjit is like a son to me and I have always tried to be a mother to him but he looks at me in a lustful manner. Any other female would have succumbed to his advances by now! It is me who has evaded this terrible situation. He has made every attempt to defile me, and not only me, he has in fact destroyed the satt dharam {purity} of many women in this kingdom. It was only a few days ago that he attempted to lure the noh {daughter-in-law} of the Brahmin with the assistance of dootia {maids etc.} but she like me too is a pattibratta {faithful woman} and as such resisted his intentions. I implore you to stay alert and be very wary about such an adharmi {unscrupulous} man. I do not want you to be in any danger from him.” Upon hearing this the Maharajah took every word to be the utmost truth. Then rani Pingla called the Brahmin and said “are you aware that the Maharajah is is in my total control and if you desire your well being then follow my instructions to the full. Go to the Maharajah and make a pukar {plea}, if you don’t then I shall have you tortured!” The Brahmin knew that the raja was totally smitten by Pingla and as such would only take her word against any other. “I will obey your every command” replied the Brahmin to rani Pingla. Pingla told the Brahmin ”go to the raja’s court and make a faryad {plea}! and when he asks you what is the matter, you reply that kumar{prince} Bikramjit wants to engage in immorality with my noh {daughter-in-law} and if you are prepared to allow this than I shall leave your nagar {kingdom} and go elsewhere. I cannot stand by and allow my izatt {respect} and istri dharam {chaste} to be destroyed in this way.” “Also remember that you must not succumb to the raja in any way!” Upon hearing this the Brahmin went to see the Maharajah the very next day and cried his dilemma {which the rani taught him} with immense reality. The Maharajah filled with krodh {anger} upon hearing his words. Without padtal {investigation} the maharajah immediately ordered the des nikala {expulsion} of his younger brother from his kingdom. Bikramjit accepted his maharajah brother’s edict with love, patience, and without complain. He immediately went home and gathered his family and promptly left the kingdom. At the same time another situation occurred. One day a Brahmin arrived in the raj darbar {king’s court} and began to tell the raja that “twenty five years earlier I made a dridh sankulp {strict devotion} to do tapp {endurance} in order to appease the Devta {deity}, the devta gave me an Amar Phall {fruit that gives eternal life}. I have come here with that phall, my wife won’t eat it herself nor will she let me eat it. She says that we are poor and persistent poverty will be harder to manage. We only desire death now so that we may escape our hardships. If we eat the amar phall then we shan’t die and as a result will have to endure more hardship. That is why it is my wish that you take the amar phall so that you can continue to rule your kingdom in the most benevolent way and in return you can give us wealth which will eradicate our suffering.” Upon hearing this from the Pandit Rajah Bharthari he took the amar phall in exchange for an abundance of wealth, which pleased the Brahmin immensely. The rajah didn’t eat this fruit himself but gave it to his beloved rani Pingla. The rani thought that it would be deceitful of her to eat the fruit, so when the rajah left she summoned her lover and promptly gave him the fruit. The lover did not eat the fruit either but gave it instead to his favourite prostitute. The prostitute accepted the fruit but began to contemplate her lifestyle “I have sinned all my life, destroyed many marriages etc. If I eat this fruit and become amar {eternal} then this is all I will endure {lustful activities}. It is better that I give this fruit to the Maharajah instead, in whose raj he has given me so many pleasures.” After contemplating this with all sincerity she presented the fruit to the Maharajah. The maharajah was first stunned upon seeing the fruit but then asked the vesvah {lady of the night} where she had obtained this fruit from? Upon being interrogated by Bharthari the veshvah told the whole story truthfully “Your astbal droga {stable master} is my mitr {lover}, he gave it to me.” The raja immediately summoned the droga {stable master} and asked how he became in possession of the fruit? The drogra fell at the rajah’s feet and narrated the whole scenario of how he engaged in immorality with his rani Pingla. As soon as the Maharajah heard the whole story, he immediately filled with nafarat {hatred} of the rani and the world in general. He became fully vairag {total renunciation}. He immediately summoned the maha mantri {prime minister} and said; “look after this raj {kingdom} I am leaving. Bikramjit suffered pains owing to my decision to expel him. Call him back and place him on the throne.” As soon as he had given these instructions he immediately removed the robes that adorned his body. He covered his body with a solitary sheet as he left to join Gorakh. Maharajh Bharthari first wrote “Shingar Shatak” and during his reign wrote “Neeti Shatak” and after attaining vairag {renunciation} he wrote “Vairag Shatak” in which he describes the state of his mind. “Vairag Shatak” Granth was written in Brijj language by the great scholar Kavi Pandit Har Dyal Ji of Choonia Nagar. The Punjabi translation has been undertaken by Pandit Naryan Singh Gyani.
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