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Found 3 results

  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Please someone shed light on the following situation: I understand that waheguru ji is everywhere. This is what I feel: when I go to gurughar to do ardas, most of the times my ardas is accepted and when I do from home, sometimes ardas is not accepted. This makes me believe that i need to go to gurughar to do ardas in order to fullfill the ardas wishes. Now, here the problen is, I do regular path and ardas at home and when something is important, i do ardas at home and go to gurudwara sahib to do the ardas and if i don't do that i feel something bad will happen and my wish will not be fullfilled. Sometimes the list gets so big, i had to write it on a piece of paper and look at the paper while doing ardas at gurughar. Sometimes I get frustrated because sometimes there is hukumnama, sometimes ardas happening, sometimes sukhasan, sometimes there is a big crowd (lineup) that I can't peacefully stand and do ardas and wait until everything is over. Also, i think if I do full ardass (means like the way the pathi sahib do), that's the only way fullfill my wishes. I think if I don't do full ardas and simply request for my wishes to be fullfilled (point to point talk without full ardas), waheguru will not listen and won't grant me those wishes. This all is driving me crazy with frustration and mental peace. is it real that only ardas has to be done at gurughar to be fullfilled or it can be done anywhere anytime? Kindly advise what should I do and please guide me to the right path.
  2. Hi, When we do ardas for someone else does it take away our 'kamai' Are we ment to do ardas for others? or should we do ardas for ourselves only ie our milan with waheguru? I would like someone to really expand on the points above.. Thank you in advance to those that answer.. Gurfateh
  3. A brother recently asked me to post this as he is having troubles posting for some reason. 30 years ago I lady who we know was very upset about her husband and his rum. She did beanti to sister of a very famous sant ( I don't remember his name)and she was told to do sukhimani sahib paath for one year and her husband will quite drinking. After about ten months he quit and wife stopped doing paath, shortly after husband started to drink again. Same Sant reminded her about one year of paath. She completed it and her husband took amrit. Recently one of my relatives from India got hooked on herione in punjab, he was checked into addiction centers two times and last March was on drugs for a third time. I mention to his wife to do one year of sukhimani sahib paath. Today we got a surprising phone call that he is now amritihardi sikh. I thought I should pass this on to everything here, this is only my thinking and i could be wrong but it is worth a try. "one year of sukhimani sabih paath will help a loved one beat addictions"
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