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  1. "Sher" Randhawa's pag got knocked off... OH WAIT! It was knocked off long ago.
  2. No, dreams have no meaning.
  3. Do try it and ignore Singh375. Unfortunately he's not only misguided but states mool mantar is from Ik-oankar to Jap WHEN it is Ik-oankar to Hosee bhi sach. But rather than arguing farther, read Society of Saints should u get the chance and decide for yourself. Although Singh375 deserves literally one credit... "It takes minutes." YES! If it's up to God he can b obtained within minutes.
  4. From society of saints bio. Always do it Amritvela. One eye is closed and other is open, staring at your own nose. This helps with concentration. Within a few weeks both eyes should be closed and at this stage focus should be greatly up. Naamjaap should be done loud, only u should be able to hear it with own ears at this stage. Second stage Naamjaap happens in throat. The meditator will get tired recitation takes place in throat. Second stage comes months later NOT automatically, like "Oh am fed up! Let's go 2nd stage," so stages will occur naturally. Third stage meditation happens in heart. 4th stage in belly. 5th stage is saas-graas where meditation takes place 24 hours Jaap happens within the meditator plus rom-rom, where all hair on body meditates. Final stage is Dasam Duaar opens up. How long for final stage? Depends on one's dedication and how far they kept from panj Chor/ Maya in their daily lives. Keep away for 6 months THEN amazing things happen. A year later revelations may take place. Dasam Duaar can even open up within 5 years. But yeah do things like masturbation THEN it'll b back to square one. Like literally.
  5. Oh dear! My distant cousin is living in apartment with her Mussla BF... Well, see how it goes.
  6. Follow Sant Jawala Singh Ji's method. It opens up Dasam Duaar.
  7. Do u do Rakhia d shabd plus Sohila da Paat b4 bed? If yes do a few mins of Mool Mantra too, the powerful weapon given by Guru Nanak Dev Ji for such occasions... (Or any occasions).
  8. Society of saints based on Sant Jawala Singh ji. Biography of Sant Harnaam Singh Herkowal and I heard Garland around my neck is good yet to read it. Gursikh Maryaad of making Dhoop (insensce) can b found in Society of Saints and technique on how to open Dasam Duaar, as well as Jivan of Sant Jawala Ji's life. In Herkowal's a couple of Maryaad on Akaand Paat. I also read Biography of Waryaam Singh (he left this world in 1989).
  9. Children of men, snowpiercer, Die Hard, Saw, Kingsman the secret service.
  10. Vah! If anyone would like this baani simply google image Brahm Kavach and take screenshot of any top image. I have one of where Salok is added. BTW which Granth or pothi is this Baani from?
  11. YEAH! Just seen the pic now of one you talking about. Sorry! Bibi Parmjeet Kaur was very young
  12. U need Darshan of Abinasi-Purakh thas one way. Youtube Giani Takhur Singh real life of Jarnail Singh, a 45 mins katha. Giani Ji, who stayed with Bhinderawale for many years, talks of his Bhagti and how Jarnail Singh Ji met Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji. NOT an easy journey "Kaniu wale tikki etho marg chalna..." But ONE WAY this is. Another way is Ardaas... either way u will b tested to d limits in your faith. If you're lucky?? U could say "Waheguru speak to me" and he could! During a Divan of 6th Guru time, a sikh stated "Guru Ji, if it's up to u I will obtain Brahm Gian by tomorrow," another stated "Thas nothing, if it's up to u One can obtain Brahm Gian by end of today..." Finally it came down to "Thas nothing! If it's up to Guru Ji even a Manmukh can obtain BrahmGian in the blink of an eye..." (BrahmGianis have a direct link with God anytime). Question is, your sharda and maybe luck. Through the case of Sharda "Mohau k boln bolieh, jit sunn dhre pyaar. Amritvela sach nao, vidiaee veechar." It states in Japji Sahib waking at Amritvela is paramount to do paat / meditation, then God will pay attention to you." And if one listens one can only then answer to your replies. Another method is doing Mool-mantar followed by Gur-mantar in a way that opens up your Dasam Duaar. Baba Jawala Singh's method is explained and many Sikhs practice this method even today. First u recite Mool-Mantar just loud enough and practice on concentration (do not let mind wander)... one day recitation will get tired n then recitation will take place in throat/ whisper. Over time recitation will get tired from whisper n go into throat... then heart, then belly, saas graas (24 hour jaap) followed by Rom-rom (all hair on body reciting Waheguru, Waheguru) THEN Dasam Duaar will open. U can see heaven anytime u wish. All wishes come true i.e. God I wish to speak to u, Ridh Sidh is obtained. Final method... not many will like this as it involves quantity not quality. Doing 3125 Mool-Mantar (Not Gur-mantar) for 40 days. An Ardaas should b done b4 attempt n after 40 days. That's 33 total rotations of Rosaries (maala) of the 108 beads a day! A gursikh pyaara did this at Harminder Sahib (I think) but he did it 3 times! Thas 125,000 times 3! Akaal Purakh met him. He wanted to kno why 3 times? I heard u meet people who did it once? 40 days? 125,000 Mool-Mantars total?" God told him he was a goat butcher 2 lifes ago n thief plus murderer last life. First 40 days paid off 2 lifes ago debt and second recitation paid off last life's debt. Listen to Giani Takhur Singh benefits of Mool-Mantar on youtube or 125,000 mool-mantars etc.
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