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  1. Guest


    Vjkk vjkf sangat ji, My question is that , Me and my fiancé have been engaged inside gurdwara sahib, or you can say the ardas has been done which we also call “Roka” has been done. Now the question is that as we have accepted in front pf guru sahib that we are gonna marry each other and spend our life together, can we kiss each other or make out? i know we are still not married but it’s just a thought that arose inside my mind. Please clear the doubts. Answer: No, you cannot. All is ok once Anand Karaj has been performed.
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Wahguru ji ki fateh sangat ji Please note this topic is not for children or young adults. I am hoping for some guidance/advice from fellow parents. Our eldest daughter recently got married and thankfully me and my daughters have always had quite a close bond. We tend have regular girl talk and always share any difficulties we may face. So as I was saying our eldest recently got married - she asked me a question that was quite sensitive - regarding the intimacy between her and her husband. Basically, my daughter asked me whether certain sexual practices between husband and wife were forbidden in Sikhi? I told her fair and square that I honestly did not know. I said all I do know is according to our maryada husband and wife should never be unfaithful outside of marriage and the relationship between husband and wife should be respectful and honest. I explained how we should try to refrain from too much Kaam as it wouldn't be good for our jeevan. A Gursikh couple should try to aim to better each other towards Gurbani and maryada. But my daughter said that they try to read as much Baani as possible and refrain from the 4 kurets but they wanted to explore intimacy as a couple at different levels. Embarrassed as my daughter felt when I asked her to explain what exact practices did she mean? She did tell me but I don't feel it would be suitable for me to mention them here (young Sangat)... My daughter explained that she and her husband like to keep things alive intimately to avoid things from becoming repetitive, boring and mundane (much like our generation! haha) but were still worried if they do not want to break their maryada... We had a bit of a chuckle as I did say that our generation regarding marriage and intimacy was very different and now the world is much more modern I can only imagine relationships and couples have evolved too. So benti to fellow mums/parents could you advice me what the answer to this question is? Seeing as children nowadays tend to experiment a lot more intimately in a marriage what is the maryada? Are there any intimate practices Gursikh couples are to refrain from or is all fine between couples? I do apologise for talking about this subject so openly but I really am stuck as I find it difficult to ask friends or other family members for advice...Thank you all. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh ji
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