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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Anger/swearing/ dream

    Hello Everyone, Firstly may I just mention I'm not a gursikh but I am a sikh punjabi, who doesnt eat meat or egg anymore, I've started doing amrit vela paath only recently and am trying to get on the right path, so I hope its still ok for me to carry on as im not sure if this site is only for gursikhs. I wanted to come on this site especially to get gursikh views from a religious point of view thats all. My issue is I cant stop from swearing in my head at my husband! I have tried so many times to tell myself I'm only making it worse for myself, i do try to listen to path as much as i can but as soon as i stop listening i get upset and those swearing thoughts come back. Ive been married 14years, my husband is an only child, ive always lived with my inlaws, i have always supported my husband and his family mentally as there was many problems within his family, we have a lovely 10year old daughter. In june 2016 my husband was caught cheating with many romanian prostitutes by his own family, he then left home last year january without telling anyone, so its been a year since he left our daughter and me at his parents home who have kindly kept us at thier house. He hardly ever sees our daughter and fobs her off with lies, hes swears at his parents and says if he has 20different marriages they should stick by him, i just dont know what happened to him or who he's become. My husband and i are joint partners in our business which he threw me out of in june 2016, but the worst part the lies he tells are out of this world, the lies are what make me so angry that then leads to swearing, he denies everything and yet i have all his pictures his phone messages but he still says its not him. I never swore before any of this happened, i always did what i was told to do, we had a love marriage, so i have so many unanswered questions and i cant get closure from him as he denies everything. My question? My fatherinlaw always says this is what is in our kismat, so does it mean i deserve whats happened to me, are were paying the price for our wrongs doings in previous lives? Regarding the swearing in my head, how can i stop this coming into my thoughts, as i dont want to be this angry human as its not my character, is there a different paath i can do? I did go gurdwara today and that was the only place i felt at peace and no swear words came to mind. Im not suicidal, i do have counselling and im not blaming life i just blame my husband for the pain and embarrassment he has caused all of us. Lastly something that has always bothered me, at the age of 12/13 years i had a dream and i remember it clearly, i was dressed in white sitting down with mirrors everywhere, sat next to me was me, so basically i was sitting next to myself she looked the same, she looked at me and said on the 12th of January you will die but she never told me what year, im now 39years and it still bothers me. From sikhi point of view do we believe in dreams? Was this a warning? And yes many dream of people dying but i wasnt dead she told me my death date. Thank you everyone for your time And all views will be really appreciated. Ps. i hope i havent offended anyone in anyway
  2. Wjkk wjkf if you do a sadharan paath for a gurpurab do you have to do bhog the same day as the event or can you do it a few days later for example if I do a paath for dashmesh Ji's gurpurab which is on the 23, is it ok if I do bhog on 25 or 26 thank you
  3. Guest


    Hi there I'm a Sikh girl and I'm a non amritary, I have recently been thinking about how non amritary males no longer keep there virginty and therefore I do not want to be a virgin if my future husband is not . It's not right I think how women should stay pure when majority of men are not . Yes it is a sin but so is me cutting my hair and if God can forgive me for that can he not forgive me if I lose my virginty . Yes they are completely different things but as a women why should I stay pure as a non amritary Sikh if my husband in the future that I know for a fact will not be as it is highly unlikely for a non amritary man to still have his virginty when he wants a love marriage ? Surely God can understand the fact that I shouldn't stay pure to give my future husband the gift of me being pure if he cannot do the same because no non amritary man stays virgin after uni .
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