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  1. "Thaal wich thin wastu paeyo; sat, santokh, wichaaro. There is a great pleasure in keeping santokh . It benefits the mind and body. It keeps one in a relaxed state at all times. Should we indulge in latest tech, food and fashion? YES! It's not you using them, it's HOW you use them. What goes on in the mind? Perhaps you're in a coffee shop, having latest "best" drink and person next to you has normal Americano. Americano is enjoying every sip! But you?? "I wonder what that frappe tastes like? I regret not getting cream on top..." Truth is cream or no cream you'll wonder what other things, around you, will be like if you had it. And if you have it?? "I wonder if next door's was better!" The moment your mind runs to "the next best thing" is the first sign of NON contentment. Just like the mind runs on other coffees your own cup goes empty! The same way... FINALLY! You're a bus driver and your pay is more than your friends! 2 weeks later??? "I take the same route everyday. Only 2 miles circular. Michael does 8 miles. I wanna go for that!" We can all guess what happens on the 8 mile route... "Jenny drives on the motor/ free way. My life is nothing here!" Then as you're on motorway you notice a holiday coach... Just like you eyeing others coffee whilst your own empties, your life goes near retirement and you eye other's career position. So, should we go for promotions? YES! Again, the thing before you is not a problem. It's YOUR mentality in how you use it. Are you happy on the inside doing 2 miles same route, knowing it pays to keep food on table? Have you taken pride in helping passengers, were you thoughts on that? In order to practice santokh, sit with the birds and listen to them, 30 minutes a day. Sit in the garden/ park and observe on your 5 senses. Observe the ants, worms and bees. Pay attention to the wind. (Mind you, equally harder task than doing naam jap). I remember my first 15 mins sitting in contemplation. The most difficult thing ever! I started in 2013. Five years later? 3 hours no problem. More entertaining and energising than the internet! By literally "meditating" in nature, it'll support YOU into finding happiness where ever you are and in whatever position. It'll do your mind, soul, body and hormones excellent. You'll be in peace most of the time. Akaal Purkh's force, nature, will reveal its secrets unto YOU. This technique needs to be given a shot. Bhul chuk maaf.
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