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  1. The word ਦਰਸ Is an abbreviation of DARSHAN. Prefixing ਦਰਸ with a ਸ, would imply: WITH. DARSHAN. MAYBE ANOTHER POSSIBILITY..?
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HosQhDtLVc8
  3. There’s also NITNEM STEEK by Giani Avtar Singh, the grandson of Sant Gurbachan Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale. Amir Bhandar has been uploaded in a very good resolution too...
  4. Some people will claim that narak and sawarg do not exist... Well, when someone has a very unpleasant nightmare, is that not narak? The person is scared witless, and may even break out in a cold sweat with unimaginable palpitations. Yet in the nightmare, the mind has accepted the whole thing as realty... In the same way, after death, the mind’s anti Gurmat focus becomes fixed. Hence, the narak nightmare appears to be real...
  5. Arguing or disobeying one’s parents is only a paap, if they’re trying to teach you Gurmat, and you’re opting for anti Gurmat life style... If parents want to cut their child’s kes, force them to drink and smoke, and engage in other non Gurmat practices. And if that child argues and disobeys the parents or elders, and follows the Gurmit path. I cannot see that child going to narak for disobeying parents/ elders...
  6. Mankind is full to the brim with the desires of beautiful lusty partners. Full to the brim with desires of modern day horses (expensive sports cars). Full to the brim with desires of expensive and extravagant houses... There is no room for Bramh to reside....
  7. A person was full with an abundant amount that he had eaten already. Someone placed something very delicious in front of him, and instructed him to eat it. Since that person was full to the brim already, he just played around with it. He looked for any any lame excuse that he could use, in order to avoid eating it... When the mind is full to the brim with attachment to maya (the absence of the Jyot), the mind looks for lame excuses to steer away from Naam... Tge creator gives ample opportunities to receive Naam but alas, we have no room for it...
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