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  1. Well, with a name like Phillip "Singh" who wouldn't wanna kill their parents?
  2. Just a normal post... Am sure u can guess by title where it's heading! A BrahmGiani see's the future where he (or she) changes Akaal Purakh's hukam! (Oh no, the calamity). Now, if they go ahead with it and by all means they should they will fulfill the hukam where the hukam has been interfered with and changed... But thas the problem! Hukam has been interfered with and changed but as it was seen, it was done which is FOR the hukam. Now, if this BrahmGiani went ahead and changes the future as it should have been where Hukam is NOT changed then thas another problem! But hukam has not
  3. No, you have confused Sant Takhur Singh with someone else completely.
  4. Good question. Now that we're talking about measurements, doing certain amount of Gurbani daily can bring merits. Infact we can be reunited with Akaal Purakh in a blink of an eye! But, it is PROVEN we can be enlightened in only 40 days. It requires certain amount of Baani to do in 40 days. Doing a certain Dassam Granth Baani daily, you can have all the forces on this planet stand for you in protection and honour in about 12 months. This is measurements of doing baania. I understand OP mentioned measuring SOMEONE rather than Baania itself but this is the power of quantity. You want
  5. Gurbani and learning Shastar Vidya is key. Learning about many weapons, correct way to use is also important. Tyaar bur tyaar.
  6. I believe hours of Amritvela should overweigh his attachment to money "sin"? Am definitely not saying keeping doing sins then do hours of Paat / seva t be forgiven. Nothing wrong with advancing in achievements or wanting more. But yeah we should keep our actions in check when we don't get that more / unable to advance. The question is, what was on his mind whilst advancing? Was it greed? Was it just enjoyment? Was it cost of living STILL outweighed income???
  7. Could be exposure of media. Or even advance knitting machines thas able to produce tight clothing, only faster than before. This is main reason why Guru Amar Dass Ji said men should control their eyes... Even if it's right in front of us at work, walking the streets.
  8. Well, there you go then! He was high in Sikhi Jeevan hence he got kicked out.
  9. Nothing wrong there at all. We need hobbies. Just do not let it overtake your life. Too much of anything is bad for the health.
  10. If we look at Sikh Rehat 2 things should be noted. First, no alcohol allowed. Second, 4 kakkar are not allowed to leave the body, even for a second! Let's just say the Gurus decided and gave a figure. We're allowed to consume half a glass (e.g. 250ml) of beer once a week, containing no more than 5% in alc volume. And four kakkars, let's assume Dasah Patsha stated "Four can be parted from you at a distance of 1.5 meters." Now today, we can guess why the measurement are absolute zero. The rehat states ZERO TOLERANCE! The alcohol consumption would have been edited to "5 glass per seve
  11. I understand your concern, kada being displayed. Kada should have not been displayed at all. As for the music, a UK muslim bringing back traditional style instruments in punjabi music? Now thas a big wow! (Ok, maybe not lyrics but all lyrics do head towards lusting anyways) so I stopped listening to all songs long ago.
  12. I suppose you could download it for offline? YouTube MP3 converter, now thas what I use.
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