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  1. I understand extinction, but is there really an extinction of bees? Are rare birds really dying? Is plastic really UK can no longer use because of the atrocious disposable methods? Must we preserve anything made from wood? Before we fall into rarity and the no longer existence business, just know Guru Sahib states "Aasn loi loi Bandaar, jo kich paia so ika vaar." Akaal Purkh has put forth his immeasurable treasure once on Earth. So what is immeasurable telling us? It means Bees, trees and rare birds will ALWAYS be in numerous numbers. We humans have a duty to preserve, recycle and
  2. Butt Implant? Just wha we needed... Oh joy.
  3. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/police-want-speak-man-after-5975388 Looky who's been on the bus... And up to no good.
  4. I would highly recommend doing one thing at home. Once a week, pick any week, do kes ishnaan and make Kadah prasaad at home. Many here may / may not agree with me, but make it according to Taksaal Maryaad is the best way as it's the traditional way of preparing it, going back to Guru Ji's time. Nothing too difficult. Get Iron Kadahi (fryer) and iron saucepan (make sure it's NOT Non stick but classic or normal iron) 3 steel bowls (caulia). Butter, flour, sugar in equal measures. Pop equal measure of water per serving (so let's say five ingredients are 1kg that'll be 5kg water)
  5. Are we prepared to be on the path of Sikhi? I have seen far too many Sikhs get baptised then THAT'S IT! AM HIGH! YOU NEED TO TAKE AMRIT TOO. Unfortunately, wrong way to go about things. Simply put, we think we can sort out the world now that we are 6 months into Amritdhari jeevan. We read "Jath paharra Dheeraj suniar, aehran mat wed hathiaar, bhanda pao amrit <banned word filter activated> dhaal..." Now let me ask. Where is your vessel and who is your Goldsmith? Are your tools blunt or sharpened? What virtues have you gained? "Na ho jathi Sathi nhi padia, moorak
  6. Yes could be. Dasam Patsah was small in height according to katha. The Dastaars don't look much but we should imagine Sabar, Santokh people back then who made an incredibly less fuss than nowadays.
  7. No you must wait. I believe it's Anandpur Sahib?? where Amrit Sanchaar is held twice a week. If yer in UK then twice a year, both time nearing Nagar Keertan (Vaisakhi and Guru Nanak's Gurpurb).
  8. DK much about him apart from Marxism and apparently, he was a hypocrit lol.
  9. Right, may need to ZOOM in on phone to read article.
  10. YES! Sex before marriage is a bujjar kureth. Also keep in mind what Panj Pyaare stated at your Amrit Sanchar. I like to add, All Panj state different things and what they stated stays with YOU only. There are good reasons we do not go sharing details of our at time at the Sanchar.
  11. Singh1989


    What is true is true! Also, "Keep going, it's the spirit" is easy for males to say. Sakhi of Bhai Taru Singh doesn't help much neither as they were a male. Unfortunately, the truth is ALL Non Amritdhari females do something about their facial. It's "Not normal." So it has an affect on society, everyone feels they must do something and put religion to one side.
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