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  1. There’s a really nice serial on Netflix, for anyone who is interested....with English subtitles... After their death, the key characters are called by Dharam Raja to explain the roles they played in this epic saga... They all try to justify their actions... The questions asked by the Dharam Raja, are questions that arise in the mind of all of us... The reasons given are very interesting... Good actors in this serial, well played out... Draupadi is played by Kasmmira Irani... The men are portrayed without Kesh, which is such a shame. In the Mahabharata serials, and even in Ramayana, people had Kesh. Sri Ram Chandra and Krishna did not have beards, since they were Avtars of deities, but they did have Kesh...
  2. Famous Punjabi singer Sardool Sikandef passes away... https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/noted-punjabi-singer-sardool-sikander-passes-away-at-the-age-of-60-101614149805046.html
  3. Chaubis Avtar is also an ULATHA (transliteration of ancient Sanskrit). The difference here is that 10th Patshahi has written some things which are not mentioned in the Puranas. And not included all of the things that are written in the Puranas... Guru Ji gave the seva to a Pandit Scholar to teach the Khalsa Sanskrit or translations, but he refused on the basis that the Khalsa were not Brahmins or Khatris. Guru Ji told the egoistic pandit, that one day, pandits will come to the Khalsa for their education! Guru Ji did the ulatha of these Puranas, so that Khalsa could gain knowledge, and not be deceived by the cunning pandits who felt that their scriptures were more sacred, and that only Brahmins and Khatris could have access to them... For centuries, the so called priest caste manipulated society to fulfil their own needs. But after reading 10th Patshahi’s Bani, no one can be mislead! In these writings, Guru Ji gave Khalsa the knowledge that they needed to remain SUTANTAR (independent). Guru Ji omitted the lengthy translations, which go into far more detail. Guru Ji translated the warrior spirit, which was needed at the time for the Khalsa mindset. Guru Ji also showed, in his writings, the shortcomings of these Avtars, who folk regarded as PURE DIVINE.. Guru Ji draws comparison to the attributes to AKAL PURAKH, and these avtars. Thus opening the eyes of the Khalsa, to shun worship of deities, and to focus entirely on the JAGAT JYOT, that is inside of us, i.e AKAL PURAKH’S Jyot...
  4. The Mukti Nama is given by 10th Patshahi... The 52 Bachan are also given by 10th Patshahi... Balwinder Singh has written a fantastic small book on the 52 Bachan, where he shows the correlation between these instructions and the instructions in SGGS...
  5. I would just like to add the following: Sharda Pooran Granth was written by Bhai Mani Singh, when he asked 10th Patshahi, which Bani to recite in immediate hardships etc... Charitro Pakhyan is an ULATHA (Transliteration) of ancient Sanskrit Granth). Guru Ji wanted his Khalsa to be street wise and not naive...
  6. Courtesy of SmartSikhs tv YouTube....
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKmEHPxE04Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKmEHPxE04Y
  8. the last link in your signature doesn't work.

  9. Most Sikhiwiki articles would mention a source for their articles. This article does not show any source! Also, I’ve been lucky enough to listen to 10th Patshai''s history, from numerous sources. I have never heard this account from anyone. I have never read any of this in any books either. The fact that the article doesn’t quote a source, makes me question the authenticity of this article. The only adopted son by Mata Sundar Kaur Ji, is of Ajit Singh. Alit Singh resembled Sahibzada Ajit Singh. When Mata Sundar Kaur Ji came to know of all four Sahibzade's Shahadat. She wanted to adopt this Ajit Singh to remind her of Sahibzada Ajit Singh. Despite Guru Ji's advise against the adoption, Mata Ji still went ahead. And took him to Delhi, while Guru Ji left for Nanded. This account can be found in Sri Gurprtap Suraj Granth. Written by Choodamani Kavi Santokh Singh. By the way, Choodamani means...the most precious jewel in the Crown...
  10. Just one point to note here. Just as European scholars used Latin, instead of the modern languages of the time. In the same way, Indian scholars used Sanskrit, or Sant Bhasha ( language of the saints ). The ithihaas would’ve been passed down verbally. The scholar historians would’ve written it in poetic style...
  11. This Dohra is written by Giani Gian Singh. These are the words uttered by 10th Patshahi, before departing from their human form at Nanded...
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