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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Dream, babaji

    if guru nanak dev ji comes into ur dreams and tells u something about ur future and give you his blessings, would dat dream come true?
  2. I have noticed that I have more lustful dreams after I have got into the habit of getting up for Amrit vela. I’m actually married too. *edited* Why is this? I hope it’s washing away sins, as I’m not even feel lustful in the day time whilst awake? —— As a separate issue, I always have day dreamed romantically since younger about a man who I’ve never met. Now he’s even come into my dreams. I can’t explain how real this person feels. Do you think this one is more of a psychological problem rather than spiritual? (I am a bit telepathic/see things before they happen in general).
  3. Whenever I do simran before going to bed even for like just 5 minutes I have the most disturbing and disgusting dreams which makes me feel horrible when I wake up in the morning. It happened to me a couple of weeks before when I did around half an hour of simran then I had a very unpleasant dream then it really put me off simran, then I did it last night and it happened again. How can I stop this please help me sangat ji. I don’t wish to reveal the dream as it’s so shameful and disturbing I don’t understand why this is happening. It only happens after simran not after reading bani. Please help.
  4. Guest

    A dream I once had

    I always end up thinking about this dream I had it was strange and yet very interesting at the time of this dream I was very young, I didn't know much of our religion but I always admired our Gurus and wanted to learn more, I believe I was around the age of 5 or 7 I recall the sky being black as if we are in space with many stars and yet I recall it being purple with waves, a grey stone building I was inside and a portrait of Guru Gobind Singh ji We spoke about the future I don't remember most of it but i do know before we spoke a Deep powerful voice saying something like this "I'll appear in a form you will be most comfortable with" and that's when Guru Gobind Singh ji started speaking. At the time I felt as it was Guru gobind Singh ji speaking but now I think it can also be God who went in the form of Guru gobind Singh ji that was the dream I can never forget another strange thing is that I bought a painting of guru gobind Singh ji when I was like 10 to 12 in a silver palace throne room he had silver clothes and a bird on his hand whenever I think about that dream I alwaya visioned it being in his palace, has anyone else dreamed of God speaking to them or Guru ji? The conversation about the future and my opinion on the world and the rest I have forgotten. I'm on mobile so my grammar or sentence structure isn't topknotch does this dream have a meaning? I recently decided to research even more about Sikhism and become more religious
  5. I sometimes have dreams where i'm kind of scared, something may have come towards me like a spirit or a force and i'm screaming Waheguru, i sometimes wakeup saying Waheguru, they always feel sooo real and the fright I feel is a emotion so high that I don't feel it in situations in real life. could it be i sense negativity when ts coming towards me or is it me crying for help? i use to be clairvoyantish telepathic not as much in recent years
  6. I know this will come off as very strange, I am not sikh but absolutely love the religion out of all others. My first introduction to Sikhism was in grade 10, but my teacher did not really have my attention nor did she really teach much more than the 5 k's. I don't think I remembered anything and a few years later I would have a dream. I believe in past lives and feel that this dream was of a past life. But I can't put the pieces together and hope someone will know or maybe have an idea. So hoping people will have an open mind with me. In 2004 I dreamed I was in a war, i was still female and holding a sword on horseback. I felt very angry and emotional. I remember seeing dirty white horses with men on top holding yellow flags high into the air as we went into battle..But at the same time, I question if we were intending to battle, or if we intended to gain victory by getting to a certain territory. Regardless, I remember feeling hatred for the brits. i have never felt such a strong emotion of hate in my current life. I am in reality half european, my mom being born in England. I am also French and Aboriginal. But in my dream, I had a man who was without a horse attack me and i tried to hit him with my sword. i did not stab him, but I think used the side..So I don't think I was trying to kill him, but defend myself. It didn't work and I thought my life would be over when he attacked again, but another man stabbed him through the head. The man who attacked me was bearded. Which I couldn't later understand. I don't think Europeans were bearded people. At the time ofthis dream, I didn't know anything about sikhism. I had met a girl online who i knew was sikh recently and so when i told her my dream, she thought the yellow flag was the sikh flag and she told me women fought in sikh wars. That's when I started to learn more and eventually visited a gurdwara. But If it was a sikh war against the brits, i wouldn't have been attacked by a man with a beard? Brits never really had facial hair sporting. Is there any time period to explain this? One where I may have been fighting someone else, but still in a time period that brits influenced? I'm not much for understanding everything but would like to. Thank you for those who won't think I'm crazy
  7. Wjkk Wjkf, I would appreciate if the sangat here could help me out as I don't know where else to post this. Recently, a close family member of mine has been having dreams of car accidents for the past few weeks. Every night it is the same dream of a car becoming out of control and the brake doesnt work. Recently the family member had a dream in which they were dead and were pleading to do paath. It is usually the dreams of car accident which is more frequent. Now this family member of mine is amritdhari but has failed to keep rehit. I won't go into much detail but all my pleas to convince them to do paath are in vain. I am unsure of what to do. I think there is a strange meaning behing the dreams and I am scared that it will come true. Any advice please?
  8. Guest

    Ghost Dreams

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh When maharaj blessed me with amrit I used to regularly read bani and do my nitnem. I frequently started getting ghost dreams. Unfortunately due to circumstances I stopped doing my nitnem and I stopped having any ghost dreams. However I have started doing my nitnem again with maharajs blessing and I have started to get ghost dreams once again. Could this mean anything or am I just overthinking. Thank You Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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