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  1. Forget society be happy with who u are. I know it's difficult, society branding me a Terrorist just cause of beard n turban it does leave a stigma. I know it's hard to forget them n move on, you do leave yourself questioning or feeling shy etc. Big question is, what do you feel like? What do you say? The main thing is "My life, my feelings," not the next person's feelings n thoughts. Recognise yourself first, rest will be easier.
  2. Although it does exist but God himself has hidden this method from us... As the world will be destroyed. The creation is in outer space, where nobody can go... OH WAIT! We now can in this Age?? Ok, ok, but it's deeply hidden, impenetrable and, on top, impregnable. In fact go through the blackhole (in space) one will simply die. And also, if I DID go back 20 yrs the first thing I will do is change myself... (Change in God's command) and we all know the calamities that occur, once Sikhs tried to change Hukam.
  3. On reading Guru Nanak Dev Ji's jeevan I learned He enjoyed spending time in nature in His youth (cattle, fields and greenery) and His Bro in law's name was Ram Chand. The priest at his birth and Jeneoo ceremony, was Hardyaal. What new things have u learned about Sikhi? Can be ANYTHING related to Sikhi; Saakhi, book, katha, Saroop, article etc.
  4. My opinion... Thas cute, really cute. Unfortunately if millet becomes on a grand level (as Chauna is so far) the Sarkaar will get involved n start looting people thru Millet taxes n other of their usual lut-maar tactics. Second problem... Millet will be seen as the BIGGEST problem in India (besides too much tax). What those problems are? Well, I have no idea... BUT it will be seen as a huge problem n burden of sorts. Bhul chuk maaf, My opinion.
  5. Hookah is a bujjer kureth... (Side note) Unfortunately E-Cig have also come out now... End of 2012 meant an increase in Kaljug, NOT end of the world.
  6. You feel like u need to end yer life? Veer Ji, u DO need councilling support. Once you get out of that feeling completely THEN u can focus on other things. It's like big stain on a cloth when handwashing them. You can clean the cloth around the big stain, apply soap/ surf... But what good will it be left out hanging to dry if the mehl on the big part is left unattended? First deal with suicidal thoughts (via councilling) then get other things back on track. Wish u luck.
  7. I suppose u could move overseas? Plenty of Gursikhs in UK. As a brother, i'll give u one warning. Only move into UK if you're graduated. You can b a highly spirited Gursikh, on a Sant level, even! But if u have no degree you can forget about moving into the UK. No degree means you're unlikely to get a decent job. A decent job means prestigious in society and, above all, good amount of income in the house. So if u have SO much kirpa that it radiates, but you can only get jobs in hard labour, no Amritdhari girl here will give 2 pence. Your Nitnem doesn't matter, your Simran doesn't matter, Guru Ghar goer/ hukam wich rehna, raini baini NOTHING matters. Wha matters is a degree, as a degree leads to well paid money jobs. I have spoken from my side of the truth WHICH I obtained from above 7 cities, 40 Town and countless Amritdhari girls "How far is yer education?" Then after that?? NO! My dad is a witness, half the cities / homes we went to were thanks to him! UPDATE: Today my wife is an admin as she is highly educated and am a restaurant worker... HOWEVER! This meant am no longer with my parents as she got a job in a far town. Oh! And I work below minimum wage despite am legal here, born n bred. I DID THIS FOR MY WIFE! LET THIS BE A LESSON. DON'T JUDGE A MAN BY HIS UNI DEGREE. I think I spoke enough... But I'd like to wish u luck n hope u find the girl.
  8. Very, very hard as am in the same boat. I suppose if / when they tell u to get involved u could simply speak out tukhts where it states Nindia is wrong? (NOT Sant ka nindhk stated in Sukhmani Sahib) but other times Maharaaj mentions Nindia / juglia. If they get it, good. If not... U perfomed your duty, did yer bit.
  9. WARNING! I AM NOT DEFENDING ISLAM. WARNING! Muhammed's time was different and our time is different. BIG QUESTION! We know their age of marriage but do we know if he had sex with her at 9 or did he wait until she was 18ish???? If u thought... "Yes he had sex with her at 9!" Lol only cause YOU would do that if u were married to a child. Thas another thing that it's against the law today (but am saying IF - U were). So, three things have occurred here. 1. That time was a different time. 2. We don't know at wha age Aisha lost her virginity. 3. These scientific terms (DSM n Psychiatry) words are in the TODAY's world.
  10. I must agree with Sat1 and OP's post. Above sex is how much you look after a spouse, listen n care for them. Sex comes later... Like waaaaaay later. Yes it is ok to explore sex on every level... But NOT stupid maha-kaljug things like 3 sum/ 4 sum or swingers. THAT is unfaithful n pure kureths.
  11. I do, with Kirpa, seven banias a day. However, 5 in morning, Rehraas and Sohila is sat down hands folded. Not I start 5 baanias whilst at work. Or it's getting late, let's listen/ start to Rehraas at work/ whilst body is moving. The OP mentioned Sukhmani Sahib for 40 days... Sounds like a Nitnem to me. So is there a difference between doing paat on the go rather than aasan? Paat can be done both ways. However, Aasan (or sat down, hands folded) needs to be given more credibility for doing it in the ways as recommended by our Guru Jis. As for doing it on the go... Instead of having idless and useless thoughts for 8 hours (at work), an hour or two can b taken out doing Paat or Simran. It does make the day go by in bliss. Why is Aasan important? It's to build up on concentration. So if somebody does Sukhmani Sahib every day, know it off by heart, one can b done in Aasan the other on the go (2 Sukhmani Sahibs per day). For listening to Baanias same principles apply. Of course all my posts are always opinions and personal experience.
  12. Yes. Do Mool Mantar jaap to wear off the spell. One person was a premi of Mool Mantar in the last century (Time of Baba Nand Ji I believe). A black magician tried casting a spell, his "prank" was to behead bypassers by thread n black magic. This Premi happened to be a bypasser. Once the paapi read a jantr mantr, it backfired n he himself got beheaded, Premi was got away unscathed with kirpa. As for catching that guy who did it to u.... GOOD LUCK!
  13. Guest Ji! Paat whilst doing other work does NOT count. Paat should be read/ listened to whilst both hands are folded and you're in sitting position. One Saakhi is when a young lad started doing Kirtan Sohila whilst attending the field work. Yes, Guru Nanak Ji took his pain, as his attention was on the Baani, but Guru Nanak's hukam to him? "From now on do Sohila before sleeping, sitting down, hands folded." Paat should always be done with concentration. Show physical concentration mental concentration will be there.
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