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  1. Singh1989

    Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?

    Hmm. It's possible Anarchy and war has got to Arabs. Notice Iraq and Lebanon stats? WAR in those country. People will q "where's God? God's command? Hye! Ehdn da Hukam? Ehna kathrnaak??" Stats could've bern different if war didn't exist in those countries.
  2. Singh1989

    Suleman Ghost

    Sangat Ji, I'd like to know your views on the old case, concerning Suleman's Ghost was it all made up despite evidence and Sant Isher Ji involved? Was there some kind o rational explanation? Or... Was it all 110% true? Let me know YOUR views.
  3. It is possible you bring your kids up in Sikhi but they turn 18, become mone and marry Gora or another Religious / atheist being. But this is not about that!!! Kids require YOUR attention as toddlers. By the time they're 13 they think about YOU as a parent. By the time they're 18+ they will do two things. Point the finger at YOU! or turn to YOU! (you want YOUR kid(s) to do the latter)!!! Now, poor people's kids turn n look up to their parents. In some rich families, kids may have resentment and hatd feelings towards their parents... So, poor or rich is NOT an excuse here. Do YOU show yer kids support and encouragement? Say to them positive things like "You can do it. Put your mind to it. Never give up. Today you're good at cycling tomorrow footy?" OR the negative??? "You'll never b good in life. So n so has more achievement than you. You'll never mount to anything..." If YOU are doing the latter then 15-20 yrs down the line , YOU will pay the price. YOU will have YOURSELF to blame. Your kids will have resentment, disrespectful feelings and not turn to you. YOU CANNOT EVEN SAY I TRIED! YOU DIDN'T!!! Even if your kids don't become religious they will turn to you IF YOU GIVE THEM POSITIVE UPBRINGING! So any new Parents / parents with younger kids, spend time with YOUR kids. Sit, talk n listen to them. They need YOU, YOUR ENCOURAGEMENTS and YOUR POSITIVE VOICE! So many families where everyone's an Amritdhari but no love is there. So many families where only parents are Amritdhari, kids are not BUT... Kids look up and turn to their folks for advise or emotional support. Why??? From a young age these parents taught them Sikhi (but they chose not t follow), gave them positive advice, encouraged and limited the criticism. Positive energy starts when your kids are YOUNG! FIVE OR SIX! Anything after 13's pushing it. DON'T EXPECT A MIRACLE ONCE THEY'RE 18+! It'll b like sum1 did an atrocious job on the varnish only to do a fantastic paint over it. Any DIY expert will kno wha that'll end up as. SAME PRINCIPLE apply. Do it right when they're young they'll look up to u even once they're adults. To sum up DO encourage kids in Sikhism path. DO be their positive energy and support. DO teach them about the world around them. DO take an interest in their activities.
  4. Singh1989

    Chandi di vaar

    Yes day time. A Sant (Herkowale I believe)?? Started it at late evening. 2 Sant Sipahi's soul came (actual aatma) n told him off, stating this Baani for day time or continue it all night.
  5. Singh1989

    Women dressing more provocatively

    I suppose this is reason 3rd Guru Ji stated "Men should control their eyes." More than media it's the idea of corporations to manufacture n produce clothing as such. People buy whaeva selling the most. Nothing to do with Media n superstars.
  6. Singh1989

    Is Donald Trump right

    Don't think he's right to simply ban them. However, I admire him for his brute honesty. Unlike any other leader he'll say it to your face.
  7. Singh1989

    opinion on jaggi vasudev ?

    OH NO! U clearly know this guy's dirty secrets! What is it this time? Things with kids or going off with others wives? Targeting Sikhs to worship him?? MINUS the fact he's not religious. I know only that much. Please share it with us @BHForce Let's separate opinion from facts. Cause my post's opinions only.
  8. Singh1989

    opinion on jaggi vasudev ?

    Though I never met him I think he's a guy with great Charisma n personality. So, from his vids and sweet voice I'd say he definitely practices wha he says n knows his capabilities. He talks about finding peace n happiness within yourself, internally. To love all there is. See from different perspective. Hor k chaeeda?? And he praises Sikh Soldiers' / bravery in one of his vids. Tells it how it was as well as wha the need was for them.
  9. Vasectomy itself is a no for the human kind, let alone Sikhs. Gurbani states not to have kaam in mind. No kids but sex is kaam. It's like a diabetic asking for sugar free jalebi... We all kno (or should imagine) the taste... Oh yaar sutha t Sugar wich rehni aa! So control desires and vashna.
  10. Singh1989

    Einstein at death

    Very good thought. Sants and Brahm Gians know the truth... But to realise wha God is actually thinking? *Thinks* thas too to big for any human to comprehend. Whatever the i.q. Gurbani will incline what pleases/ displeases God. If we follow n understand Hukam ehna we bahoth aa. "Ko butaan ko poojth hai, ps, kau mridan ko poojan dhio. Kood kria aurchio jagt, Sri Bagwaan ko bedh na paio." This verse gives an idea wha displeases God. And "Jin prem kio, tin he prabh paio." So God can be obtained... But knowing his secret? Thas seriously big.
  11. Don't get me wrong... If this sort o thing happened to Darbar Sahib or Hazoor Sahib then yes, I'd b infuriated too! However, 2 things. 1. These 2 will never ever be demolished. 2. Everything not constructed by Guru Sahibs themselves will be demolished. It's natural to construct and demolish - eh t chaldey rehnda.
  12. With Kirpa am finally married. Wife still in Ludhiana need to sort out spouse visa. ANYway... A low educated guy with no decent job (please don't start with the "Sacha kirt atleast" nonsense) GETS MARRIED! So far one thing pushes me far in life. My Confidence. I confidently got married at 29 last month. If you're aged between 28-40 you need that confidence! I understand you may think "What if I get divorce?" Or "What if he/ she changes?" Of course I too had these insecurities but you'd be surprised the joy it brings knowing someone's in your zindgi. New relationships open up also (In laws, cousins) etc. Of course it also depends on your demands. For foreign Sikh women it Might be, the baptised Sikh must be highly educated. BUT... How many such men came to see you and wha happened? Why are you still single? Personally, I had zero demands. My wife took Amrit 2 months b4 marriage I did not even demand that!!! I let life take its course where it goes, it goes. I have the confidence to know I can make this rishta work for life. My wife can work or we can move out from parents if she says so. Of course I had one drawback last week but I learned from it n moving on with it. So if you're highly educated, life is good, financially sorted, let go of the insecurities n think positively about a future with your spouse, women. Men, learn to understand feelings and look at positive points in women over the negative ones, once you're in front of her during pre engagement meeting. Is she A. In same educational level B. Lives with family C. Gurudwara goer? NOTHING else should matter. Your confidence might wayne you from seeing only 3 positive points. Don't let it!
  13. 1 Hukamnama states to learn other Religious texts. Take full advantage!
  14. Wrong and right is all perception. What we 100% know is, Guru Ji is right! Guru Granth sahib Ji is right. What we also know is SGGS is for everyone. Maharaaj is open to all! Unfortunately we take this for granted or advantage. Do these people bring a stain on/ to Sikhs? Hmm... That is arguable. Do they have a right to call themselves Sikhs or identify? My answer's no to this. They're Punjabis! Ram Raheem (death penalty no go btw), brought stain. Ammy Virk n Sonam brought no stain! Thas the difference.

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