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  1. Guest

    truthful living

    Honesty is central to Sikh ethics. But I do not see that promoted anywhere. All I see is 'earn money honestly', which is only part of the picture. Every knows the quote of Guru Nanak Dev Ji: "Truth is the highest virtue, highest still is truthful living". In Sidh Gosht, Guru Nanak Dev Ji also explains that 'Truth (God) loves (is drawn to) the Truthful (i.e. honest/pure hearted people)'. Truthfulness means honesty in our speech, thoughts, actions and intentions. I see that honesty is not valued among people these days. They think that e.g. 'white lies' are acceptable, that cheating for self gain is ok - (that if "nobody gets hurt" its ok to lie, but thats not true). Leading double lives, deceiving people about their intentions, etc. I find that people think that lying is necessary part of the modern world, is practical, is a means of fulfilling base desires and plans. Sometimes people lie out of fear or embarrassment, but why do you want to be a slave to such things? People lie, and yet I do not think anyone likes being lied to. So why do it? Being honest doesn't need a reason, yet lying needs a reason. Also, it becomes like a habit. By lying, I think so much misunderstanding and unpleasantness is created. Honesty is like an 'inner bath', it cleans your mind. It gives you all the good virtues like humility, kindness, strength. It fuses your inner and outer world, so brings peace, sincerity and integrity to you character. It is the wellspring of intelligence, wisdom and sincere devotion to God. It keeps you on the straight path. Most importantly, it exposes the Truth to you. There are many types of honesty. Honesty in our words (not telling a lie). Honesty in our actions (not deceiving people by them). And honesty in our thoughts- which means being honest with ourselves, within our own minds (for example, admitting to ourselves when we have done something wrong, or have ulterior motives in doing something). Honest self-reflection also makes you a better person. Then there is also dishonesty in the form of hypocrisy, like presenting something outwardly that is different from what is going on inside. An example is sitting down to 'pray', when internally thinking of worldly matters. By the way, by honesty I do not mean walking down the road with a megaphone confessing all your deep dark secrets, or broadcasting all the personal the things that your friends tell you, or using 'being honest' as a guise to hurt someones feelings. What I mean by honesty, if the absence of dishonesty.
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