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  1. If someone is a simpleton, when it comes to worldly affairs, everybody will try to manipulate them. That is why it important to be aware of human nature. Even 10th Patshahi 52 Bachans instructs the Khalsa to be street wise. Just as Shastar Vidhya is important, so is Neeti vidhyia...
  2. It might be worth noting, that these scriptures say that: A woman’s intuition is twice that of a man. A woman’s sex drive is 8 times higher than that of a man. These scriptures talk about human nature. There are always exceptions to the rule, but the bottom line is to stop yourself from falling prey to Vibhchari women....
  3. Adhere to Gurmit, but at the same time, keep tougher exterior. If you give the impression that you’re soft, you’ll get shafted!!!
  4. Another method is to use metallic spray paint on the edges...
  5. Many new digitally printed, or otherwise, Gurbani or Gurbani related books, these days tend to have just plain white edges. so, to add a touch of colour, I decided to do some diy marbling. The photo shows the Granths after the marbling with ink... Waheguru...
  6. Does anybody know if PTC SIMRAN channel is available on UK Sky tv? waheguru....
  7. https://www.sikhvirasat.ca/Sanchi-Sahib-SriDasamGranthSahibJi-punjabi-Hazursahib-gurmukhi-Abchalnagarsahib-2vol
  8. SIMRAN alone cannot open the door, if we use tobacco, cut kes, and indulge in vices. Medicine only works if taken according to physician’s instructions...
  9. Rehat is the key to the door of Sachkand. The rehat was required even before 10th Patshahi. The oldest known Sanskrit scriptures mention: kes. The evils of tobacco. The misery of pre marital or extra marital intimacy. The consumption of flesh for satisfy taste buds. Guru Ji’s rehat is not unique to Sikhi. The Khalsa Panth rehat is ancient, ever since the beginning of time...
  10. If people of other religions, live their lives by following the principles of good moral behaviour, then these people will receive a good quality of life, in the next life. If a person wants to get in to Sachkhand, then they have to adhere to 10th Patshahi’s Sikhi, there’s no other route. Every era has their own maryada and rules. The maryada of this era, is that of Gursikhi, as prescribed by 10th Patshahi. Some people may ask, what about people before 10th Patshahi came to earth? 10th Patshahi’s maryada was always required. Look at the facts! Kesh were kept intact, by everyone, until a Demon minded king forced the kesh cutting of Brahmins, in order to rid them of their spiritual strength. Physical relations before marriage, or extra marital relations are forbidden in all scriptures. Tobacco is considered evil, even in ancient Sanskrit scriptures. Alcohol consumption and intoxicants are also forbidden in ancient scriptures. The killing of and consumption of animal flesh is also a punishable act in the court of the Dharam Raj. So, any deviance from the maryada will result in suffering. Any adherence to the maryada will result in sukh. The bottom line... If you want to get in to Sachkhand, Khandey di pauhal, and strict adherence to code of conduct is a complete necessity. Whether you take Amrit in this life, or the next life or lives, is up to you...
  11. The Sau Sakhi (part 1 and 2) by Partap Singh Mehta is the best to read. It is based on the oldest hand written copy. It is also in steek form. So clear meanings are given. The background to this Granth is also explained... https://archive.org/details/SauSakhi2
  12. In Sri Bachittar Natak, 10th Patshahi writes, that anyone claiming to be Parmeshar, will go to Narak...
  13. We have a written historical source, that states that, 10th Patshahi instructed Sikhs to Believe in SGGS as their everlasting Guru. Do we have any historical written sources, that state, Gadhi was passed on to another person..?
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