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  1. The incident happened few days back. It was afternoon. Dad called mom , but mom was bathing after doing household chores , so she couldn't pick call. Then dad called my wife and asked her "What all has pantry run out of . Let me know." to which my wife replied "I don't know . Mom might be knowing" to which my dad got pissed off and said "How come you don't know ? you too work in kitchen. are you just there to eat" . My wife got sulked out of this and maintained the typical 'fat face' till evening. She could have ignored dad's scoldings and even learned from it . But apparently father in law is only good when he brings good things for her and he does always . When my mom asked her to go together to gurudwara in the evening, she replied with a rude "NO !" . Later that day when dad came home after a day of hard work, he again scolded my wife (but as her father) The thing is my wife has missed her monthly date and we thought she's conceiving . But she didn't tell me much about her stomach aches . It was kinda bearable for her, but on that night when she was scolded, she all of a sudden develops tough pains unbearable and moves around the bed as if in excruciating pain . I was shocked at the sudden development of her pain and was not prepared for it . Next day she calls her parents and says "I got infection in my stomach since several days and they're not getting me medicines" . Her mom dad prefered to call her aunt (who lives in same city as us) rather than calling my mom dad or me for first hand information. Her dad was apparently sobbing over the phone to her aunt "Please go take care for her" as if we're hitlers and torturing her ! Next day , she gets into petty arguments with non-stop arguments over my mom and my mom is crying to me over the phone while I am in office . I also talked to my wife to bring her to sense, but she has this heightened sense of 'entitlement' without displaying her own sense of responsibilites. She always thinks my mom is conspiring in my ears against her , but its never so . My mom loved her more than her mother can (remember the golden ring to chain thing ?) BTW, when my mom did emphasize to her how much we do love her and gold chain is just one example of it, she thought we're enumerating things now , and she would rather prefer not to wear such things as "ehsaan" did on her. She removed the gold chain and kept it somewhere . She accused my mom of not loving her as a daughter , conveniently forgetting half of her daily chores are done by mom just so that she can learn english and make-up courses which mom herself encouraged me to enrol her into . Later that day when I come home, I give her a convenient dressing down , but she as usual in her rude tone continued to speak in a loud volume , against me and my mom . The thing about my dad is he's doing a lot of earning for our family and supplementing my salary, to which we're certainly grateful to him . But at the same time, he tends to take my wife's side almost always. So our home ends up having two teams , one is me and mom , another is dad taking my wife's side. I called her sister and asked her, she was taking my wife's side and said "She's a child , so what if she does something bad. She makes mistakes" . But its all hypocrisy. When I talked to her parents, their pendu gavaar parents said I and my mom were at fault obviously and her mom told me "You took away our girl from us , atleast visit sometime. I will take my girl for 3 months. If you can't get her treatment, we will" I was flabbergasted by our image created in their minds. Next day her pregnancy test did come positive and we took her to a gynaecologist and spent several thousand bucks into her blood tests. But , oh we're so bad !!
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