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  1. Singh1989

    Feeling depressed

    AGREED! My thoughts also ran on food on first instinct. Now I can google this but wha types of food would you recommend t get D up n running in the systems?
  2. Singh1989

    Meeting a saint

    Thanks for upload! Lol becharra translator but good job nonetheless.
  3. Singh1989

    Combien de lagues faisez-vous connaitre?

    Yes, like my Granddad.
  4. Singh1989

    Ghulami di nishaan

    Ah! UK Gurudwara hit similar situation where H&S folks pop in n rate hygiene (scale 0-5). Our gurudwara has 1 (poor) but... No one eats that side, only during Nagar Kirtan it opens. However, they literally rate n leave. THAT'S IT! Nothing more/ less. I reckon GOI should just rate n leave too. Why? If H&S is low then sewadaars will be encouraged to be up to standard, serve sangat in area of high hygiene. GOI sounds like they've taken it too far where they get involved a bit too much.
  5. Singh1989

    bickering over spiritual matters

    Of course, not to mention the vast differences in Sikhs. Alas! We can never ever be reunited in a true sense.
  6. Singh1989

    Combien de lagues faisez-vous connaitre?

    English, Punjabi n for Hindi only speak. Whas "Language" in Hindi? I can sort of read it, "Maariah" or "saaroa?"
  7. Singh1989

    Sarbloh Bateh

    Yes in Leicester. St. Saviours Road it's opposite all other shops. Basically, THEE only shop opposite other shops. Turn from East Park road onto St. Saviours and look left. You'll spot it in 5 seconds.
  8. Singh1989

    Why is our community so un-intellectual?

    Bro man visit UK. Plenty of Sikhs as business man/woman, lawyer, teacher, doctor - dactar all wearing Dastaars. Aapni security, Army - urmy. Literally no shortage.
  9. Tejs, does it not state in Guru Granth Sahib ji, "Do not take Quran, Bible and Gita to be false. The preachers can b false not the Holy texts themselves." (NOTE! This is not going against original writers, but preachers that are preaching today). Also, it's stated in SGGS that slandering the texts is paap. Why did Maharaaj go ahead with it? Maybe because they knew, not going ahead with it is against Akaal Purkh's hukam. Whatever the Guru Ji's saw in future they went with it rather than against it. If Quran was "false" then part of Hukam would have NOT been to study other religious texts, Quran is one thing Sikhs need to study. I hope you did not think "Only to study n lash back at Muslims in a debate..?"
  10. Singh1989

    The last 3 weeks...

    Since the past 3 weeks in a row the most beautiful thing happened. I woke before dawn for my Nitnem! Thanks, Maharaaj! Beant kirpa. Now, many of you may be thinking "So?" The reason am mentioning this is because I had never done such a thing even for work start 8am! Yes, I still managed isnaan n Nitnem but had to rush it all. Many of you may be wondering... "Am I doing Amritvela?" Well? ARE YOU! Ever since I got a smartphone Amritvela was a no no. You can guess why. So, if you have a smartphone, failed to do Amritvela the solution is simple. At about 10.30pm latest switch off the device and GO TO SLEEP! Besides, sleeping after 1am, browsing net in bed cannot b good for health and eyes. With Maharaaj's kirpa same can happen to you. (You know exactly who you are)...
  11. Singh1989

    jatt girl with pardra boy

    Guest Sukhi, The important thing is pursuing your happiness. Sikhi is AGAINST cast. In fact cast does not exist as far as a TRUE Sikh is concerned. Literally, the only difference is in the appearances. THAT'S IT! FULL STOP! It is a shame we still follow caste, one of our greatest problems. One purpose of Guru Nanak Ji was to eradicate caste in Sikhi. Look at wha we're doing? Know the original panj pyaare? All 5 different castes! From low to high. Know Bhagat Dhanna ji? Low caste. SAME BHAGAT WHO'S GURBANI IS PRESENT IN GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAAJ! SAME MAHARAAJ WE BOW DOWN TO!!! Along with your love life concentrate on yer studies too. Also, you logged in on here means you have an interest in Sikhi? EXCELLENT. It's good to learn even a little. You do not have to be Amritdhaari but, do some form of prayer every single day. Search up gurbani online and look at texts pertaining to Caste n wha our Gurus have said (WARNING! Read whole sentence n understand. Don't fall into the "read what suits you" n manipulate it you own way). Also focus on your studies. What is important? You need to follow whas important, what matters to YOU! Explain to your parents why caste doesn't exist in Sikh.
  12. Singh1989

    Feelig lost..

    Guest Ji. The question is what is YOU want in life? Is it possible to settle with your partner, get married? If you leave your partner will there be regrets? Yes you must respect parents as well. However, if you are separated from them the love does not die away. But what about your partner? They can always get someone else in their life. Can you live with that? White people, no matter what we say about them, their parents have one thing correct! They say "You're 18-21 now. Go living on your own. Do whatever. Come visit, talk over phone but go live your own life." They put faith in their kids that they'll survive. What about us? Have we agreed to move away n leave it to Akaal Purkh He'll feed us? Look after us? If we followed the whites traditions I reckon life would be 80% easier. THINK ABOUT IT! How many non married singles in their 30's or 40's? At home you give tension n problems to your parents. But if you had a place of your own? Parents have their space n kids have their space. And once parents are no longer with us? A will has been made to share property. But kids are busy looking at their own property, life and think "I don't really need their share..." LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS IN INDIA AND COMPARE! BACK TO POINT! Guest Ji, forget about the world and focus on YOUR happiness, where does it go the most? If you leave partner and go with parents will you ever see partner again? Now, if you leave parents n go with partner, will situation be improved maybe 10-15 years later? Will they welcome you n your partner with open arms? See, if you leave partner you may never see 'em again. But leaving parents, it's truly a gamble. A risk where you must wait n see. For now you must choose. Just think where DOES YOUR happiness lie in? Best of luck I hope outcome for you turns out great. Just have faith in Guru Ji and keep up the Gurbani! It'll help you through.
  13. Singh1989

    Is our Ardaas subject to change in the future ?

    Shastar Ji, ONLY and ONLY Ardaas can be changed n modified. Like Shaheeds in 20th and 21st Century added in the contents. HOWEVER! Where and when can it be changed? Anything after "Tegh Bahadhur simiriey, ghar nau nidh awai, sab Thai hoi sahai" reason? This Shabd is written in Dasam Granth AS it stands, in Chandi di vaar, therefore it is beaadbi to start adding shabds to it. In my eyes extra bit of Ardaas can be added "Jinha Singh Singhnia Ni dharam heth sees dithe, band band khopria luhiaa..." As this shabd is not written in any Granths. A lot of people add, after Khopriaa luhiaa, "Degh wich aubaali gi" (they got burnt alive..." Some do not add this part at all. YES your cousins can add own shabd, in fact anyone can. But keep in mind it must be only and only in the mentioned part or even, after "Hi nimaania di maab, Ni dhania de dhaan... Aap ji Ki hazoor, (insert Gurbani) hoi hai Ji THEN add extra bit. There does need to be an update in the Ardaas. IMO anyone can do it if they wish. OH and tell yer cousins, Ardaas is accepted by the Lord if it done with a pure heart. Don't question just do it.
  14. Singh1989

    Kalki's avatar found !

    Agreed still got long way to go. Like still over a million years. Previous 4 Jugs lasted up to a million years it not even jumped over 10,000 when Kaljug started.