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Found 3 results

  1. Go through this motivational channel for counselling Channel link https://www.youtube.com/c/LifeCoachGurpreetSingh Some Quick links for your reference Life coaching explainer https://youtu.be/mrTApyRA4fk Mental Health awareness playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av0u92r9rcnvi-AtyzsZhgSi Webinars Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6tAtaoa5Av3-RbcN1pGKhFg7IihXVmIn For more info visit website www.lifecoachgurpreetsingh.com
  2. Sat sree akal....this is Dev Kamal Singh from j&k. I am new to this group and have a topic to debate..how are gurdwara prabhandak committees helping our religion...40% gals from our religion are marrying non Sikhs.....soon this could reach 70% if we don't act about this......with all due respect so called liberals within our religion and those having affinity towards Muslims need a wake-up call...hello guys aren't these guys the ones who killed our gurus with so much brutality.... they do mischievous acts with our girls. They blackmail our gals marry them raise kids I mean filthy Muslims Nd then leave them. It is the duty of parents to teach their kids Nd ensure their daughters marry Sikh turbaned guys ...that is the only way religion will grow Nd prosper.... one more thing I would really appreciate if someone tell these jathedaars to not only sleep on our hard earned money....register each Nd every Sikh on a portal ...start their counselling....count our numbers which are dwindling so fast....Nd now gals marrying non Sikh guys.....time for fast action Nd introspection.....parents hv to look whom their kids are getting behind their back .... counselling has to be right...I think my message is being conveyed.....just a simple exercise take a sample of 20 Sikh girls around yourself....hv a look how many of them marry Sikhs.....how many Sikhs do drugs .....reasons behind that....no jobs ......high time save Sikhi....only we can do it.....I m myself 29 years old Nd I think Sikh youth have a high responsibility
  3. A true Sikh knows that in this world their only true friend is Waheguru. However, I am not a true Sikh, but have only recently embarked upon this path with more devotion than ever; not that my devotion is of significant amount. This means that I know my only friend is Waheguru, but at the same time, I am not at such a stage or level where I am so connected with God that I am always happy, always in high spirits. I would appreciate the opinions of the online Sangat regarding counselling. Mentally, I've gone through many different highs and lows. It used to be manageable but this year my thinking has changed a lot and I am no longer able to keep everything to myself. I have never had someone there for me to talk to, apart from a few particular friends recently. But I have never felt worse and I want to see a counsellor as I feel as though it'll help. I am however battling myself because I feel as though as a Sikh I should be stronger and concentrate on Naam and Gurbani to help me become stronger and better. But I am a human with feelings of loneliness, and want to improve and move on now. I've kept everything in for too long now, and I feel as though now is the right time for me. So Sangat Ji, what are your thoughts personally and/or other thoughts you have heard when it comes counselling and Sikhi? Are there any 'cases' you know of that you can share? I feel as though I am not the only one wondering this, so please share your thoughts for everyone else too. Thank you Forgive me
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