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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    love some one

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh im a sikh boy loving a hindu girl i cant live without her plz help me waheguru ji . i want to marry with her only please waheguru ji do something i cant live with her
  2. Hi I am hoping that you can give me some advice on this topic. I've developed feelings for a guy I've known my whole life, he feels the same way. We want to get married but the only problem is that his Dad and my Dad are from the same village back in India. How much of a problem will this be and why? I don't fully understand the issue as we live in the UK and we don't have the same surname. We've been friends for years and this is a much deeper emotional connection (not based on lust - as that's where we agreed to draw the line). We have tried to forget each other several times but this
  3. Sat Shri Akal Sariya nu. I am a sikh and i met a girl(sikh) a month ago and i love her and so does she. we are kinda great match n similar in many aspects. we understand each other so well. Everything was going well and i told her once to tell her mom about me because i did not wanted that she should meet me by lying to her mom n come hiding every time to meet me. Basically i didn't wanted that she looses her mothers faith in her(thats whats most important in a daughter and mothers relationship). So she did tell her mom and first everything was okay and her mom told her after knowing my caste
  4. Sat Shri Akal ji.. i love a girl whose family is sikh , even she's Amrit thari(chhulla basically). And my family is arora , we basically go to gurudwara sahib , we even do path of japji sahib and we also go to madir. Basically we follow sikh religion , though am not the true sikh because i don't have long hair and wear tuban , but what i believe is " kite pandit kre bakhan, kite monna thari lave thyan " i really wanted to marry this girl , she also love me very much , we are in relation from 3 years, but we hav'nt done anything yet because we want that " whatever we'll do , we should do
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