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  1. An interesting article from the BBC…. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-63225177
  2. Many Gurmukhs have come into this world without being scammed by maya. 10th Patshahi was Dusht Daman previously, but did not get scammed by Maya. Anyone who adheres to the teachings of SGGS will not get scammed. Guru Nanak’s Sikhs will attain the status that even the above three could not reach…
  3. These three deities are created by the creator to carry out certain tasks. Some people worship them as God…but Gurbani states that these three have been scammed by maya. Anything scammed by maya cannot lead to mukti (liberation). Only the creator Akal Purakh can give mukti…
  4. This event was held at Gravesend Kent Gurdwara Sahib to highlight this special topic... Gurjit Singh Shokar lost his own brother through this issue. Dr. Sahota is a local GP in Gravesend. Please encourage your local Gurdwara Sahib to host this event... Waheguru...
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