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  1. YES! Sex before marriage is a bujjar kureth. Also keep in mind what Panj Pyaare stated at your Amrit Sanchar. I like to add, All Panj state different things and what they stated stays with YOU only. There are good reasons we do not go sharing details of our at time at the Sanchar.
  2. Singh1989


    What is true is true! Also, "Keep going, it's the spirit" is easy for males to say. Sakhi of Bhai Taru Singh doesn't help much neither as they were a male. Unfortunately, the truth is ALL Non Amritdhari females do something about their facial. It's "Not normal." So it has an affect on society, everyone feels they must do something and put religion to one side.
  3. I seriously hope this won't be during our time.
  4. Sangat Jio, Due to my new work shift being 2pm I have a new routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I wake I wash my face, brush, 5 Baania, breakfast, do a few brain teasers, exercise, THEN do a full body ishnaan. A second best idea but I don't do would be exercise first, ishnaan then 5 Baania. It doesn't make sense to do two body Ishnaan both in the morning. I know some may do it, even three times a day! But it depends on how we all think. Doing it this way makes me happy and it feels good. Adding to: it doesn't matter how or what we do but we all should attempt
  5. From personal experience, a big fat yes yes. What happened to first sort yourself out THEN sort the world out second??? Gone to hell that's what's happened to it.
  6. Yes both are in Sachkhand a 90% chance. A time for Sakhi I heard on 3 different occasions... A Gursikh pyaara did the seva of making Thabias for Guru Granth Sahib. Kept kes, did paath but non Amritdhari. On passing away something amazing happened, seconds b4 his funeral... He woke up! He explained that Yamraaj showed him Sachkhand, showed him ALL the thabias he ever made! "All these are yours. Pick any, sit on it and enjoy the pleasure of heaven" Yam explained. "But where is Waheguru? Please, I want a small spot in his Charan. These thabias mean nothing to me." Then Yam explained "
  7. The more you read the understanding will automatically come to you. YouTube Japji sahib translation or Jaap, Sukhmani Sahib etc translation it'll be there... For Jaap Sahib translation go for the over 20 mins. Jarnail Singh's is too fast!
  8. By day, yes. Go ahead with it. Better to have tried n failed than never tried n regret.
  9. The Hukam is to listen to kirtan.
  10. Well, I would assume he was spiritually high, really up there with jeevan??
  11. It's sad it's happening in this day n age. I feel fortunate place where I work, they treat me equally despite am the only Indian and Sikh! A couple of handshake here n there (despite Corona).
  12. Although it's great to question we end up creating, a term I may use outta content, "Jargon." If we can pass the jargon and walk in the path of Sikhi our Q's will be answered. Yesterday I took a day off work in order to fill out documents for our new house keys. I had to; pay down deposit, print out n sign a ln authority form, a few more forms and pressure was on to get it sorted out TODAY! Unfortunately I did not had to take a day off, nor stress about anything! I fell in the jargon of "TODAY!" All I had to do was pay down deposit and not take a day off work.
  13. Sadly, reincarnation is physical. If we wish not to fall in the physical form we must prepare our mental form; Sangat, Simran, Seva, listening to Hukam and acting upon it, 2.5 hours simran a day and keep away from panj dukh.
  14. I know a Rajhstan Jatt family. Very, very spiritually high. Both aunt n uncle are truly amazing; seva, kirth, schii kmai, annual Sukhmani Sahib at house, annual langar seva. Sikh history knowledge second to none. Extremely welcoming and warming folks they are.
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