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  1. Sat Sri Akal Sariyaan nu. I am at a bit of crossroads in my life and needed some guidance from people here who might be more knowledgeable and experienced than me. I am 28, I am not very religious , like I very rarely do path,but I do try to uphold the values of Sikhi and apply it in my life wherever I can. I suffer from male pattern baldness, so much that so that I pretty much have lost my hair on the front and top. This used to bother me somewhat but since I wear a turban, it was not that noticeable to people. Recently however a lot of my relatives , most of who are practicing sikhs themselves, joke sometimes about my receding hairline and comment that I should marry fast before I lose the rest of it too. My sister even recommended shaving my head off but to continue tying the turban. I have talked to doctors about possible treatments. They recommend rogaine and Minoxidil, but they require multiple applications per day, which require like 30 mins, and this seems redundant to me as I tie a turban anyways. Hair transplant doesn't change the volume of hair so the joora pretty much remains the same. And doctors mentioned if I tie a turban you will lose the transplanted hair in a little while. I am crossroads in my life and I have decided to make my choice now and accept it and live with it. These are my options as I see it Accept my natural hair loss, and continue living my life as a Sikh. Shave off my head and continue tying a turban. Get a hair transplant and apply rogaine on my hair to try to grow them back and stop tying a turban. I am inclined to go for the first or second option because being a Sikh is part of my identity at this point (at least externally), that it is really hard for me to live with out one. At a personal level I can accept my natural hair loss but the attitude of some of my relatives and family concerns me. I can justify to non sikhs(I live outside of Punjab) my choice to keep hair despite growing bald as part of my faith, but if people who are sikhs themselves make fun of it, I am a bit concerned. How common is hair loss among Sikhs? How do we justify keeping hair when we are growing bald. How will my future wife feel about balding hair and my justification to keep it. How can I grow accepting of my situation and continue to live with it. My logic for sikhs keeping the 5 k's has always been that is a form of symbolism , similar to an army uniform, and wearing it helps you keep disciplined and ease into the way of life expected from a Sikh, similar to how a army man would feel empowered and responsible wearing an army uniform of his country, while he may not feel the same in civilians clothes in a civilian setting. Symbolism is at the core of human psychology, and I have always apprectiated the khalsa even though I am not a Amritdhari Sikh myself I guess people's views affect me a little, cause at some point in my core, I do find it a bit ironical to keep hair while you are almost bald, and I am struggling to come to terms with it. If keeping my hair does not feel empowered as a Sikh, but rather I worry about it's thinking, should I change the situation or my thinking about it.
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