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Found 3 results

  1. From what I understand Sachkhand is a state of mind and a spiritual realm, so when everything is destroyed, where does Sachkhand and other realms go?
  2. https://news-communique.com/index.php/2019/11/10/gurudwaras-of-pakistan-systematic-destruction-by-islamist-radical-pakistan/
  3. A vicious and highly toxic gang feud in South London has already led to the deaths of dozens and independent investigators reveal that the true death toll could run into the hundreds. The gangs, one of them calling themselves the 'Surgeons' and other the 'Consultants' showed no regard to the safety of the public as they continue their feud. It is not known if a different sort of education system would have prevented these gang members from exhibiting this sort of behaviour but the female leader of one of the gangs, Marjan Jahangiri, was unrepentant as the authorities couldn't pin anything on her and had to reluctantly let her continue her gang activities. One source told me it was the class system of the British educational system that was to blame for creating this sort of toxic activities but another said most of the gang members were from the Indian sub-continent so it could be that they have brought their feral behaviour with them from there. Wanting to be see to be something about this gang problem the government blamed the type of music these gang members listen to and will shortly announce a ban on Bethoven, Mozart and Bing Crosby whilst the Met will put together a special taskforce to tackle the problem head-on. Meanwhile community leaders will try and arrange a truce between members of the Consultants and the Surgeons to try and put an end to the deaths. One mother, who's son had died at the hands of one of the Surgeons said "when will the deaths stop" after I told her to say when will will the deaths stop. A facebook search of one of the Surgeons gang-members shows him blatantly posing for a photograph with a sharp instrument whilst other members of the 2 gangs had posted images of themselves next to their expensive cars and exotic holidays. One insider, who didn't want to be named, said it was this rich lifestyle that is encouraging young kids to go on and become members of the Consultants and Surgeons gangs. "Kids are drawn to it" he said after I told him to say kids are drawn to it. "When will the deaths stop" the mother said again, not realising that I only required her to say it the once. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/radical-shakeup-to-clear-dark-force-from-london-hospital-a3927026.html
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