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  1. Sangat Ji, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !! Just wanted to try and get some information and thoughts about an issue we are facing at our local Guru Kar (I am not going to say where as we always have sorted out any problems internally). Ok… so here it goes… There is a family who would like to book for an Anand Kaaraj at the Gurdwara. There are a few issues though: Let’s start with the family that are trying to book (Girls side), even though the Girl herself and her parents say they only believe in Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji Maharaj her grandparents are Hardcore Nirankaris and I am sure other family members are too. So , if we go by Sri Akal Takht Shaib Hukumnama (1978) the committee should NOT allow the Anand Kaaraj to take place as we have seen that when peoples Nirankari relatives attend Akand Paths at the Gurudwara they will not take parshad or matha teek properly to maharaj. The second issue is that from what we have been told the boy is NOT Sikh. The Girls side did say to the boy that they will do the wedding at the Nirankari bhavan but the boy and refused to get married unless it is a Anand Kaaraj ceremony. The committee members (most of them) are wanting to book the wedding as this family are their friends outside of the Gurdwara but we are disagreeing. The committee have now discussed the matter with Out of town sangat and have been told that all the boy and girl have to do is to sign a form saying they believe in Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji Maharaj and that’s it …. They can have an Anand Kaaraj….. Personally I find this hard to believe. I am trying my very hardest to look at this very diplomatically but all that keeps on going through my head is the beadbi the Narakdharis carried own in 70s/80s and our 13 saheed brothers. So my questions to you sangat ji are : Has anyone heard of this so called “FORM” .. which you can easily sign to say you believe in Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji Maharaj and that’s it you can get married in the Gurudwara ? It’s not the Girls fault her grandparents are Narak Dharis , so should we push them away ? But saying that they probably want to get married at the Gurudwara because it is such an amazing building … The boy is a Hindhu and from what I have read the Hukumnama/sandesh from Sri Akal Takht sahib states you must embrace sikhi and change your name to include Singh or Kaur in order to be blessed by maharaj . Should this Anand Kaaraj be booked ??? AT THE MOMENT MY FIRM ANSWER IS …. NO !!! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh !!!!
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