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Found 3 results

  1. And so we find ourselves at the exclusive number one spot on the Billionaires Australia list of the greatest conquerors in the history of the world. And the man who resides atop of this list is Hari Singh Nalwa. The Greek writer Euripides is famously quoted as saying: Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head. Hari Singh Nalwa is a testament to this; the man defied the odds time and time again, affirming his reputation as a truly legendary military leader. There is a magnitude of reasons why he warrants the top place on this list and one of them is that he achieved so much with so little; whereas many of the aforementioned conquerors had the benefits of vast resources, Hari Singh Nalwa, part of the illustrious Uppal family, relied on ingenious tactics and unparalleled courage to defeat much larger armies. He lived from 1791-1837 and was the commander-in-chief of the Sikh Empires army. His military campaigns throughout the Middle East brought order to turbulent areas and suppressed various uprisings. Despite having much smaller numbers, he defeated armies across India and restored the territories to the Sikhs. Most famously, he became the only man in history to take the Khyber Pass the mountain path that connects Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is a truly remarkable feat that illustrates his strategic brilliance in battle. In 1804 Hari Singh Nalwa was attacked by a tiger while on a hunt. Refusing the help of any of his fellow hunters, the great leader tackled the beast with his bare hands and broke its jaw, killing it instantly and earning him the moniker Baagh Maar (Tiger-killer). There is not a military leader in the world that has not heard about and studied the exploits of Hari Singh Nalwa. He remains a revered military figure who defeated his adversaries time and time again without the help of a giant empire behind him. If youre intrigued to to know just how such a small group of men, lead by Nalwa, were able to defeat great armies, Billionaires Australia would like to invite you to learn a bit more about the strength of both mind and body that these men boasted. Nalwa was known for popularising certain martial arts which helped to train these men to be perfect warriors, with the discipline and strength to do anything they set their minds to. These skills have been passed through the generations and are still practiced today. For the rest of the article and videos: http://www.billionairesaustralia.com/10-greatest-conquerors-history-world/
  2. Seeing NATO'S and USA'S surrender of their Afghan campaign, although kudos to the fact that they gave Islamic radicals a taste of their own medicine, I have decided to do a short article on Hari Singh Nalwa's conquest of Afghanistan. Presently I am doing an article on Nalwa himself, and would love to do a second one on his exploits in Afghanistan. I would like to incorporate and answer the following points in my article: - What makes Hari Singh's conquest of Afghanistan so different from prior conquests lead by the Macedonians and the Marathas? - What political, social and religious factors assisted Nalwa in consolidating his prowess in Afghanistan? - What military factors contributed towards Nalwa's victory in Afghanistan? - How does NATO'S campaign differ from Nalwa's? -What elements are similar in both historic and modern campaigns? -If anything what lesson can we derive from both Hari Singh Nalwa's and NATO'S campaigns? For those who don't know, tisarpanth blogspot is my intellectual possession and most of the articles on there are my work. However I am always on the lookout for a fresh perspective on matters and decided to inquire around on forums, to see what answers I can gain on this new topic of mine. Any historic sources you know of will also be appreciated in this matter.
  3. Just wondering do we have any in-depth sources on the everyday life of Akali Poohla Singh Ji Shahid. We always hear his generalised exploits but never gain a perception of his character. Any sources from the period etc??? Plus what were his views on the European generals who served alongside him???
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