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  1. Singh1989

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    How so?
  2. Singh1989

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    Although some form of goodness came out of Gautam's curse i.e. Hanuman and liberation it's pure stingy and skank to curse anyone. Wasn't their fault and was family as well.
  3. Singh1989

    Coincidence or higher sence

    A 3rd possibility is the subconscious mind "saw" the comedian b4 u did. Subconscious mind is not to be under estimated. Oh! I do hope yer reaching higher levels spiritual wise
  4. Singh1989

    Sangat how to find

    Yes. Gurudwara is fantastic starting point. Not only katha and kirtan but more programs go on, like youth programs, katha in English in separate divan or room (a rare commodity these days). Also katha on youtube. Sant Baba Takhur Singh I highly recommend. Listen to one segment of katha yer guaranteed to listen to more n more by him.
  5. Singh1989

    A change in the Morning Banias?

    On reading on a few Sakhias of Sikh Saints (FTR they followed SGGS and Tenth Guru's bachan to the core by the reads of it) I learned the morning Nitnem is different. Why the change? We're not talking one biography only but 3-4 sakhia of Saints pre 80's time. The Bania are Japji, Shabd Hazare, Asa D Vaar, Sukhmani sahib and Anand Sahib full. Wheras today the Mandatory it's Japji, Jaap, Tav Prasad, Chaupai and Anand Sahib full. So what caused the changes?
  6. Singh1989


    Mushrooms? How's that kurehit? Sabjia is wha we all eat... pizza toppings is good. Mushroom in tea sounds weird n nasty.
  7. Singh1989

    Crying like a baby

    You're experiencing Bairaag. Bairaag means feel of separation from Akaal Purkh. It also is a sign of a wanting. Wanting to be close to Guru Ji. A sign of just the beginning in your spiritual journey.
  8. Singh1989

    Sikh Girls Going Out With Muslims

    Start a prachaar in college. Ask Head master for permission, get other educated sikhs for presentation.
  9. Singh1989


    Nothing wrong. For medical and health reasons it's excellent to fast. For HEALTH reasons, my dad fasts usually Friday or Saturday. He's in excellent HEALTH condition. We need to determine the reason behind fasting.
  10. Singh1989

    Chest sensation throughout simran

    Wrong thread..
  11. Read Punjabi literature and listen to radio... Don't worry about accent.
  12. Singh1989

    Chips no fish?

    Good points!

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