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  1. Waheguru gave the animals reproductive systems to create offsprings that potentially can be created and work. If the reproduction did not happen simply means the sperm is unfit for the womb. Humans merely experiment.
  2. In order to get ANYWHERE in your Jeevan it is vital to take out 2.5 hours for Akaal Purakh, on top of the 7 Daily prayers we all fondly and dutly do. 2.5 hours can be Mool mantar, Gurmantar (1.15 hour on each) or Gurmantar followed by one Sukhmani Sahib (this prayer takes an hour) or three Baanias from Dasam Granth (which could take an hour) followed by going Gurudwara for 1.5 hours of Simran, Seva and Sangat. In short no Matter what u select it should be 2.5 hours minimum, time excluded from 7 Baanias. Now, there are two dangers here. First, "I can't concentrate so I won't do it..
  3. A few classic Bollywood are also on Netflix.
  4. Kaka aapna extra- Khiaal rkhii next time yer on a flight to Amritsar.
  5. Kirpan is NOT banned. Amritdhaari's get to take the small sized necklace Kirpan... TRUST you'd rather have that Shastar than NO Shastar.
  6. Nope I heard it's a scam but some say it works... Kind of sounds like a roulette wheel than investment???
  7. I popped this on "Signs of paap" group but was it in front of SGGS? Third pic down looks like Maharaaj to me or maybe Sainchii at best? Also looks like it was done at home... Maybe am right. Maybe in Gurudwara, in front of SGGS, Gay weddings will not happen for many many many many years yet. Everything else is Mann chaturai (get a Sainchii, just do Laava in front of Sainchiis etc).
  8. Yes Non Sikhs can as long as they practice their religion with purity. Non - Amritdhaari also can but may be a bit difficult. "Prab bhawii t paathr traawi" (If The Lord wanted he will make a Stone float) a metaphor here...
  9. My Ma told me about this. Easily found it. Am in disbelief n shock. I genuinely thought this would not occur during my time. But I should have known! I knew the moment since it kicked off in UK Law, gay marriages accepted in Churches. Now this... 9c19ecea37f01d9cc4428943408d6711.mp4
  10. Okay, not really whole point of the post. AGREED!
  11. Ah! Regarding this website it's important to be diplomatic. I think it's important to have convos that doesn't involve Sikhi all the time (90% Sikhi, 10% chilled out convos like this post).
  12. I have mainly two genres. What about fav song or currently you enjoy listening to?
  13. Same here but I don't get around to it though.
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