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Found 4 results

  1. My partner passed away and i feel broken, i believe in the Laava we did at the Anand Karaj, but what now ? We were two souls as one but now she is no longer here, is her soul still connected to mine ? Also any paath I do will that help her ? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Waheguru
  2. Vjkkvjkf, What are some useful websites or places I can visit for a suitable gursikh partner. Specifically, I am a 24 year old gursikh male searching for 24 or younger gursikh match. Me and my family are all Canadian citizens and live in Ontario. I am also asking my local sangat as well but I would like to your suggestions as well. Thank you. Vjkkvjkf
  3. WJKK WJKF ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_gEIaV3lis Sangat Ji, sorry to post here i have lost my password and it was being extra long to retrieve it! But please check out this Sukhmani Sahib .. i have been listening to it for years it is genuinely SO beautiful. I was just wondering does anyone know who/which jatha is behind this beautiful piece of work? And is it often that path is done in this form? I encourage all sangat to listen to it fully! DHAN DHAN SHRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI DHAN GURU DHAN GURU PYAREO
  4. Guest

    I once had a dream where

    I once had a dream, short one, remember only bits.... I was in this huge hall, there was gold everywhere, the walls, the floors, the the huge cavernous ceilings. The hall was packed with Singhs and Singhnees all running around having fun. There were multicolored gatka Chakrees being spun, people playing gatka, and I say playing not learning shastar vidya because it was like a festival. There was only anand, not meditative but just pure happiness, joyous, bubbling. Everything was so colourful so amazingly vibrant, khalsa orange and blue all mixing with the gold background. I sat down in front of a vaja, with some people as well i think, and just started playing. I've never learned kirtan before so when the music sprang to life and my fingers played with intuitive ease I was even more happy. I think their was simran going on, I can't remember because its been so long since I've thought about this dream. I remember how much I wished as I slept again the next few nights that I could visit that place again. My bhag have been bad/good depending on your view since then. I haven't been as spiritual, infact I almost made a 180 turn. things look so bleak sometimes. I say bad because of the decreased spirituality, I say good because I've been saved from disgrace by those around me, so far, hopefully I haven't used up all of the kamayee from previous janams. Its all waheguru ji's bana I guess. But I really hate this maya jal, but then to hate something is to not except that it is a part of god, and therefore your rejecting that god is everything. And doing that will get you nowhere. It feels pointless sometimes........this atma and the jot hidden inside it............this drop of water can't mix into the ocean without being spared and given good fortune by the ocean itself. The point of this game is lost to me. It's like having a massive basketball court with no hoops and very few people have a ball. And its only when the court decides certain people have a chance they are allowed to shoot, and even then it may not go in. I just felt like sharing what I was feeling.
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